The morning…

That morning before our lavish lunch that I featured in my previous post, we dropped by here…


– another place that I’ve blogged about a number of times before. It seems that they have replaced the old shop sign for a while now and obviously, it has not escaped the wrath of the swarm of fly-by-night birds that infest the town.

Since we were there early, they had not got everything ready yet but the deep fried tandoori chicken…


…was already available and these fried fish as well…


…and the different types of curry…


…and incidentally, the ones here are more towards the mamak/nasi kandar style unlike the Malay or nyonya ones.

Only one vegetable dish was ready – their pumpkin with cangkuk manis


…but it did not matter as we were there for breakfast only and we had their nasi lemak

NL with TC

…and asked for their tandoori chicken to go with it. I tried a bit of the rice and I must say that I would still stick to my favourite – the stall by the roadside at Bandong in the morning. I am not sure whether he is still there or not though as I have not gone there for a long long time now.

My friend had the roti sardine…


…and I thought that was good, nicer than the roti pisang


…that I had. I thought the bananas were somewhat sourish, not sweet, so I did not really think it was all that great.

We also ordered the pulut panggang


…as my friend wanted some photographs of those for his perusal.

I went back to the place again a few days later with my missus and Melissa after our morning Sunday service and I ordered the roti pisang for them to try and this time around, it came with a squiggle of chocolate syrup on top…

RP with CS

…and that obviously did the trick. It was really very nice and my girl enjoyed it to the max.

For brunch, she had her usual – the nasi bryani with mutton curry…

NB with MC

– her favourite while I decided to try their Maggi mee goreng


…which basically looked and tasted the same as their mee mamak


…which my missus had and personally, I would prefer the latter as I wouldn’t say I am all that fond of the texture of instant noodles, fried.

Going back to my breakfast with my friends that morning, they headed to a hotel restaurant nearby for an early lunch at 11.00 a.m. but I had to miss that one as a friend would be arriving around that same time and I had to go and pick him up at the airport…and was only able to join them again for the scrumptious lunch we had that same afternoon, their second round.