I’ll try something new…

I was out again one afternoon with Melissa and my missus and we headed to this now-very-familiar place in town…

Noodle House Sibu

I tried their new matcha mille crepe…

Matcha mille crepe

Well, it isn’t exactly new – they had that flavour, the green tea one, before and I  did not really fancy it then because I was quite put off by the green tea smell. This time around, it certainly looks nicer with the top layer of green tea powder. Unfortunately, I still do not think it is all that great. They have toned down the green tea flavour so much so that it tastes more or less like their vanilla – which is a whole lot cheaper. My favourite is still their rum and raisin and I love their double chocolate but it is a lot sweeter so I would usually try to avoid ordering that.

This has been around for a while now – their cheese spicy chicken kompia

Cheese spicy chciken kompia 1

…but I have not ordered it before. For one thing, I did not get to hear any rave reviews of it so I have been quite reluctant especially when considering that it is a lot more expensive than the rest.

Well, don’t say that I did not give it a chance, so I tried it that day…

Cheese chicken kompia 2

It was all right. The chicken wasn’t spicy, not at all…and I’ve never liked the batter they use to fry their chicken, for instance, when I had it with the nasi lemak there. All in all, it tasted like chicken with cheese in garlic bread – it did not feel like I was eating kompia at all…so very frankly, I think I would just stick to the usual that I find a lot nicer and they are cheaper too!

Melissa wanted some of her favourites – their dry-fried chicken dumplings (jian jiao)…

Dry-fried dumplings

…and their deep-fried salt & pepper calamari…

Salt & peper calamari

…and my missus loved their Chocolate Godzilla a lot…

Chocolate Godzilla

After that scrumptious tea, we went around town just to look around and I spotted these “sweet” Christmas trees in front of some blocks of shops along one of the streets…

Sweet Xmas tree 1

…with lollipops and all…

Sweet Xmas tree 2

…but I would think they should have more tinsel and glitter at least as they look kind of bare. Perhaps they look better at night when they switch on all the lights.

After that, we went for a walk in the park at the river front…

Swans in Swan City

…before calling it a day.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

51 thoughts on “I’ll try something new…”

  1. “this now-very-familiar place”?? you mean it has been an alien before?? hehehe..

    well well well, mille crepe but then definitely not matcha for me.. never like anything made of matcha other than drinking matcha itself, because they taste so fake.. i don’t know but perhaps it’s just me that think so…

    Well, it IS still alien to people who have never been to Sibu before…and those who do not frequent my blog or those who do but never bother much about what they read or see. Should be familiar to locals, especially lovers of good food…and my loyal, faithful readers who actually care about what I share.

    Not a fan of green tea either…in whatever form. Didn’t quite care for the mille crepe then and not too thrilled about it now. I would just stick to the rum and raisin.

    1. … and also to those who just see but never bother to read~~ :p

      yeah, i would have opted for the rum and raisins also, anything else or maybe the original and never will go for the matcha one..

      Hope you’re not one of those or maybe you were when you were still working on your thesis, not so much time to stop and read. I know some hit and run people…wham, bang, thank you, ma’m type – they just drop by, comment and leave…without reading much of what’s in the post…so people will drop by their blog to comment and that will increase their traffic. Ah well!!! It takes all kinds to make the world – like you would not touch the green tea mille crepe..and there are others who would actually love it…A LOT!

  2. Is that along sidewalk of the Star Daesim?
    By the way the food looks amazing!

    Very popular place, very nice stuff…but unfortunately, I do not think this place is halal. The Christmas trees, you mean? Yup…that’s where they are…along Central Road.

  3. The green tea Mille crepe looks very neat, very senonoh. A plus point for presentation for sure. As for kompia, I don’t care what ppl say this and that so delicious etc. For me, Lucy’s hay bee is the nicest and tastiest that I have ever eaten( I only ate hers and the one from the shop you bought for us on the first day..hehe). Her hay bee is perfecto and the kompia so nicely toasted and very crispy:)
    The Godzilla mesti sedap tu!

    See! About time you come over to Sibu again. You have not been here – so many nice things to eat. Ya…I think you only had Lucy’s…and the ones at Thomson Corner, not bad but definitely not the top-ranking ones in town. Two nights only…how to eat so many things. Next time around, MUST stay a week at least! When? When? When?

  4. Aaahhh … the life of a retiree … bliss. And that was just tea? I couldn’t have dinner after all that!
    I do love a strong macha flavor … I guess it takes an acquired taste to appreciate it. It’s beautifully made tho.

    Yes, it certainly looks very neat, very nicely done…unlike the mille crepes that I’ve seen in other people’s blogs at other places…but no, thank you…not a fan of green tea, I’m afraid.

  5. The matcha mille crepe looks very neat and precise, but I only like green tea as a drink. As ice-cream, dessert and whatever other forms, no thanks for me. I am not a fan of cheesy food except in pizza or sandwiches and I think with kompia it is strange 🙂 I think I will like the chocolate godzilla too 🙂

    To each his own… Anything with milk makes me sleepy…so I have never had the godzillas, no matter what people say. Not a fan of green tea in any form, so not so fond of the mille crepe – I’d just stick to my favourite. The kompia’s not bad…just that I prefer our usual – never a fan of this what-they-call fusion thing! To me, it’s one helluva conFUSION!

  6. i’m a big fan of green tea. Yum yum.. But I have to admit that I didn’t like the matcha millie crepe when I tried it last year. At least this time it looks neater. Hehe.. The dumplings and chocolate Godzilla!!! Looks amazing!

    It certainly looks better this time but I could hardly taste the green tea in it – something like the vanilla…and the powder on top did not seem to make much difference either. Ya…we can meet here again the next time you come home. 😉

  7. I never tried green tea with mille crepe. I only tried the green tea cheese from secret recipe. I loved that. Green tea, to some people might not be appealing due to its strong taste. I’ve been drinking green tea everyday since a year ago, so the smell and taste of it is a norm for me. By the way, those Christmas trees are so nice with sweets and lollipops.

    You like? I thought they are kinda bare and in need of more decor. Ah!!!! If you come over to Sibu, you can enjoy these green tea mille crepes than.

  8. Love the design of the logo quite unique. Oh yummy dry-fried chicken dumplings.

    Nice. Lovely place, everything’s tastefully done…and the service is great, the people are friendly…and the food’s good, most of it, at least!

  9. The green tea mille crepe cake caught my attention straight away! Such neat and even layers! Too bad it didn’t taste as good as it looked.. if it’s similar to vanilla flavour, might as well just buy the vanilla flavour cake. But Saucer would love the rum raisin flavour!

    That’s right. Vanilla’s cheaper…but a bit mild for me. Rum & raisin is stronger, I like! The chocolate one is nice too but extra sweet so I should avoid. 😦

  10. The food looks great! But all fried fried one, not for me at the moment, sore throat-ing… T.T

    A lot of people now. Must be the weather. My nose keeps running…on and off! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  11. shocks that slice looks amazing i bet i tastes good as well and that spicy chicken kompia was mouth watering it seems perfectly cooked and ohh that tea no words needed it feels like heaven drinking that.

    Hah!!!! All the stuff that young people would love! I’m a bit old school, more traditional. 😉

  12. wah, the mille crepe looked so even and nice. I thought the food looks yummy here but I guess most of it is fried so fried food sometimes taste one dimensional. The cheesy chicken kompia is a nice twist.. probably trying to be a twist on burger??

    Love the season of christmas.. so happy to see the decor up in a few places..

    They do have steamed stuff…and cooked or baked or toasted and all that. A lot on their menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice. My daughter prefers things fried though, not so much into steamed…but ok with the baked ones.

  13. Cheese spicy chicken kompia in Sibu?? Pretty amazed me cause all this while I know is just normal kompia and the one with kaya. Looks like I need go Sibu again to hunt for all these yummy foods =D. Oh yeah! My friend from Sibu is currently in KK for visit. Must ask him bring me eat all these. =D

    Kaya? Don’t think I had kompia with that…and anyway, I’m a meat person so I would very much prefer that. When are you coming? KK has a whole lot of nice things to eat too! Best ngui chap (beef noodles) in the world!!! Yum! Yum!

  14. That slice of matcha mille crepe certainly looks pretty but not so sure about the top sprinkling though. It’d feel like eating bits of grass or leaves rather?

    Parks are a nice place to hang out sometimes though in our hot sunshine, such ventures would be best confined to the mornings or evenings, hor?

    Lollipop Xmas trees.. nice! You are right that they may look better at night when the lights come on.

    I thought it would be powdery but surprisingly, it wasn;t. No taste, no feeling at all…like it’s not even there – good only for decoration. Ya…I really must drop by the parks more often – the walks would do me a lot of good. Not online all the time… 😦

  15. That was a grand thing to do – a walk in the park with your favourite girls after a lovely meal 😉 You like the rum and raisin mille crepe, so I guess you like rum and raisin ice cream too 🙂 Hey, if you haven’t tried it already when you were in NZ years ago, go for the hokey pokey ice cream on your next visit – it’s nice leh.

    Yes, I love rum & raisin ice cream a lot…Baskin’ Robbins. I hope it’s not the NZ low fat ice cream – tried that once in Singapore, didn’t like it at all. If scared of getting fat, better not eat than waste the calories on stuff like that. 😦

    1. Don’t know why I still will laugh whenever I see the word ‘hokey-pokey’. My otak a bit kotor la.. Hehehe.

      Kiwis have the funniest names and concepts…like Hell’s Pizza, for one. 😉

      1. Arthur…not only Kiwis have funny names and concepts lah, people from Melaka also lah *wink wink* (I love this *wink wink* style…almost no words needed *wink wink* !!)

        Ummmm…no comment! She’s making lots of cookies for me, I hear…to take home from Auckland to Sibu for Christmas. Wink! Wink! Eat your heart out! Hehehehehehe!!!!

    2. Haha! As if I will ask you to makan low fat ice cream! I say…eat the real thing or don’t eat at all 😉

      Precisely!!! That’s what I would tell those health-conscious people. So worried, just don’t eat!!! Actually, I find how they tend to whine and moan and groan about what they eat quite irritating and sickening…and how they seem to be such expert know-it-all dietitians and self-proclaimed prophets of doom puts me off really and sometimes I feel like telling them to go ahead and starve themselves to death! Tsk! Tsk!

  16. All looks so nice and I specially love the Chocolate Godzilla. The park looks well-maintained .

    Yes, and I must say A BIG PAT on the backs of the people at our municipal council for the good work done. Not easy in a town like Sibu – some/many of the people are like they’re uneducated…or uncivilised…or what – the poor attitude.

    Just look at the things they throw out of their cars – tissue paper, drink cans, packets and bottles, polystyrene food containers…all just thrown out of their big cars, 4WDs, SUVs and what have you. Good thing the council employs people to go round the whole town every morning to pick up all the litter. That is why Sibu today looks so nice and clean MOST OF THE TIME.

    It was the dirtiest in the state or maybe in the whole country at one time…and I guess those horrendous habits of many Sibu people still exist in them to this day, passed down from generation to generation.

  17. What a sweet family outing!! With desserts, main course, a walk in town and to the riverfront park… very nice family bonding…. I will have to wait for some time before all my kids gather together again…

    Bet you miss all that, eh? So lonely…empty nest syndrome. Well, mine’s home for the time being…dunno what will come next! 😦

  18. That mille crepe …looks so neat! If given a choice…I don’t really go for green tea cake. Duno why…but green tea drink is okay.. 😉

    I’m not really fond of green tea either…but yes, I do think our mille crepes are very nicely done, so neat and so pleasant to look at unlike those at your side or at least those that I’ve seen in people’s blogs – lower (20 layers only compared to our 30), smaller slice…and a lot more expensive! The only thing here is we do not have so many flavours to choose from.

  19. I go for all the food except the green tea mille crepe, it looks like eating grass and turning into a cow, moooo~

    The christmas lollipop trees are set up by the authority or the shop owner? So christmas-ly feel~

    The shop owner. The town council will hold a Christmas tree contest every year – hope there will be one again this year. Last year’s one was not so nice as the theme was the environment and the trees must be made from useless things thrown away but of course, the idea was a good one. You’re not into health food and stuff? I’m sure many would opt for the green tea, but not me… 😦

  20. oooh, i’ve actually never seen a green tea mille crepe before, i think. usually it’s vanilla, or chocolate, or rum & raisin, or strawberry or some other fruity flavor, but i’d definitely wanna try green tea 😀

    Come on over. Any plans to hop over to Sibu anytime soon? Just let me know, I’ll take it from here… You’ll be in good hands. 😉

  21. Hello bradder I am back!! You know that I need to find time to read back all your posts soon.

    You are? Were you not around? Went some place? Gee!!! I did not even notice. Hehehehehehehe!!!! Ummmm….who’s your bladder, oops…I mean, bradder? Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

  22. I will surely like the Chocolate Godzilla too! I have extreme sweet tooth!

    The christmas decorated trees look nice and fun. It would be a pretty sight when lighted up at night. We won’t have such street decor for Christmas in KL like Sibu and Singapore. They have to be confined at shopping malls. You know lah…..the reasons.

    No? I thought at one time I saw Christmas lights hanging over the roads around Sultan Ismail side – the hot spots where all the clubs are/were??? But that was many years ago…before they all migrated to Changkat Bukit Bintang. We have a Christmas tree competition every year and there will be Christmas parade going around town, all the churches and associations combined – floats, brass bands, choirs and all – not a very grand one but something is better than nothing. What to expect from a small town like Sibu!

  23. crepes are getting common now. That butter fried chicken looks so good. Must try to see if i can find similar recipe online so I can cook for my ever hungry kids at home…

    Butter fried chicken? Where? Batter, you mean? The one in the kompia. I guess they just used the ready-mix batter flour sold in boxes in the supermarts…not that great, really. KFC is nicer…but I’m not crazy about those either.

  24. I bought a pack of frozen chicken dumpling last nite. Tak mahu kalah! hehehehehe

    LOL!!! I’m not really a fan but my daughter loves them. Even bought some from the supermart in Wellington when she was there to cook her own.

  25. Nice! 🙂

    They’ve got a new flavor in Noodle House. It’s quite popular in town nowadays eh?

    I like their sambal seafood kampua, they’re coming up with some good fusion dishes.

    I’ll love to try the spicy chicken kompia too – worth a try for the unusual stuffing. 🙂

    It is. Business must be really booming – they have had an extension done, now occupying half of the next shop lot as well. Ya…I have not had their sizzling kampua with beef for quite a while now. Will KIV this place for the next time you come home…and Payung too! 😉

  26. The matcha mille crepe looks appetizing but honestly I don’t like green tea flavor. hehehe! My sister and cousin Rome would love that! They’re both into green teas!

    I’m like you, not into green tea or green tea-flavoured anything. I would prefer pandan, more fragrant.

  27. aiyak no kampua noodles..
    I guess that when you look at the menu..
    your mind will say .. aiyak why no kampua noodles…

    Got! They have kampua and piansip…and if you are looking for something different, their sizzling kampua with beef is awesome. I love it! Huai Bin likes their sizzling kampua with sambal seafood but I’m not too fond of that. You may see these in some of my old posts…

  28. Must be your ” hard” advertising for them , heard from my mum, they extend their shop!!! Tsk tsk tsk

    Love the colour of the green tea crepe, but I think I still like the original , and I don’t mind to have mango flavour. 🙂

    Yes, they have – slightly bigger now. Sigh…no mango here but I love the rum and raisin! 😉

  29. alamak….why the chicken kompia looks so weird one…the oink oink kompiah better la

    I also feel that same way… Maybe young people will like this fusion kind of thing, not me.

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