Cover me…

I took my missus and Melissa to Sri Pelita for lunch that day – Melissa had never been there before so I wanted to let her give it a try. When we got there, I must say that I was impressed by what I saw…

Good practice

See! They took the trouble to cover up the food unlike many places that I have seen in the peninsula where they would simply leave the food exposed to flies and what not. Such sliding netting would definitely be more convenient than individual food covers as somebody can just slide them from one side to the other and need not have to open the covers one by one, especially when they are  not transparent, to see what’s inside. They even have lights inside so one would be able to see everything clearly…and for all that, I would say that they deserve my double thumbs up. Bravo! Bravo!

These people in the food business should jolly well know that they depend on their customers…so instead of just making money and more money, they should, at least, think of the well-being of their clientele – the cleanliness, the comfort and so on. I simply cannot understand how some people seem to take pride in going to those horrible murky-looking places to eat, some even without proper tables and stools for them to sit and enjoy the food…and they’re not even nice and friendly. Some are so rude and temperamental that you cannot even go and ask if you have waited a little bit too long. I, for one, would not bother going back to such places…though I know many would – the very same people who would complain like hell about the service everywhere else like in the offices or the banks, for example. Frankly, I just can’t understand why there is this double standard.

Well, my missus had the nasi campur (mixed rice)…

Nasi campur

…and she particularly loved the sambal chicken that she picked.

My daughter had the nasi brayani kambing

Nasi bryani + fried chicken

…so she was given this bowl of mutton curry to go with the rice…

Mutton curry

She liked both the rice and the curry and while she was making up her mind, she said that the fried chicken looked nice so I ordered it for her as well. Unfortunately, that was a little bit too much for her to handle so guess who helped her to finish it all up. Hehehehehehe!!!

I had the nasi bryani too and I chose their fish curry…

Fish curry

…over their chicken kurma to go with it but that was not a good choice, I’m afraid. No, there was nothing wrong with the curry – it was very nice, I would say and I enjoyed the gravy with the rice. However, the ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) was not fresh – probably those frozen ones bought from the cold storage shops and the texture of the meat was mushy and not quite palatable. Anyway, I had my daughter’s mutton and the chicken to make up for that.

I am not too sure how much each individual item cost but inclusive of drinks for the three of us, the bill came up to RM27.00 and I thought that was pretty all right considering that the food, with the exception of the fish, was really good.