Happy together…

The other day, I went to the Rejang Park bazaar to send a letter at the post office branch there…and I spotted a stall selling the Sibu Foochow tee-piang. I enquired about the price and the lady told me that I could get 5 for RM1…

Sibu Foochow tee-piang

I thought that was reasonable, considering that they would need soya beans, cooking oil (which is getting expensive) to fry the tee-piang in and all that. Then I went round the corner to the kompia shop (the one facing the market, next to the back portion of Quality Cake Shop). Good grief! How they’ve shrunk!!!

Sibu Foochow kom-pia

And the price! Now, for RM1.00, you can get 4 only, believe it or not! I remember I used to buy at this same place – 7 for a ringgit! Gee! It’s just salted dough baked in a traditional open oven! I never really fancy that anyway, so you can bet that would be the last time I would eat kompia

Loitering around the vicinity, I noticed that one coffee shop (I think they have at least 10 in that small “square”!!) seemed to be enjoying really good business… 

The cafe

The name would probably send Huai Bin craving for his Heineken! LOL!!! If I’m not mistaken, the ownership of that cafe has changed hands a few times and I’ve eaten there before. Not too bad but nothing to shout about! It is probably under another new owner and now, it is just one shop lot left (Used to be two!) but that day, it was pretty crowded so I decided to check out what nice stuff they might have at the stalls. I met an ex-student (Now a teacher in a secondary school here, in spite of me! LOL!!!) ta-pauing something from the tom yam stall and she said it was very nice. However, I was not in the mood for something strong and spicy, so I settled for this stall… 

The stall

Now! Now! That sweet young thing was a customer, so don’t start insinuating that I chose to patronise that stall because of her! He he he!!! They had kampua at RM2.00 only and a whole lot of other things and in the end, I decided to try the mee sup perut sapi or gu tor mee therng (noodles in cow’s stomach soup) at RM3.50 but I wanted the extras for an additional RM1.00…

Noodles in cow's stomach soup

It was actually a bit darker than that but I think the colours must have been affected by the steam. They used the big yellow noodles and the soup was slightly brownish…and inside, there was a “golden” egg (deep fried hard-boiled egg) as well as slices of gu tor (cow’s stomach) and pork liver, along with some too tor (pig’s intestines) and a couple of meat and fish balls plus a bit of green vegetables. Was it nice? Well, the following photo says it all…

Finished to the last drop

It was absolutely delicious, and perhaps because it was served in a claypot, the longer I took to finish it, the nicer it tasted! Given a choice between this and bak-kut teh where they’ll give you two pork bones to wrestle with, I would much rather go for this.

So, anybody would like to ask me out for breakfast? I can take you there anytime and we can be happy together… LOL!!!

Stella and Kpenyu were talking about this Kompia Ah Pek from long ago here in Sibu and rubberseeds have kindly emailed me a photograph of the man…
Sibu Kompia Ah Pek

This was the message attached in the email…

I am sending you an old photo taken in late 1970s of the old Kompia Ah Pek. He was seen here walking home after finishing selling his popular Kompia. He should be staying in Hoe Ping Road near the Garden Hotel. The wooden box on his head contained the Kompia. The timber frame on his right shoulder was the legs for the wooden box. The basket on his left shoulder contained some dishes, plastic bags etc. I hope you can put this photo in your blog for your readers.


Best regards,


Thanks a lot, rubberseeds…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Happy together…”

  1. i love kompia very much.. it is sold anywhere in kuching??? 😀 😀 yea.. it’s just a salted dough baked in oven.. kampua also just a plain noodle with lard oil, onions, salt and seasoning hahahahaha! (when was small… no char siew or whatever.. just plain but still so delicious!!!)

    U ask gundot! Sure she’ll know! That’s why sama shape as me! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

    I never liked kompia until I tasted this one at Rejang Park, not even the ones with braised pork belly in soy sauce at Tiong Hua Road! How many did Kpg Nangka Boy have in one sitting? 10? LOL!!!

    Then they had the deep fried ones with meat inside. I quite liked those…but a bit too oily and eventually, I stopped buying!

  2. tee piang!!!! *drooling*
    bad lah .. u make me hungry again.. sob sob..

    Aiyor! That nice meh? Hahahahahaha!!!!!…I’m just ok with it, not really that crazy!

  3. bongkersz, yes… can bring you to the place where they are being made. get contact from willchua.
    i guess they don’t call you tuapui for nothing. ham-pa-lang saik sai!

    He hasn’t got willchua’s contact…and I’m not giving it to him!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! U Hokkien speak Foochow kah? Me Foochow speak Hokkien!!! LOL!!!

  4. eh?never tried tee piang b4..wats inside?
    looks much more delish than kong pia la!
    adui kong pia is so dry and tasteless but yet everytime i go sibu sure buy a bag back…why ah???

    Tee-piang made from ground soya beans, savoury taste. With meat inside, bigger and costs RM1-RM1.50. One stall at Tiong Hua Road junction at night, across the road from McDonalds! VERY nice!!!

    Kompia…u follow gerrie’s recipe. Put ham and cheese inside and toast a little…like bagel, she said!!!

  5. lau nua liao!

    What did you do when you came back? Didn’t eat kah??? Must be kiam siap, that’s why so rich! LOL!!!

  6. Bongkerz…. the number is 8, not 10. Hahah…it was a group of four and we ended up eating 32 kompias and 8 glasses of samboi drink. The poor bugger on another table who wanted to treat us had the shock of his life when he wanted to pay the bill. I think it was around RM28, whereas his own bill was less than RM5. And he didnt even have enuff money on him, had to borrow from his friend. Hahaha… so anyone wants to treat me and my friends to a meal?

    Who would dare? That’s like feeding a herd of elephants!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. STP! U never mentioned kompia’s mum, ‘chu lu miang’ the sweet one which goes well with butter n peanut butter. I still like the Ah Pek’s kompia the best, he sold them on the roadside opp. sarawak house long long time ago. don’t think anyone carry on his business. and kampung nangka boy, i think if i see u in kopitiam, i will hide under the table!I guess u would never bump into that poor bugger again. LOL!

    Ya, the sweet ones…not so popular, it seems! I didn’t mind those…compared to kompia! But to me, nothing great lah! Now they have that with nasi lemak sambal inside. Not bad, quite nice!

  8. STP, your bad influence continues! You reminded me of my foochow bagel, albeit a mini one. Good for portion control eh?

    Once, had meeting in Sibu. I bought one big bag of kompia…and one Miri teacher said, “It’s so bland…but after eating one, I had another and another…and now I don’t remember how many I’ve eaten!” And she ordered RM10 to take back to Miri (7 for RM1 then!!!). Like kissing…once you start, you cannot stop! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. Stella stella.. ‘Ah Pek’ got kompia????? fyi folks kompia is the poor man food in origin..notice th depression (pusat) in the centre? well those poor folks used to hang dozens of kompia and carry them round their neck and would rely on them alone(with water) of course for food while ploughing the fields or on doty in the army..they dont go bad and the salty taste is to disguise the sweat..25 sens/? ok la …still more expensive and beat the prices of many shares in Bursa Saham. nk boy ..Do you think you can manage 5 ManTou(steam bread) from KK?

    Don’t talk about the man tou that I NEVER had!!! This law-eya buruk, talk only, never took me there to eat in the end! The restaurant closed shop already, right? Now I’d die a hungry ghost!!! Humph!!!!…Umm…you’re going to have that for ur 50th birthday celebration??? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. …have a long time friend named kompia..(think pollie knows him).. and now in NZ. Will tell him that Stella changed his mother’s name to Chu Lu Miang already….

    Dunno who that fella!

  11. K.Penyu, yes the Ah Pek who used to keep his kompia in a wooden box n set near the roadside, I do not know his name but just refer him as the kompia Ah Pek, I am not sure which Ah Pek u r referring to, mine is the one opp. Sarawak House.STP, u know this kompia Ah Pek or not?

    Nope! The only kompia I had…at Old Street, next to my father’s shop. Nice when hot, but when cold – you throw at concrete wall, the wall will crack. I think gerrie’s late father used to buy those home back in those days when he travelled a lot…and later, which SHS student doesn’t know the Tiong Hua Road kompia…

  12. WHAT?!!! Only 4 for RM1??? Since when? I thought it was 7 for RM1 lor! That means it has been a looooong time since i last had kompia.

    You’ve been eating expensive food mah!!! Got class liao!!!Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Seriously, we should nominate STP as the Sibu Food Ambassador. Hmm… I think I will make an effort to visit Sibu next year. Good food, nice scenery.

    Welcome! Just let me know…and I’ll be your tour and food guide! Umm…mostly food, I guess! Bongkersz will sokong that! With STP, it’s eat…eat…and eat!!! Can stay at my house…..and do the dusting and cleaning! Hahahahahaha!!!! Did u read my earlier post? LOL!!!

  14. hmmm.. must pay a visit to sitiawan and try kompia? ahhha.. hey.. why your post always food wan?!

    Because I post on other things, so few comments. The one on Roald Dahl, only 5!!! So very the kesian lah!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  15. brot a fren from dominica a few years back. When asked about what he loved the most during the stay in sarawak he said : Sibu bread! The nicest bead in the world .. he was refferring to kompia ..

    Gee! What do they have to eat over there? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  16. I’m lost …. so many food, so many names.. I cannot keep track of all the food you mentioned, STP… hahhaha

    Don’t bother to remember! Just come over and eat…eat…eat!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. everytime I check out your blog, the photos make me drool lah.. We in KL only have Cantonese food.. and so called international cuisines.

    Sibu certainly has progressed from kampua and kompia…and those days of bland and bulky but very cheap Foochow food!!! About time u make a trip over here!!!

  18. Yeah, I’m back! I’ve changed my way of blogging. Less words and more photos. Working life is ok but the moment when I get back home, I’m really exhausted and just feel like sleeping. Wei, your photos always make me hungry wan la! I haven’t makan lunch yet..lol

    I guess my comment got through. After submission, I got the Error 404 message! Anyway, in case it didn’t, happy birthday, Gary…and wishing you blue skies and everything nice.

    It seems everybody loves the food posts, so I have more of that now. Thank God I don’t have a good camera…or you’ll be drooling all over!!! LOL!!!

  19. STP,I had sent you an old photo of the
    Kompia Ah Pek every one is talking about.Hope
    you can publish here for your readers.

    I guess you sent it to my hotmail. Will check it out and post it. Thanks. I’m not clicking on anything via msn now…since I got a virus from somebody!!! Grrrrr!!!!!

    P.S.: OK. Posted liao! The photo’s small though. Sometimes I get photos from people via email or handphone but they are somewhat small and being the goondoo dinosaur that I am, I just use them like that!!! Sorry!

  20. Yep! That is the ‘kompia ah pek as i remembered’! Thks STP for posting it n to ‘chu-leng-chee’ thot yr name is Philip ,for the photo. Amazing that u took photo of this ah pek, is he related to u so something? wonder if anyone ever carry on his ‘kompia’ business, no not the new zealand ‘kompia’aka k.p.’s friend.N the ‘chu lu miang’ i mentioned is the edible one not the person ‘kompia’s’ mum.LOL!

    I vaguely remember this man…but then I was never a kompia fan!!!

  21. Kompia… I miss the fresh from oven kompia T__T

    Kampua in Sibu only RM2?? o_O

    I’m not so much into kompia…but the deep-fried ones are quite nice…except they’re rather oily! So far only at this stall…and at my favourite, Rasa Sayang (closed down liao)! The rest gone up to RM2.20-RM2.50 already!!!

  22. Just got kompia from Sibu n the mother too. Gosh the mother has shrunk so much!!!!

    Everything’s shrinking! I wonder what else! Kpenyu??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  23. O.o. The bee hoon soup looked delicious ! It’s been quite a while since i last tasted a good one. By the way, Happy Hours Restaurant, they serve very good turtle meat

    Eyew!!! Must be the restaurant at the back! I saw a sign in Chinese – the only word I knew was “umai”. They probably have that too! Any poomba??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

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