Show me the way…

All right, I’ll show you the way to cook your own kampua at home! This is mainly for the benefit of those not from Sarawak who have been asking what kampua actually is. You can buy the uncooked noodles from the shops or the market but those will not keep too long, so perhaps you should buy the dried ones sold in sealed packets in the sundry shop. Well, if it is not available in your part of the country or if you’re overseas, you can just use any of those egg noodles that you can find in the supermarket…

Egg noodles

Peel and slice one shallot and fry in a tablespoon or two of cooking oil (For health reasons, people these days do not use lard anymore…and do not use olive oil as it has a peculiar not-so-pleasant taste!) till the sliced shallot turns golden brown and pour everything onto a plate. Add a tablespoon of light soy sauce (chio cheng). You may want to use dark soy sauce instead;after all, they sell that at the kampua stalls though we never heard of people eating kampua like that during our younger days! Add a tablespoon of chilli sauce, half a teaspoon of msg (monosodium glutamate) and sprinkle chopped spring onions. Boil the noodles (I cooked two pieces!) and when they are soft enough, drain and mix the noodles with the ingredients. Toss thoroughly…and there you have it! Your plate of kampua!

Homecooked kampua

Well, I did not bother about the shallot and I did not have any spring onions in the house…but it did not matter as it still tasted nice. You can boil some meat and cut that into (paper) thin slices and put a few of those on top of the noodles. In the past, they would colour the sides red so that it would look like char siew. Keep the stock, add a bit of chio cheng/salt and msg to it and sprinkle some chopped spring onions for the soup; this will definitely be a lot nicer than the salt + msg water they usually give you in the shops with your kampua.

In the past, the kampua sellers used those local made chilli sauce sold in stone jars but today they just use the usual ones from the surpermarkets, but they buy that in huge tins and in bulk so they probably get it cheaper. I always use this garlic chilli sauce, Kampong Koh Brand made in Sitiawan Perak as it is hotter and a lot nicer than those sweet ones. Don’t ask me to explain what “Pain 100%” means…because I do not know!

Kampong Koh chilli sauce

Well, the weekend’s here. Anybody going to try and cook your own kampua? The noodles cost 80 sen (40 sen per piece) and I had an egg to go with it, so it cost RM1.10 only. A lot cheaper (and nicer) than in the shops! LOL!!! Here’s the closeup shot…

Homecooked kampua closeup

Well, I guess everybody knows that it’s no-meat Friday today…and I’ve a confession to make. I don’t know why but suddenly I had this craving for something…and even though I may look like it, I’m certainly NOT pregnant! So I headed to this fast food restuarant near my house…

Sugar Bun Pedada Sibu

Wah! Sibu ladies carry such huge bags kah? Must have lots of money hor!!! LOL!!! Anyway, I bought this there…

Sugar Bun fish burger

Gosh! I can’t even remember when I last had a fish burger. Probably sometime last year, believe it or not! But given the choice, I would rather have this than all those beef or chicken burgers…and the fish fillet in the burger elsewhere has a strange texture like rubber! Anyway, that cost RM4.90 but I had to pay RM5.15 because of the 5% government tax. Didn’t they say they would abolish that? Never mind! Take my 25 sen and use it and all that you squeeze out of poor, innocent people like me to gold-plate your coffins!!! Hahahahaha!!!

It was expensive no doubt…but am I not entitled to pamper myself once in a while? After all, just one chomp into it…

Sugar Bun fish burger 2

…and I was up in Seventh Heaven! Please forgive me…for I have sinned! ROTFLMAO!!!

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20 thoughts on “Show me the way…”

  1. Will ask Callen to to try this weekend!! Looks delicious! No need to add lard?

    No need. People don’t use that anymore, just ordinary cooking oil! If nice, you can ask him to open a stall in Cheras. Very soon…millionaire!!! The kampua sellers all so rich, but can’t imagine their lives!!! Making one plate after another all day long, 7 days a week…

  2. OK, now do 50x push-ups… muahahahaha

    Looks like I’m going to burn in Hell then! I can’t even do….1! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Oh my, SugarBun. Missed the taste. Why Sibu ladies bring such big bags with them? Do Sibu guys bring big wallets?

    I’m leaving for St Anne tonight. =)

    Not me! My money so little, no need wallet! Hahahahahaha!!!…Have a safe journey to St Anne. Pray for me, ya!!! Not money, just good health and a long and happy life!!!

  4. Thought it’s ok to eat fish on Friday? I recall when I was in NZ staying in a hostel, they used to serve fish and chips on a Friday. Your kampua certainly looks delicious.

    Old habits die hard…!!! Yes, it is delicious despite the absence of fried onions, spring onions and those thin slices of meat! That was what I cooked for my Kiwi nephew in Auckland…and he finished one whole plate!!! Didn’t tell them I put msg! Not much mah…but they’re fanatical about those things, and yet they like to go yam-cha (dim sum) and Chinese restaurants! Msg by the gunny!!! LOL!!!

  5. oh nooo…i have already eaten meat today ‘x’

    thats a lovely kampua mee…my mom used to cook noodles like that too, but she told us it is KOLO MEE…kekeke

    oh ya speaking of kampua with soy sauce…i always order that..i will say kam pua chit pua… o o ay (black one)

    i nvr know its not ORIGINAL! keke

    anyway …have a nice weekend

    Namind! Do other penance…like no blogging whole day tomorrow! LOL!!!

    Kolo mee not easy to cook lah! Boil noodles in hot water, put in cold water, put in hot water again…and I think they put a bit of vinegar with dunno what else, plus the char siew and the minced meat, the veg, the prawns and the pig innards…Ooo!!! I love kolo mee! Slurpszzzz!!!!

    Nope! No soy sauce in my kampua! Only the original for me!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! You have a nice weekend too! Remember, no blogging, ya! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  6. i dunno y sugarbun don survive long here in west malaysia?? really miss sugarbun n the fish burger after u post it up…

    I think there’s one in KL…but maybe they’ve closed it down already. The original boss moving to other things so unless somebody else buys the fanchise and continues the bizniz, they’ll close it down. Sibu has three…;dunno Kuching.

  7. Wow.. Home Made Kampua.. I wanna try ler.. But I think Mee Goreng easier to cook ler *LOL*

    Argh.. Don’t remind me of SugarBun.. I miss the broasted chicken. I ate Kolo Mee hoon with char seo this morning. @.@

    *cross fingers and pray* Please forgive me for I’ve sinned.

    I like Indomie mee goreng but it is more expensive. 80 sen a packet? And one piece of noodles only!…OK, no blogging for one whole day for you too!!! LOL!!

  8. I always put a tablespoon of apple cider mix to the homemade kumpua – think it taste nicer that way. Stella put in Brovil lasttime she served homemade breakfast in MEL- taste nice too.

    That’s vinegar! Would be something like kolo mee then?…Yes, I use Bovril sometimes. I featured the Bovril mee sua in one of my earlier posts, so just substitute the mee sua with the noodles…but Bovril is getting VERY expensive – around RM20 a bottle (Large)!

  9. Mmm…I’ll need to eat your kampua someday, my friend. It’s gotta be good.

    I eat the fish burger quite often actually due to the proximity (you know what I mean, and if you don’t, ask me in person). 😉

    Anytime, Huai Bin. Trouble is you’re working everyday…and Sunday, I go to church! See when’s the next public holiday…and as for asking you about close proximities, I think I’d pass! Thanks, but no thanks! Ignorance is bliss! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. Oh.. The Sugar Bun Fish Burger especially the sauce in it..
    Is aways the best!
    I do make my own Kampua in Aus ^__^
    similar to the way u cook it~ =D~ Droollinggg liaw~~~~

    Yes, love the mayo and the chopped bits inside!…Ha!!! I enjoy making people drool!!! LOL!!!

  11. Oh yes! It has been years since I last ate the Sugarbun fish burger. Used to have it all the time when having gatherings with old classmates.

    By the way, I also make my own Kampua most of the time 😀

    I used to get that regularly too when in school – when somebody gave birth, won an award or the kid did well in some exam….. I see! When can we go and sample your kampua? LOL!!!

  12. i don’t like any of the fish burger at fast food joints. ehehe.. i should make a ‘how to cook kolo mee’ post then!! i had the dried kolo mee, bought from ehem, Everise. hahahahaha! i always bring some to KL and cook my own kolo mee!!!! i always have the fried onions.. i love the smell..

    Not the fried onions sold in packets at the supermarket, I hope. Those suck big time!!! Wah! U supporter of fat Kuching blogger hor! ROTFLMAO!!!…Yes, let’s see how u cook kolo mee!!! I wonder nice or not, you cook one! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Whoops.. I just blogged *LOL* Ok.. No blogging for tomorrow.. promised *ROFLMAO*

    The original kampua no soy sauce one ah? When I was in Bintangor and Sibu, when I said kampua, they mixed the soy sauce and chili sauce together for me.. So yummilicious ah..

    I miss their kampua now T___T

    Nope! In the past, it was white…or red, if you add chilli sauce. Only lately, they’ll ask u, “Puak tau eyew mor???” or they’ll ask u whether you want it black or white!…Had kampua special this morning! Will post another time! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. The Sugarbun fish fillet taste way better than KFC’s. KFC’s so small, only one mouthful. But the cheezy wedges is delicious ! Try that ! Hehe

    And the texture of KFC’s or McD’s fish doesn’t taste like fish.

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