Hello goodbye…

Well, sort of…for we just met up for a while on Thursday night. Sarikei blogger, willchua, was in town and wanted to meet everybody so it was arranged that we would meet at Kokoberry which is slowly but surely becoming the bloggers’ HQ, it seems. Here, you can see the very generous towkayneo-who-would-not-want-to-be-called-towkayneo promoting her products to willchua…

willchua at Kokoberry

Kuching blogger, kongkay ,was also there…and it turned out that he was someone I had known since a long, long time ago! Oh dear! That was a dead giveaway, wasn’t it? Now you all know he’s no spring chicken…like me! LOL!!! But he’s much younger than me though, if that’s any consolation!!! By the way, all you food lovers should visit his blog as he has a lot of that, and recipes too!!! Poor kongkay! It seemed goolooloo was pre-occupied with the cappucino she was serving willchua at the time…

Kongkay at Kokoberry

Too bad, ladies! Both the guys are camera shy…so you’ll have to be satisfied with their backsides. Oops! What I mean is you can only see their backs in the photographs! LOL!!!!! And that leaves you all with not much choice other than to feast your eyes on this eye candy

Huai Bin at Kokoberry

Hahahahahahaha!!! Being quite a regular in my blog lately, he certainly needs no introduction and wow! Just look at him doing what he does best!!! ROTFLMAO!!! He was having “Traffic Light”, one of the drinks available at Kokoberry. It is actually their version of the angtau cendol and I was the one who ordered it first. This was what I got…

Traffic Light at Kokoberry

Notice the difference? What traffic light is that? No colour at all! And look at Huai Bin’s! His was so nice and colourful!!! Humph!!! Unfair!!! Discrimination!!! When you’re not young and handsome, you do not get the same treatment from the sweet young things at the counter, it seems! Hahahahaha!!! Anyway, what’s my verdict? Well, it was very nice and I think I liked it more than the cappucino that I had the last time goolooloo gave us a treat…just that it was not colourful! Humph! Humph! Humph! Good grief! Am I turning into a grumpy old man? LOL!!!

Well, we stayed around there until the mall was about to close, chatting with the two visiting bloggers and getting to know one another, and bengbeng of mylongkang.com was there for a while too but had to leave earlier owing to prior commitments. In the course of the conversation, goolooloo asked Huai Bin why his bedsheet was so cartoonish for a 27-year old. Well, how do you like mine, goolooloo?…..

Bedsheet for insomniacs

That would be the perfect bed linen for insomniacs, don’t you think?…..They can spend their time counting sheep!!! LOL!!! It was nice meeting the two…and I certainly hope it will not be one of those “hello goodbye” kind of thing. Till we meet again…..

Where have all the flowers gone (1)…

Well, some people have eaten them…and yours truly is guilty as charged. As far as I know, many people love durians while some cannot stand the smell. I don’t mind durian…but I absolutely love it served as a dessert, Thai style with pulut (glutinous rice) and santan (coconut milk). Drool! Drool! Other than that, I also like unripe durian cooked sayur rebus style. Anyway, this post is not going to be about the fruits…but about the flowers.

emblatame's photo@www.flickr.com

You can collect the flowers when they have dropped from the tree and then, taking the stamens, you have to remove the anthers, leaving only the filament.  You must not wash the flowers prior to that or else, the anthers will become sticky. For this same reason, it is better not to collect the flowers if it has been raining.

Now, there are several ways of cooking the flowers and one of which is with kunyit (tumeric) masak lemak (with santan/coconut milk) 

Durian flowers kunyit masak lemak

or you can fry them with sambal udang kering (dried prawns)…

Durian flowers with sambal

A friend of mine once bought from the market some of the pounded ingredients for cooking curry and she just fried that in oil before adding the durian flowers and salt and msg. She let me try a bit and it was also very tasty.

Well, no-meat Friday is here again, so if I can have a dish of durian flowers to go with the rice, plus a bit of this umai (Melanau-style raw fish), that would definitely be a feast to behold… 

Melanau-style umai

Anyone care to join me…? LOL!!!

Footnote: The umai is from 3-Q Takeaway, located in the middle block (ground floor, to the left) at the Sibu Medical Centre. The food there is very nice (available for takeways only) and I love the kacang-ma. The only drawback is that there is no fixed menu so one will never know what they will cook on which days.