Wake me up…

After a three-night stay in Sibu, my cousin had to fly back to Kuching.

When she woke up that morning, she got ready to check out of the hotel…and by the time she was done, I was already on my way to pick her up to take her for breakfast. I took her here for what she wanted – some mee sua, the Foochow longevity noodles served in chicken soup cooked with ginger and the traditional red wine (RM8.80)…

B@CC mee sua

The one here is pretty good and they’re very generous with the wine – you will be a given a bottle to pour as much as you want into the soup.

I had the century egg and minced meat porridge (RM5.80)…

B@CC century egg and minced meat porridge

…and that looked like three-quarters of an egg – I wonder what happened to the other quarter…or perhaps, that was half an egg cut into three segments. Sighhhhh!!!! I’m sure it would not cost very much and at this price, they should be able to give one whole egg, at least…or perhaps, they could just charge RM6.50 and give one complete egg. That would certainly look a lot better and would account for the comparatively higher price tag. The porridge with its condiments was good though and they did give some salted vegetables to go with it as well.

We ordered the kompia stuffed with pork belly (RM3.80)…

B@CC kompia - wet 1

…but we requested for the sauce to be served separately…

B@CC kompia - wet 2

…so that the kompia would not end up too soggy after being soaked in it. They certainly gave a lot of the sauce – one big bowl of it and I enjoyed having that mixed with my porridge as well.

I wanted the Sibu Foochow-style sio bee

B@CC sio bee
*Archive photo*

…but yet again, it was not available. It is still on the menu though – perhaps the chef making those have left…or they’ve moved him to the newly-opened branch in Kuching, I wouldn’t know.

On the whole, it was a nice enough breakfast and after that, I drove my cousin to buy a few things to take home – that would include a bagful of kompia, of course, and a bagful of the sweeter counterpart, the chu nu miang…and another traditional Foochow favourite – the lung ngor

Lung ngor

…as well.

After having got everything, I drove her to the airport to catch her flight back to Kuching. There were still a lot of places to go to, still a lot not yet eaten but what to do? Work beckoned…and she would have to come again another day. Anybody wants to tag along?