Keep it coming…

This came sometime last week via poslaju from my dear friend, Mandy, in KL…

From Mandy

No, she did not send me some infant milk formula …

Infant formula

– I certainly do not need that, I’m sure. Look at how I’ve grown! Hehehehehehe!

Inside, there were some souvenirs that she got hold of on her recent trip to Krabi…

Krabi souvenirs

…and these very nice heong peah from Ipoh

Heong peah

…plus some hotel key cards to add to my collection, a Christmas card for me and my family…and a very lovely card for my birthday…

Hotel key cards, birthday & Christmas cards

I’m hot, eh? Hmmmmm….just look at what it says inside!

Why I'm hot


In the meantime, my friend, Lim and his family, dropped by my house the day before the actual date and gave me this blackforest cake…

Blackforest from Lim & family

So sweet of him and his missus to remember. I don’t think they read my blog nor do they frequent Facebook so it was not likely that they noticed all the hints all over the place here, there and everywhere. Hehehehehe!!!!!

Well, I did not have any grand celebration bash this year – no special dinner, nothing. I guess when one is growing old, one gets lazy and not too enthusiastic about such things. Anyway, the Chinese have this belief that after the 50th, one should not celebrate one’s birthday on a grand scale anymore till the 80th and even then, it must be celebrated on the 79th birthday for some reason or other. However, I did have my obligatory mee sua

60th birthday mee sua

– our traditional Foochow longevity noodles in red wine and ginger chicken soup plus the symbolic eggs that are usually present at all birthdays.

Other than that, Melissa and the mum got me another cake – a chocolate-almond…

60th birthday cake

…and these…

60th birthday present

…and in the evening, we went for the Sunday service at the cathedral after which we did go out for a simple dinner, just the three of us and that was it!

Looking forward now to my 61st birthday next then, God willing!!!