Actually, I like (ang taocendol, if it’s very well-done and very very nice but I am not really crazy about the green jelly in it. Basically, I love the ang tao (red beans) in it and that is why most of the time, I would order ang tao peng (iced red bean) which would be the same thing actually, minus the cendol

Thomson Corner ang tao peng 1

I was at this place again the other day with Melissa as I felt like having that and it was served like this…

Thomson Corner ang tao peng 2

Good grief! They never did that before and I must say that it did not look appealing, not at all! For one thing though, it does let one see exactly how much ang tao they have in it…and that certainly looks like a whole lot.

Some of you may notice that there is a difference between the ang tao we have here and those in the (ang tao) cendol in the peninsula. Ours are smaller and I feel they taste nicer and sweeter than the bigger ones. If I’m not mistaken, this is the type that they use to make tau sar (black/red bean paste) that may be found in steamed or baked buns, dumplings and mooncakes. Thankfully, when I mixed everything together, it looked the way it should…

Thomson Corner ang tao peng 3

…and the ones here really tasted good – very lemak (rich with santan or coconut milk) and lots of gula Melaka (palm sugar), definitely better than what we had here and anytime better than what I had at Gurney Drive in Penang. I loved the ang tao best when it is cooked perfectly till really soft but it is not mushy – one would still be able to see the beans whole and not like one messy lump of tau sar.

For some reason or other though, my missus cannot eat ang tao or tau sar as it will send her head spinning. I wonder if anybody else has this same experience. Because of this, when she orders ang tao cendol, she will eat all the cendol…and I will sapu (sweep) clean all the ang tao in her bowl. Hehehehehe!!!! She is perfectly ok with let tao (green beans) though – but personally, I prefer the red ones to the green. What about you?

When my daughter and I were there that day, she wanted some salad sotong (RM5.00), so I ordered this for her…

Thomson Corner salad sotong

…and she said that the ones here are nicer than what she had at this other place…and I must say that I would agree with her on this.

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32 thoughts on “Differences…”

  1. Actually we call that ABC in Bintulu, and we used to eat them with milo powder! I agree the portion is slightly smaller but somehow tastes better hehehe. Must be to do with childhood memories. I like the green stuff.

    I’m just ok with the green thing but I’ve had some not so nicely-made ones before, not so firm and slippery. ABC? I would think that’s the mixed cocktail with fruits and what not, very colourful syrups and all. With MILO? Ang tao peng? Gee…that would be like adding chocolate. Wonder what it tastes like.

  2. I prefer the smaller ang tao too.. don’t like the huge ones like kidney beans. I usually just pass those to Saucer! Haha.. I love cendol and green bean too! But I think of all things shown, I’d like to have the salad sotong please! 😛

    Ya…those big ones, yellow inside… I feel they’re salty, not sweet and no ang tao fragrance and taste.

  3. Cendol is one dessert in Malaysia I’m yet to grow a liking for.

    Oh? You’re not Malaysian? Had dinner with some friends in Wellington last night, a Vietnamese-Filipino-Chinese couple…and at the mere mention of cendol, they were ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing away, craving for it. They love it… To each his own, I guess – I would have it anytime instead of any of the western desserts.

  4. I did not know that there is ang tao that is smaller. I love cendol a lot, but have not tried it with ang tao. The salad sotong looks very nice, I would like that too 🙂

    I thought they a;ways come together – will always have some in a bowl of cendol? The sotong here is nice, mabe among the nicest in town but I do know of one other place that I felt was a bit nicer.

  5. How nice if that bowl of chendol is right in front of me now, lol

    Lots in Singapore…and a lot nicer, I’m sure. 😉

  6. yeah, i actually would like my cendol to be as cendol as it is without all those extras like sweet corn, cincau, jelly, glutinous rice etc.. all those extra makes the cendol and ABC i think.. i wouldn’t mind having the red bean actually.. hmmm, just red bean, not a bad idea for this ang tao peng..

    Yes, none of those for me too… Only the real thing! Don’t mind a bit of cendol with my angtao but I can live without that.

  7. I think it is the presentation that makes the food impressive or not…the staff did not do a good job on the 2nd cendol you displayed.. so it does not look “appetizing” but I am sure it tastes good too because of the gula melaka which looks quite “thick” there..

    The 2nd one was how it was served…before I mixed everything together.

  8. I m the opposite just like your missus… I eat the cendol and omit the ang tau… just cos I m not that much a fan of the beans, especially the big kidney ones… lol…small ones are ok for me.

    I dont have anything on the beans.. just not a fan.. even in Chilli, the American stew of minced meat and beans, I will pick out the red kidney bean one by one… kakakaka… other beans i m ok… I m weird… hehe

    To each his own… Everyone has one’s own likes and dislikes. It’s a free country, no problem at all.

  9. i prefer ang tao muchy more than cendol too! *grab your hand and shake vigorously!* hehe

    and i also prefer smaller beans than the ones here..sweeter and errr cuter hehe

    Ahhhhh!!!! We’re one of a kind!!!! 😉 But I’m only sweeter and cuter, not smaller leh? Ah well, two out of three ain’t bad! LOL!!!!

  10. Yooo…Ang tau Peng…but why the beans looked so big geh. I like those very fine and soft.

    Must be the close up…very small…like the mole on my face. Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. Ang tao cendol, my favourite. A stall at open air market served very nice ang tao cendol but now it had moved to Jalan Haji Taha and Jalan Lumba Kuda is another place with nice ones too..A perfect match, you eat ang tao, your missus eat cendol. So nothing goes to waste. 2nd pix looks weird when they served like this.

    Yalor! They never did that before, dunno why they did it like that that day.

  12. I like red bean too! But like iamthewitch, not the kidney beans… for some reason they kinda creep me out, haha. The salad sotong looks very appealing as a snack though! Must be because it’s lunch time soon… :p

    It is nice, Melissa’s favourite – that’s why I ordered it for her while I was having my ang tao peng.

  13. Hi, having my lunch now, would love to have the ang tau peng after this with lots of ang tau. slurrrpppppp
    Look yummylicious!!

    Lovely Malaysian dessert! Would rather have this more than anything else – or is it just the Asian in me? 😉

  14. Yeah I agree! 🙂

    Our red beans are smaller but tastier…over here it’s mostly kidney beans with not a lot of taste, more texture than anything.

    Ahhhhh!!!! See, everyone! I’m not the only one saying this. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  15. Yes, yes!! ang tao peng wth lots of gula melaka, peanuts and sweetcorn! Eeee, none of those wriggly green things please, yuck! 🙂

    Ah! You’re just like me! 😉

  16. I also like ang tao cendol!
    Basically everything ang tao can attract me la~

    Only ang tao peng for me… Not quite into the others.

  17. cendol was indeed like our halo halo haha
    that beans were my most favorite ingredient of it

    Mine too. That’s why I would order it the green jelly or without anything else.

  18. is that sotong, deep fried chicken skin?
    ot looks yummy

    Nope, it’s squid or cuttle fish. I ordered chicken skin in Penang once…and when they served it, I saw the chicken hair…and I left it untouched. Eyewwwwww!!!!

  19. Dulu- dulu, people sell the cendol bogel.. only in recent years they add the kacang merah, at least in Malacca la. I like Bubur kacang merah where you add some dry orange/ tangerine skin and if with cendol, I like the huge red kidney bean.. more to chew.. hehehe. I have never eaten sotong done that way.. sure very sedap one as when I see, my air liur meleleh!

    You like the big ones? Did you try our ang tao peng in Sibu? I think ours had ang tao right from the start = as far as I can remember but we can order ang tao peng just for the red beans. Come, cone…come and try this one. It’s not bad, pretty good, I would say.

  20. Cendol and sotong salad is really mean lah u Arthur! These are the simple pleasures in life that makes me go crazy at this hour now looking at your pics! >_<

    I don't mind if you post steaks or those 'posh' food as I wont be craving for them too much but cendol and sotong… u r freaking mean 😛

    You like kah? I thought you’re into those Taiwan desserts, snowflake lah…chattime kah… Yucks!!! No, thank you…give me my ang tao peng anytime!

  21. This is the first time I heard of Sotong Salad!!! Yummy I know I will love them!

    I seldom like Chendol Ice now as I ate too much of them when i was schooling. I would prefer Hot Red Beans dessert instead. Maybe I tasted too much lousy Chendol desserts served by different stalls here that made me loose my appetite.

    Come, come and try ours…

  22. I always like this type of snowy dessert. Chendol and ABC are all fine for me.

    Not into ABC, cendol (with ang tao) or ang tao peng for me.

  23. me too! I like cendol, but i don’t like the green green thing, normally i will just sip all the water left the ingredient behind. hahahahha
    Yes, I like those smaller ang tao compare to those a bit bigger type.

    Then you should share with my missus – she eats the green jelly and you eat the ang tao! LOL!!!

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