Who do you think you are…

What do you like to eat? What is your favourite food? And what does it tell about your personality? Well, if you like any of the following, are you what they think you are?

If you like ICE CREAM, not much ruffles your feathers. Smooth and mellow, that’s you. You are natural with children and your friends consider you the cream of the crop. But if you prefer HOT DOGS, jeans and a T-shirt are usually your clothes of choice.  You are patriotic and a hard-worker who can be counted on.  You are loyal, affectionate and good-hearted.

1901 hot dog/Image from sixthseal.com

If you have a weakness for DONUTS, you are artistic and creative. You enjoy hoobies and crafts such as cake decorating, needlework and woodworking. On the other hand, for SUB SANDWICHES lovers, variety is very important. They are adventurous and like surprises.

Pete's sandwiches/Image from sixthseal.com

And if you would die for some FRIED CHICKEN, family, tradition and old fashioned values are important to you. You like things slow, relaxed and stable while those who prefer PIZZAS are friendly, outgoing and sociable. They also enjoy intimate candlelight dinners. Sharing comes naturally to them and they usually look on the bright side of things.

Peppino's pizza/Image from sixthseal.com

I, for one, do not fancy FROZEN YOGURT but if you do, you enjoy new and exciting things. The future appeals to you. You are positive and friendly and health and fitness are important in your life. But if you would rather indulge in some BURGERS AND FRIES, you are always on the go and know how to have a good time. You believe in honesty, integrity and fair play.

McDonald's burger and fries/Image from sixthseal.com

Anyone for MEXICAN FOOD? If that is your cup of tea, you do not mind a mess. You like your home comfortable and lived-in instead of being so neat that it looks like a museum. Money and material possessions do not impress you. Personally, I would rather go for CHINESE FOOD, so if you are like me, you are surrounded by an aura of mystery and intrigue. You love to travel and visit new, exotic places. Thoughtfulness and patience are some of your many virtues.

Chinese food/Image from sixthseal.com

So how accurate is the analysis of your personality? I do not think I can narrow down to one specific item…but looking at ALL the things that I like, I find it somewhat pretty accurate. Do let me know how it went with you…

Photos from sixthseal.com