It’s too late…

This arrived on Monday, too late for this year…

From TM

…but no worries! I will save them for next year’s Chinese New Year, especially that very nice “Hock” (good luck) door sticker. Our snail mail delivery service here is, literally, at a snail’s pace.

This nice card…

From Angeline

…with the lovely horse attached came from Angeline, thank you so much too…and coincidentally, Claire sent one…

From Claire

…thanks to you as well, Claire. They’re all hanging in the house at this point in time, part of my Chinese New Year decoration this year.

My missus did buy some of these red carnations…


…for the house too. I love having fresh flowers in the house – somehow, I feel they make the place come alive. Do you have any at your house too?

My sister-in-law came to town on Monday too, a bit too late for the actual Chinese New Year festivities but it was no big deal as the celebration will continue right up to Chap Goh Meh, the 15th Night in the new year. We went out for dinner at this place in Rejang Park, my in-laws’ choice of venue, and boy, was it crowded!!! I hear it is always very crowded but I guess it is much worse since everyone’s home for Chinese New Year and not all the places are open yet.

The fried fish fillet…


…that we had was as bland as it looked, nothing to shout about. I thought the sweet and sour version…


…was a lot nicer as the sauce made up for the lack of taste of the fish and even so, I think there are nicer versions of this fish dish elsewhere in town.

The freshwater prawns…


…were great though – you just can’t go wrong with those – they’re sure to be nice no matter how one cooks it.

The midin was good…


…and the sea cucumber soup…


…was good too though I would not say it’s the best in town.

I did not like the venison…


– I thought it was too watery, not done the way I would love it.

My missus picked up the tab and the total came up to over RM120.00 for the six of us, inclusive of rice but excluding the drinks. She thought that was cheap but I guess the prawns would take up most of it and I would not mind paying more for some nicer fare elsewhere…

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20 thoughts on “It’s too late…”

  1. Late also never mind, it’s the thoughts that counts, plus it’s actually still CNY, we celebrate CNY til day 15, remember? πŸ™‚

    Yup, it’s not late…but I would not want to hang up the nice card and use the lovely door sticker now that there isn’t going to be anyone who will come visiting anymore. Don’t want to waste it, better keep for next year.

  2. I’d love to try those freshwater prawns, hardly find them in Penang, at least not the island….

    Come on over. You’ll love it here!

  3. Like the CNY card with koi fish….”nien nien yu yee”. That plate of midin looks great. Cook with red wine, eh. Yum!!!!!….Yum!!!!

    I got two of the fish card – so hopefully, that means double the abundance in the year ahead. I think the midin was ching chau – could not taste the wine nor the belacan, just the sweetness of the midin.

  4. Those cards are really quite lovely with the red and gold. It gives me an idea for my loom weaving. Do you know what type of fish those were? Do you know if the fish were fresh, or perhaps it was a bland fish that might have needed something extra? How nice for your missus to pick up the tab. Lots of seafood in this post! πŸ™‚

    Have you ever been fishing? I remember doing it once as a child and being bored to tears. A few of my uncles (mothers side) do this as a hobby. They have fishing boats that they bring from Florida to South Carolina. That’s where we all meet up for the annual family reunion in South Carolina.

    Red and gold are very significant colours for the Chinese, red for good luck and gold signifying prosperity.

    I’m pretty sure it was those imported frozen fish fillet, dory…but there are places that can do it quite well and it can taste quite all right. They say one cannot defrost it in water then it will not be bland and jelly-like. I used to fish in the river and stream near my house when I was growing up – was so much fun then – kids in those days enjoyed that a lot, I guess.

    1. Oh I loved doing things that some might consider boring. For example, I could watch insects for hours. I can still see myself laying on my stomach watching them go about their tasks, but fishing? Then perhaps it was the type of ‘fishing.’ That was done at a child’s fairy tale amusement park; Enchanted Forest. Perhaps one day I’ll accept the offer that my uncles always extend to me, and join them on one of their fishing adventures. Sitting around being silly with your loved ones is always welcome and I know they do a lot of talking while fishing. πŸ˜‰

      Reminds me of a bedtime story I told my girl when she was little about a man who went fishing and he waited and waited and he waited but there was no fish…so he waited and waited and waited and there was still no fish…..and so it went on and on and on. She hated it, and would not want to hear the fishing story ever again. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

      1. J does not like me reading him story books… cos i will go…’Once upon a time…. THE END!’…

        Muahahahahahaha!!!! We are such lovable dads, aren’t we? πŸ˜€

  5. When I saw the title “too late”, I thought what was too late wor… Hahahahaha..
    I don’t have fresh flowers for the house. If I do, then my kids will pick those flowers and eat it – chomp chomp chomp..
    The fried fish fillet didn’t come with any sauce? Not even mayonaise?

    It’s mixed with Bombay onions, chili and pepper and salt – they call it kiam sor hu. Many flower petals are edible, you know, and leaves too…great for rojak. πŸ˜‰

  6. Thank you for your card , pressie and angpau too. Lucky arrived else….adoi.

    Most welcome. Would want to send more but the postal charges are killing!!!

  7. I like the one from Angeline!!! Especially the hanging horse!!!

    I love the horse too – will have to keep for 12 years before that can be used again though…

  8. All very nice cny cards from very great people!!

    I been to Million cafe once. The food is alright. But like you said it is always packed and have to be patient waiting for the food.

    Yup, all right…and not a very nice and comfortable place. 😦

  9. I used to decorate the wall with cards. Nowadays, people prefer the wall looks dull. Missing the old times. Huhu.

    So you don’t do it anymore? I still do… I’m a dinosaur, so old school… πŸ˜‰

  10. Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Here i am, slowly reading post by post now.

    I only do the chinese new year cards deco in office, i will stick it on the wall and add on some ang pow packet, to make it has some chinese new year feel.

    Love the midin and the sea cucumber soup!!

    Yes, it sure adds to that festive feeling – no need to overdo it, just a bit…good enough. Furthermore, people, so thoughtful, take the trouble to send you cards – at least treat with some dignity, give some acknowledgement – not just simply throw away. Right or not?

  11. The prices over there is still pretty reasonable, considering u had fish and prawns. Prawns here are soooooo exp nowadays.

    I guess they jacked up the price a bit for Chinese New Year – should be cheaper normally.

  12. You are welcome… So mine same with sk? Lol… All are commercialized one… So sure same!! The food is making me droooolll…. No kampua noodles here la… Western food plenty.. This afternoon took Greek food… Haha

    Got kampua place lah…branch of the one in Perth – you don’t know where to go. Here:
    There’s that Sarawak’s own franchise Sugar Bun in Melbourne too:

    Bon appetit!

  13. It’s amazing how much cheer those little packets can bring.

    Any paos? Indeed…but where? None in this post. 😦 I did get one this year though – my daughter insisted on giving me! πŸ™‚

  14. RM120 for those dishes for 6 is really affordable. Can’t get that in KL.

    Fresh flowers? Love them in the house. I get them from the market every Sunday when I head in for my weekly fruits & vegie supplies.

    We don’t have those on normal days.

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