Home at last…

On our flight back from Auckland, New Zealand to Malaysia, I opted for the chicken potatoes for our in-flight meal…and it was not to my liking – not after all the nice things I had during my two weeks in the Land of the Long White Cloud. I just ate a bit and put aside the rest. For breakfast, I asked for the nasi lemak – it was all right…but somehow it did not taste like nasi lemak as we would know it, somewhat less sambal-ish, probably catering to the taste of the non-Asians/Malaysians on board. It was nice though – my missus loved it but personally, I think the ones on our domestic flights would be more authentic and a whole lot nicer.

Well, it was when Mandy dropped by the hotel and took us out for dinner that I finally had something that was really nice…and truly representative of our super-delicious Malaysian delights, this paku (wild fern) fried with sambal belacan


Ahhhh!!! That was super yummy…and I knew there and then that I was finally…home!

Actually, Mandy did not know where to take us so I asked her to go to this place in Dengkil…


…instead of going all the way back to KL and the kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya. My friend, Ivan, took me here once and I really loved the food there a lot – I do feel that it was perhaps even better than a lot of places that I had been to in KL, actually.


I had this the last time around and I wanted that again…


We have something similar in Sibu which is not exactly the same but would be equally good, I would say.

The sweet and sour fish fillet was pretty good too…


…but we have the same here that would be just as nice or perhaps, even nicer.

The Vietnamese prawns, however…


…was absolutely great! We have something by the same name at a hotel restaurant here, served with their own-made bread but the taste is completely different. I would say both are good – or maybe, this one is a bit better…


…but actually, I was very surprised that they used udang galah (freshwater prawns) or what some call the tua-thow hay (big-headed prawns). Those would cost a bomb – even buying them fresh at the market here and cooking one’s own, those monsters that huge would cost up to RM40-50.00 a kilo. Thus, it was something to be expected when we were told that they charged RM80 a kilo for that dish…and what we had in that dish was more or less around that.

If I remember correctly, all in all, the bill came up to around RM140, inclusive of rice and drinks…so minus the prawns, that would work out to about RM15 per person – not bad, don’t you reckon? But as usual, Mandy, being Mandy, she would not let anyone get near the cashier and insisted on picking up the tab so from my missus, Melissa and myself, thank you so very very much for that very very nice, though a bit expensive, dinner.

While we were there, there was another thing that made it feel like home. At sundown, all the birds came back to this tree across the road from the shop to roost…


The birds were different from the ones we have in Sibu but they were definitely equally noisy.

So, there we were, folks – home at last!