I did not intend to stop by anywhere that morning but as I was driving past here, I thought I’d just check out the place since I had not been there for quite  awhile now.

It appeared to me that it is no longer run by different people – the drinks…and the food stalls. If I am not mistaken, there’s only one lady now with all her children helping out. There did seem to be a  lot of people and not knowing what would be nice, I settled for this – the Shantung beef noodles…


 – I think that was what it’s called (RM5.50). The name certainly sounded impressive so I was wondering what exactly that would be like.

Well, if you think that did not really look all that spectacular, I would agree with you. It turned out to be one of those Taiwanese-style beef noodles…


…which have never been my favourite.

This one did not have that overpowering taste of salted vegetables like some of those that I have had before but it was rather strong on the spices – star anise or cinnamon or whatever and I can’t say I liked that.

All in all, I would say it was all right…


…but it was definitely not something I would want to have again.

And talking about stopping at places along the way, Melissa’s friend who was at our house that day for Chinese New Year went to Kuching by road last weekend and he shared on Facebook these photographs of the toilet stop he encountered along the way…


This seems to be at some SEDC (Sarawak Economic Development Corporation) R&R stop around Layar, Betong and not only was it nice and clean like those around Selangau, between Sibu and Bintulu, but somebody actually went through all that trouble to decorate the place…


I guess this was outside…and it certainly looks like you can grab the opportunity to belt out a song or two…


…while waiting for your friends to finish their “business”. LOL!!!

Maybe they did get somewhat carried away in sprucing up the place – as long as it is nice and clean, I would be happy enough already…unlike those that one can find at the LCCT, Sepang. That one’s an utter disgrace, true and true!

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23 thoughts on “Stop…”

  1. looks oily and pedas…

    Nope, not pedas at all – dunno what sauce they use, like the colour of beef stew. Not really oily either though it did look like it but on the whole, not what I would love.

  2. The beef noodles looks interesting . I don’t mind trying it !

    Maybe you’ll like it! Obviously many do as I did see a lot of people ordering that. Not for me though, not into this kind of beef noodles.

  3. Yea, i wouldn’t mind trying it either, quite cheap to be frank. We can only find Taiwanese beef noodles at restaurants here in Pg… which often priced at Rm 10++ for a bowl….

    It’s ok if they’re expensive…but they’re not really nice…or not to me, at least. I’d go for our regular clear soup beef noodles anytime.

  4. Wow! Of all the places, it has to be at the toilets! At least they keep it well maintained.

    I never like Taiwanese beef noodle. Like you, they are too strong for my tastebud.

    Ahhhhh!!!! I thought I was the only one – seems so popular, more and more places selling and more and more people eating but somehow, I don’t really like it, not at all. I’d much sooner go and eat something else.

  5. I thought it was “loh mee” by just looking at the picture before reading on. The soup (or gravy?) looked very “ma lat” (spicy), I bet you didn’t finish the soup..


  6. STOP!! oh, at first when i saw this title, i thought you are going to stop eating so much and stop blogging about food, hahaha.. but cannot be, without food then you are not STP anymore!! hehehehe.. so stop means it’s another stop for you to go makan~~ :p

    Well, you’ll never know. One fine day, I may just decide to do just that…. 😉

  7. Owh, see the oil floating. Hahaha!!!…at least they take the trouble to decorate & beautiful the toilet and at the same time you feel your money spend is worth it.

    Aiyor…20 sen only – as long as they keep it clean, not smelly…and none of those horrible pictures and foul language on the walls, I am happy already.

  8. Glad to see there’s improvement at the R&R stop. Still remind me the day we were stranded because of flooding at Pasi two years ago. hehe.

    Last time I drove to Betong was when I was still working, taking my students for some contest. Thought the road was good, pee break at Sebangkoi. Since then, I’ve driven to Sarikei/Bintangor and Kanowit only…and of course, my weekly trips to Selangau and beyond. All good though I do wish they could have more toilet stops along the way – many forced to do it by the roadside, I noticed.

  9. Never take beef noodles much.. I still yearn for the Kampua noodless…hehehe.. I saw the Sugar Bun the other day but we didn’t go in. Saw Kampua, Kolo noodles at another shop… see the price, aiyah, no need to go in…. but we took a plate of duck and chicken rice for $10, 2 persons can eat! So big portion!

    Hahahahahaha!!!! The kampua there also BIG portion. Nice or same or not, I wouldn’t know. AUD$8.50 only a plate, they tell me. Don’t convert! 😀

  10. For RM5.50. The portion of the meat and stomach is quite a lot leh. Not sure if I like the dark gravy. Accustomed to the lighter soupy type of beef noodle

    I’m just like you! Same here…and I know of a good place for that in town. Come, join me?

  11. The beef noodles looks kinda yummy!

    Agree with Merryn, the Karaoke place is so funny, xD

    Not really a fan of Taiwanese, prefer our own. Ya….luckily not inside – old wives’ tale – if you sing in the toilet, your wife/hubby will be really really ugly! 😀

  12. fancy name, that shantung beef noodles. 🙂
    I’ve seen fancier names, that do not live up. :P.. Hey, you tried belting out some songs there? hehe.

    No, thank you. I’ve more class than that… That’s most appropriately meant for those who sing in the toilet/bathroom! 😀

  13. Ooo I like the elaborate and colorful decoration. I hope it was fun for them to create! Cool rest stop, heh 😀

    …and hope they will maintain it well too. Sometimes, it’s like that…after a while, the neglect will start to show.

  14. Good for them to decorate the toilet, don’t know about guys toilet, but most of female toilet that I’ve been to here are not that clean….

    All the same…and at places where they are clean, it is because there are workers who keep washing and cleaning…not because the users take the initiative to use it properly. Like they’re so uncivilised. Looks like city people have a lesson or two to learn from these rural/jungle folks.

    1. Seriously, I think should have one someday!!!

      One what? Clean toilets? Read somewhere that they can teach the Chinese in China anything but they can never teach them to keep their toilets clean. Same here, Malaysians also the same. It’s like the culture – hard to change. 😦

  15. seremban has delicious beef noodles too. Especially the groundnuts and salted vegie added on top makes the noodles even tastier.

    I did not like what I had at the market – or maybe I did not go to the right stall, I wouldn’t know. Nobody to take us around so we just went and ate…based on what we saw in some blogs. Definitely not anything I would want to go and eat again, and definitely not all the way there!

  16. This Shantung Beef Noodles really looked like the ones sold in China. I avoid all the beef and mutton in China as they tasted too strong smell & awful to my liking there.

    As strong as the ones in KK, Sabah? Can smell from a mile away. Soooooo nice! They say they use buffalo! Yum! Yum! 😀

  17. Hee..hee.. that’s the most overdecorated toilet 🙂 Someone got carried away I guess.

    Obviously. I don’t mind as long as it is clean and free from all those obscene graffiti.

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