Harbour lights…

From Remuera, we headed to the waterfront in the Auckland CBD and stopped by the Harbour Bridge

Bridge 1

…for a few snapshots…

Bridge 2

…and then proceeded to where the yachts were berthed…

Sails 1


Sails 2

…is known as “The City of Sails”…

Sails 3

…so you can get to see lots of them all over…

Sails 4

There was even a luxury cruise liner in town that day…


After that, we stopped by the fish market to look around…


It was around lunch hour so the cafes…


…at the market were very packed. I imagined they would be eating stuff like fish and chips and the like at those places…and I certainly liked their catch line: “From our boats to your plate!”

Everything looked very fresh…


…and they provided free cutting and filleting…


I was wondering at the time why they called this fish “grand-daddy”…


…and I did not know that New Zealand had the 4th largest marine fishery in the world…


All I knew was that it had more sheep than people in the country. LOL!!!

Hey!!! If I had been there on the 1st of December, I would have met Peta Mathias


What? NZ$115.00??? Hmmm…no, thank you. No great loss that I wasn’t there after all. Muahahahaha!!!

There was a shop adjoining the market selling all kinds of products…


…ranging from their version of the ikan salai (smoked fish)…


…to the celebrated caviar…


They also had some cooked stuff on sale too…


…and I thought they all looked pretty good…


…and the prices seemed quite reasonable…


– just don’t convert it to the Malaysian ringgit…


Well, after that tour of the fish market, we went for lunch. Wanna join us, anybody? See you in the next post! Ta-ta!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Harbour lights…”

  1. Very beautiful scenery. The food looks good x’pecially the cooked mussels.

    Ya…I thought they all looked great!

  2. Eh there also got one Harbour Bridge like Sydney? Hehe..

    So much seafood there, fresh and big!

    Not surprised, considering that they’re islands all surrounded by sea.

  3. Wah! Very nice seafood. You ate anything there? For those earning NZ dollars the prices are very affordable. Can’t say the same back here 😦

    I didn’t. We were heading some place else for lunch – check that out in the next post. 😉

  4. Did you take your lunch there at the fish market? No?

    No, Shereen had something else better on her mind for us to try… 😉

  5. the cruise liner reminds me of an old series. The Love Boat.

    Guess only now Melissa gets to enjoy NZ. Prev was busy studying

    Ya…she is always over-serious in all that she does – not like the papa gila-gila one. Wah!!! You know The Love Boat? You’re so old kah? LOL!!!

  6. Wah! If I wanted to migrate I will stay in this city~ I love seafood especially fish. I must be a reincarnation of a cat from my previous life.

    You are?

  7. what a lovely view you have caught there
    so calming

    That is one thing I loved about there – everywhere, the sights and scenery all so nice, and the weather superb!!!

  8. the thing is i hate shell fish and im not much of a fan of sea foods
    so ill stick with that cake

    You are? Where you are, all islands surrounded by sea….I am sure you get very fresh and very cheap seafood there?

  9. Sama sama echo or rather copy & paste here “All I knew was that it had more sheep than people in the country. LOL!!!”

    That’s a commonly-known fact…

  10. Whack sahaja lah can forget about the gout, itu belakang kira haha

    I’m ok with food – no problem with gout. Comes only after a mug of beer…so I do not really have to watch what I eat. 😉

  11. The fish and chips at this place are very fresh and more gourmet from the local takeway. However, no matter how gourmet fish and chips are, they will taste exactly like fish and chips. So, nah… not going to waste our tummy space.. hehehe.

    I’m fine with fish and chips – Melissa loves them a lot though…even our so-so ones here, she will like.

  12. I was looking at their pricing and….yes, you are very right! They are indeed too expensive for us if we convert..but if we stay there and work, I think the standard of living is not as high as ours over here.. right? :)…

    GST 15%, income tax 35%…their standard of living is VERY high!!! They certainly would have to earn a lot to live quite comfortably there.

  13. Fish market looks fun…and yummy!. Didn’t know NZ has the 4th largest marine fishery. Like you…I thought of them as only lambs…and more lambs. OK and manuka honey too!

    Same here! Any rugby too!!! LOL!!! 😀

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