Under the blanket…

When my girl was little, she loved the “interesting” things that I would prepare for her for breakfast. I remember I called one of them, “Chicken in a blanket” which was simply a chicken sausage wrapped in a piece of bread and toasted in the oven. I also remember that I was careless when taking it out of the oven and my hand touched the hot grill at the top and suffered a very serious burn that took months and months to heal. Well, it did not matter really as such things may happen all the time and to this day, I enjoy doing things like that for her – cooking stuff that she may enjoy a lot.

I did it again recently but this time around, I tried to make it a bit special. First, I fried an omelette…


I beat an egg, added a pinch of salt and msg and some chopped spring onions and fried it in a pan.

Then, I took a piece of bread and put some butter on it…

Butter on bread

…for a bit of extra taste and fragrance and on that, I placed a bit of the omelette…


Next, I put half a beef sausage on the egg…

Beef sausage

…and on that, a piece of sliced cheddar cheese…


Lastly, I rolled up the sides of the bread…

All rolled up

…and used toothpicks to hold them down.

I turned on the oven and put everything in it until the cheese had melted and the bread was well-toasted. There you have it! My “Cow & chicken in a blanket!”

Cow & chicken in a blanket

I tried it and I would say that it was very nice…but perhaps it would be nicer if I had not cut the sausage and used the whole thing instead, letting it stick out on both ends as the combination tasted really great and you may not get to bite the sausage while eating the sides but most importantly, my daughter loved it! I’m sure with a little bit of garnishing – coleslaw or salad by the side, slices of tomato and cucumber and a sprinkling of parmesan plus a sprig of parsley on top, it would look a lot more presentable…and a lot more alluring.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Under the blanket…”

  1. The boys would do something like that but with ham and cheese minus the eggs. Leceh la want to make the eggs as have to wash kuali and what not.It would be extra tasty if u sprinkle some dried chives and freshly cracked black pepper on the cheese before you melt it in the oven/ toaster.. Yum!!!

    Of course, up to one’s creativity and imagination. Bet it would be real yummy with ham or bacon… Slurpssss!!!!

  2. Wow, what a creation! I know it is delicious, the bread getting toasted and the cheese melting. Arthur, I can’t wait to try it 🙂

    Go ahead… Great for kids! My girl was thrilled by the name – chicken in a basket and ate it happily – had a hard time getting her to eat when she was small. 😦

  3. What a great idea! I never thought of cooking sausage and egg this way. Will try to impress my daughter this weekend, hehehe….

    Er, do you want another daughter? I don’t mind daddy does the cooking and I will happily eat 🙂

    Good grief!!! And I will become an instant grandfather? No, thank you. LOL!!!! Your hubby doesn’t cookj for you kah? Aiyor…so kesian! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  4. My daughter loves sausage! As a child, I can remember helping my mother make homemade sausage. I never seemed to grow tired of stuffing the casings with meat, but I did grow tired of eating sausage! 🙂 I never ate too much, even in my pre-veggie days. I’ve made her similar things as what you’ve shown above. My daughter loves when I serve ‘finger foods.’

    This weekend I’m making her a crab dish, but I’m not sure what type. She tells me she hates seafood, but she devours anything with crab (except steamed crabs — she doesn’t like looking at them in their shell) and she loves homemade fish sticks.

    I must add that it’s so sweet that you do so much for your daughter. Which is how it should be you know? Spending that time with her throughout her life will ensure that she always wants to be around her parents. I try to do the same with my daughter. Fortunately I’m surrounded by like-minded friends who do the same. We wouldn’t be friends if they didn’t cherish their children. But I do see parents, that don’t spend that time with their children. They’re much too busy with their lives to include their children… and I think it’s sad. My life is very busy, but I always make room for my daughter/family. So it’s nice to see someone who values family :)…but here I go getting off topic.

    Yes, it is so sad to see the child neglect all around – parents dumping their kids in childcare and nurseries, sending them off to tuition classes after school every day…and they themselves are too engrossed in their own activities, socials included. Real sad too to see families going out for dinner together and each is busy with his or her ipad, iphone and what have you…no interacting, all lost in their own world… I try my best to give my girl all the love there is and I am glad to say that she had grown up to be one very caring and loving lady, praise the Lord.

    My daughter does not really care for crabs in the shell too – she’s not bothered to go though all the hassle – she loves crab patties though! Hmmm…must cook that for her one of these days. 😉

  5. going all out in style for breakfast ya…. lol… I certainly can feel the love in this cow & chicken in a blanket!! Melissa is one lucky one to have her daddy prepare breakfast like this…. wink!

    I still do…even though she can prepare or own – old habits die hard and I enjoy doing it so it is ok. Special, ingredient…love-will make anything taste nicer.

  6. What’s that…with toothpicks stuck in them? Looks like…. Eeee!!!! Bet it hurts when poked with those sharp toothpicks. Muahahahaha!!!!!

    Oh? I bet you love it to bits…poke…poke…poke…!!!! Muahahahaha!!!! 😉

    1. i love that combination of course, egg + sausage + cheese.. yummy yummy!! but surely don’t like to be poked~~ 😀

      You don’t? You’re sure or not? Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  7. They are some simple ingredients but you made them look extra yummy! No wonder your girl loves it!!

    Ya, presentation and novelty do play their part at times… 😉

  8. Hah! That’s my girls fav too! next time make toast in cup.

    Now my girl’s big already…even though she did enjoy these that I made, always daddy’s little girl at heart. 😉

    1. ..oops! PRECIOUS loves! wahahaa!!! Sorry, eyesight going, fingers going…

      Sigh! Obviously age is not only in the mind, it’s everywhere… LOL!!! 😀

  9. I saw the melted cheese!!!! yummy!! I’ll spray a huge load of ketchup, and put in 2 slice of lettuce!!

    Yes, lettuce would be nice…but my girl is not a fan of sauces – just like me. Will need sauces only when the food sucks – not nice. My missus would drown everything in chili sauce – really puts me off…where got any taste anymore after that, just chili. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  10. LOL. I love your creativity a lot. It makes the food more appetizing and will give your daughter sweet memories!! How I wish my father could cook something or even fry eggs for me!!!! Waaaah! I am so jealous of your daughter for having a chef father!

    Old time traditional fathers…where got do such things for children one? Would only sit and eat!

  11. Nice combo breakfast for your darling daughter. How nice to have a daddy lik you. By the way, the whole thing can be put into oven to bake for 1 minutes. It will definitely send those who eat it to Nirvana.

    That’s exactly what I did. How would the cheese melt if we do not do that? ^.^

  12. That makes a great breakfast for daddy;s girl. Nice!!!….Likes!!!….

    Bet you do the same for your kids…and hubby too! 😉

  13. a cow, a chicken, under a blanket.. i wouldnt mind that too.. send some over! hehe 🙂
    have a good day arthur!

    You can cook your own… Anak arrived already or not? Your sleepless nights started already? Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. well ive been eating those ever since but i never did that on your way,
    yum yum yum

    Kids find this more appealing than eating it the usual manner…and they will want to eat all of it! 😉

  15. i bet it taste really yummy
    i mean hot dog and cheese always comes good together but now with egg that were perfectly cooked,
    i love how melted cheese hugs the hotdog there

    It was good, just needs a bit of garnishing for better presentation.

  16. wow…interesting! Usually what i do was, just toast the sausage then w or w/o cheese then add some tomatoes sauce and i use the cute picks to hold the bread and let my boys bring it to school. Easy and fast for a rushing morning. Good idea to add an egg under, i should try it next time.

    You’re the expert at this – all your very nice bento boxes. Don’t see them anymore? Boys growing up already eh?

  17. For everything else,I really like this phrase,,,,,,,,,,,,”,When my girl was little, she loved the “interesting” things that I would prepare for her for breakfast. I remember I called one of them, “Chicken in a blanket””,,,,,,,,,,and I guess the memory of those moments when your girl was still a little still stays one and many others as well.

    Looking at those pics on your FB,just how proud you are of her,,,, wearing the mortar board,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like you said,she is everything to you,kan?

    You have brought up a wonderful girl,,,,,sir

    With God’s grace and blessings, she’s His gift to us…forever cherished and very much loved, praise the Lord.

  18. You got to be a sweet daddy. My dad used to toast bread for me (with kaya and butter) for me in my schooling years. Sometimes when we grew tired of the bread, he will go out to the nearby stalls and tapau something for us. It could be noodles, dim sum, etc. I’m gonna do the same thing to my boy soon!

    Your dad’s so nice. Old-time traditional dads leave everything to the mums.

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