I love Paris…

After our breakfast that morning, we went walking around the shops in Remuera and with Christmas round the corner, the whole place was very gaily decorated. I liked how they had lines from popular Christmas songs going from shop to shop…

Remuera 1

I bet everyone knows the title of this one!

Santa was walking around distributing candy to kids but I did not manage to take a photo of him. We were stopped by one of his elves though…

Remuera 2

…who was doing some kind of a survey as to how they would be able to improve their town.

This was outside a bakery there…

Remuera 3

…and as you can see, the things were quite reasonable priced – NZ$3 for a loaf of bread, for instance, as long as you do not covert it into Malaysian ringgit.

In the meantime, my friend’s hubby had finished what he had to do that morning and was able to join us eventually. He had not had his breakfast so we stopped at this French-themed deli

Remuera 4

Hmmmm…I think the signs looked like they would need a new coat of paint…

Remuera 5

…but it really was a very nice place though…

Remuera 6

…and they had macarons…

Remuera 7

…of many different colours and also the goodies for Christmas…

Remuera 8

Hey! Those on the right looked like what we had when we were kids except that ours had different colours, not all green like those – the ones where we would eat the royal icing and leave the biscuits behind.

My friend’s hubby ordered a croissant…

Remuera 9

…which was just so-so. The stuffed or flavoured one was a lot nicer…

Remuera 10

…and I liked it a lot. I also loved this, whatever it is called…

Remuera 11

…and this roll was very good too…

Remuera 12

The glazed tarts were all right…

Remuera 13

– I guess everyone knows by now that I am more into savoury stuff and things that are not very sweet.

Ooooo….I loved the washroom at this place so much…

Remuera 14

– so very different and unique, I would say…and I wonder what they have in the safe beside the toilet bowl…

Remuera 15


My friend loved what we tried and I am sure she would be going back there again…and again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “I love Paris…”

  1. Aha! You met an elf but she is very tall for an elf. 😛

    When I saw the title of your post, I thought that you went to Paris after visiting NZ. I thought that you are on world tour. Hehe.

    And I also know that biscuit with icing on top. We had those too but with various colors.

    Ya…was very popular when I was a kid. Still around but I hardly ever buy them now. No lah, can’t possibly afford Paris…and not that I would want to go there. Would love to hop over to the UK though…

    1. You went to NZ which is part of the British Commonwealth. Then you want to go to UK. You prefer the Brits than the Frenchies, huh? 😉

      I was in the UK once for 3 months…and I loved it there. Would love to go there again. Never been anywhere in Europe…and all these places are darn expensive – given the choice therefore, I’d stick to the UK. At least I would not have any problem with the language there.

  2. You seem to love the washroom more than all the pastries they’re selling, combined! 😛

    Very unique…and of course, very clean…unlike toilets here. 😦 Hahhh!!!! Why the anonymity, my dear friend way up north?LOL!!! 🙂

  3. Hahah! Forgot to sign out from this account I was blogging on anonymously ages ago :\
    Croissants done right are fluffy, have so many layers in them and bursting with flavor from the butter I find them really hard to resist! Works even better with a spread of butter as if it’s not fattening enough! 😀

    LOL!!! Caught red-handed eh? 😉 I loved the ones at Four Points Sheraton in Kuching, very fragrant from the butter and nice crusty layers. No nice ones here…definitely not the ones from our local bakeries. 😦

  4. oooh, i love pastries!! yum yum yum, all look good and i wanna try them all.. King Kampuarthur the FOOOOOD Mayor of Sibu and NZ love the washroom so much that he also had his food inside there while doing his business?? wakakakakaka~~

    Don’t let your imagination run wild now! Next you’ll be picturing me sitting naked on the bowl eating my croissant! Eyewwwww!!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  5. The breads are really reasonably priced!
    Love the pastries you posted… Yummy~

    And the washroom……. Really very unique la! Haha xD

    Looks like something from those old cowboy westerns… Maybe it used to be a cowboy-themed cafe…dunno!

  6. Oh, I love pastries yum! yum! I do remember those cookies with icing on top. The last time I had those was when I was in kindergarten hah! hah! We used to bite off the colourful icing first before eating the cookies. Oh yes, I’m wondering too what’s in that chest. Based on horror movies that I watch, better don’t find out 😀

    Hahahaha!!! You’ve been watching too many horror movies!!! 😉 Ya, everyone’s familiar with those little delights.

  7. I love Paris too! The sites are awesome, but mostly I just love wondering around the markets and nibbling my way through the day.

    I enjoy that too! Especially in their very nice, soothingly cool weather! Heaven!

  8. Those pastries look heavenly! I super like!

    A safe in the washroom?? Maybe that’s where the tauke keeps his cafe earnings…you know, keeping his money close to him even when doing business – and thieves probably wouldn’t think money is actually kept there!

    Ya, they probably would never enter the toilet when they go ransacking a house. LOL!!!

  9. lucky you didnt post the toilet bowl in the beginning of the post else i would have click close the window.

    Wow the pastries size is so big. Not like here tiny ones

    Why? Nice toilet! LOL!!! 😀 And theirs are all so clean…not like the ones we have here. 😦

  10. A safe next to a toilet bowl?! Hmmm…..
    I do like eating danish!

    Ya…strange place to keep a safe, eh? Danish? I guess they’re the same more or less but this place was supposed to be French.

  11. The pastries looks great. Oh ya, the biscuit with the icing on top, that was our favourite when we were kids. Would eat the icing only, hehehe!!!…

    Ya, I think everybody had those biscuits when small. Little children’s favourite…and only for the icing on top. LOL!!! 😀

  12. i’m starving! headed to the office extra-early today and am now in my cubicle, wishing that santa’s elf could magically send me a croissant or a tart, heheh 😀

    Why so early? Trying to beat the jam? KL…I don’t think I can live there.

  13. The food is great.. but the toilet? hmmmmm… reminds me of my grandmother’s “those days” in the village.. The sink.. is it really rusty or are the rust fake? The stainless steel toilet bowl is unique though.. hahahaa..

    Wooden seat. Would love one like that… LOL!!! 😀

  14. Sorry…The bakery looks great, I mean.. before going to western countries, we must prepare ourselves to eat more pastries and bread.. 🙂

    That was perfectly all right with me. You had a problem with that in the US. My father would hate it – always missed his rice so much.

  15. you really love pastries huh, well i do too,
    anyway it nice to know they were having survey to improve their town

    Ya, every place should do things like that – always room for improvement.

  16. I love croissant, this looks so crispy and yummy.

    Not me but I had a really good one at a hotel in Kuching…and this one with the filling was really good too.

  17. Adoi! Sempat you go and checked out the toilet… tsk! tsk! tsk! By the way, the signage deliberately looks old as it is in keeping with the theme of the patisserie. Those ‘cookies’ that reminded you of your childhood were actually Christmas marzipan, with artisan handmade chocolates in boxes behind. We have already been back to this place and I am more convinced than ever that they sell some of the best pastry around. In my opinion, they are even better than the famous Bourke St Bakery in Surrey Hills, Sydney which I am also a huge fan of. Just wishing that they have a wider selection.

    Huh??? You’ve been back there already??? And I just left Auckland not too long ago…. Hmmmm!!!! That certainly says a lot about how much you like that place. 😉

  18. Happy New Year to you… Sorry I haven’t been visiting for ages. I hope all is well.
    That palmier looks huge! I love it. As well as the pain au chocolat and I am a sucker for macarons. Lovely.

    Same to you…and welcome back! Haven’t seen you for ages! All’s fine here, that’s for sure…and hope you are there too.

  19. love the golden colours of the pastry. makes it look yummy – a bite will only then tell whether its good or otherwise 😛

    Yes, the test of the pudding is in the eating. Some things may not look nice and yet taste heavenly.

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