Sugar sugar…

Sugar Bun is Sarawak’s own franchise and had a chain of fast food restaurants all over Sabah and Sarawak but some of the outlets have closed down now and I do not really know how many there are left these days and in which places. Sibu itself has three, I think – one near the Star Cineplex (formerly Cathay Cinema), one in the Pedada Commercial Centre near my house and the original and biggest one at the Sibu Gateway…

Sugar Bun Sibu Gateway branch

I love the fish burger there. For that, they have one thick deep-fried slice of fish fillet coated with bread crumbs and sandwiched in a bun plus all the other condiments. You can also have the fish fillet with savoury rice which is something like nasi minyak or bryani. The nasi lemak and some of the things that they have to offer are also very nice and worth having once in a while. However, this Penang guy that I know was raving on and on about the cheese burger at Sugar Bun…

Sugar Bun's cheese burger with egg 1

He insisted it was nicer than McD’s and since he came to Sarawak in January, he had been to Sugar Bun some three or four times. Goodness gracious me! He must love the place a lot! I don’t think I even step into the place once in a year!

Well, the cheese burger comes without the egg, so you will have to pay a bit extra if you would like to have one in it. As it is, if you go for the value meal – the cheese burger minus the egg plus a drink, will cost you around RM4.70.

Sugar Bun's cheese burger with egg 2

Personally, I think I prefer McD’s Double Cheese or Big Mac but I would always remove the gherkin inside. I don’t fancy the taste of the pickled slices, I’m afraid. As for this one at the Sugar Bun, I find the beef patty in it very thin and shrunken, so I could hardly taste it. All in all, it certainly did not turn me on. I must say that I did not find it that great, I’m afraid.

Well, I am not comparing the burger to those available at the other fast food joints as we do not have them here but all things considered, I still feel that the best burger I have ever had  (not including the humongous and more expensive one I had at Hard Rock KL) would be the one from the roadside stall in Bandar Sri Aman…

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98 thoughts on “Sugar sugar…”

  1. Never tasted Sugar Bun before, i reckon Merry Brown is more famous than SB,isnt it?

    Anyway never really like fast food, kopitiam foods taste nicer and for burgers i would go for road side malay burger,it is heaven and cheap Papa burger here costs only 2.80, and you can ask that fella to tambah a little here and there with no extra charge

    I think there’s Merry Brown at Kuching airport, dunno if there’s any anywhere else here – definitely not in Sibu. Didn’t see anything that I would fancy there though. Ya…it seems everyone prefers the roadside burgers!

  2. Haha! You’re connected again.

    Hmmmm…your Penang fried must be used to those roadside burgerstalls, that’s why he loves Sugar Bun’s burger so much.

    My preference is still Burger King’s whopper, grilled to perfection. Goes very well with their onion rings. Mmmmm…(dreaming)….woohoo! Hungry Jacks (as Burger King is know in Oz land) here I come!

    I like the Whooper too…but Mel loves the mushroom cheese… There’s BK at KLIA but the prices are “airport prices” – more expensive but that never stopped us from grabbing a bite everytime we were on transit!

  3. Sugar Bun is my first place to eat beef burger. It used to be my favorite place till McD started operation here.

    It’s still my favourite but not for burgers – Love the fish fillet sandwich!!! Yummy!

  4. eh…i meant your Penang friend, not fried…heheh

    Not thinking of Penang char kway teow, are you? Ya! One extra comment! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  5. Sugarbun’s burger is more localised to suit our taste. Don’t really like McD due to the gherkin and mustard. And the McD in Kuching has no quality control, sometimes the burger comes out extremely salty. But nothing…. and i mean nothing beats Burger King!!! Especially the Double Mushroom Swiss and Double Bacon(unfortunately its Turkey) Cheeseburger. Carl’s Junior comes a close second. Rumour has it that there are talks for BK to open in Swak Plaza. U know where I’ll be for lunch when that happens… if it happens. hehe

    I don’t dare imagine…what you will look like shaped like a burger! Whooper some more! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  6. Finally eh? Wait for you for so long liao. Didn’t get my daily dosage of this blog today, time seemed to pass REAL slow 😛

    Gosh! You’ve got a problem! Thank goodness I came back before you started strangling your colleagues – withdrawal symptoms! Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. Don’t worry, next time we go mam man in this kinda place (which I doubt we will, as there are better REAL food around) you can give me all the pickle slices because I love them! 😀

    I love the fish fillet/burger and savoury rice from Sugarbun. Other places’ savoury rice cannot compare. Period.

    Ya, those are the things that keep me going back to Sungar Bun. I hardly ever go to the others! You want the gherkins from my burger? Reminds me of that joke about the grandma eating all the chocolates and leaving the uneaten nuts in a bottle… LOL!!!

  8. I love the fish burger in Sugarban also. But I didn’t know that the cheese burger is nice in Sugarbun. Penang guy find it nice and we as Sibu people never know it. Haha. Maybe can give it a try next time.

    Take my word for it! Don’t bother! Stick to the fish! It’s way way better!!!

  9. Burger King’s Double Mushroom Swiss *thumbs up* 😀 I like! And their onion rings, yummy! Too bad they don’t have BK here. Sigh! Oh, Sarawak Plaza’s food court closed for a few days liao, don’t know for what reason also.

    KNB: If BK is going to open in Sarawak Plaza I think I know where I’ll have lunch too!

    Is that a subtle way to ask for a date? Hahahahahahaha!!!

  10. I saw in Kuching some stalls are using BK logo.Thought I was the only one who throw the gherkin away..don’t even like the sourish taste they leave in the burger.Knb and clare..I will try to bring stp the BK’s mushroom swiss soon…and believe it or not that’s the only burger my mun like to eat.

    Nei…ah! Nei…ah! I’ve eaten that before and nice, but not crazy over it!!! LOL!!

  11. Clare and knb: do you think BK will do well in Kch. Can arrange fran-chise from here.

    Economy no good? You’re trying to wrangle some legal fees from them or something? If it’s KNB, don’t dream! You won’t be able to get a cent out of him! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Kuching people very kedekut. will not pay more than RM5 for lunch so how can Burger King survive? They still prefer kolo mee – value for money. Btw, I also like Sugar Bun’s fish burger. I do buy – like once a year!

    Very wise, Kuching people! Not following the western ways blindly! LOL!!…Hah! Another vote for Sugar Bun’s fish burger! Anytime better than McD’s miserable rubbery piece of what they call “fish”!

  13. Someone should suggest that the boss diversify the Sugar Bun operations to JB too hahahaha!!!!!! Then I can also do food reviews like teacher 😀

    I’m sure in JB, there are many many food outlets with all the good food for you to review!

  14. Sugar Bun really longlife! Only thing I could afford then, thought was equivalent to fine dining, not even sure of definition but air-con n clean n nice settings = class for me n my friends during student days. Saved almost all my pocket money, ‘tapao’ food(LOL!) from home for school lunch so could splurge once a month on SugarBun chicken,never tried the burger.

    I thought you were going to tell me that that was where you used to go “phak thor” with Simon Le Bon…Oops! I forgot! U two used to do that at Sungai Antu! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. Not a big fan of Sugarbun either, if I want a burger, I’d opt for road side Malay burgers, they’re the BEST!! One big bite and all the mayonnaise and chili sauce squeezed out…. sluuuuuuuurp!

    Ya…the one I had in Sri Aman was nice and I hear that those Rambly burgers in Kuching are quite popular too. Never had any in Sibu. Perhaps you can tell me where the stall with the best burger is?

  16. how come im number 16???? Tell me why???

    I long time dun go sugarbun liw. I used to work there part time though. I like KFC burgers better. I dun like pickles either .. yucks!

    Hahahahaha!!! Try again tomorrow! You may get lucky! KFC Zinger? Ok lah…still think Sugar Bun’s fish burgers are nicer!

  17. oH MY GOd!! i love sugar bun… So miss it…

    You’ve had Sugar Bun? Where? On your night stops in KK? Kuching? Or Sibu? Well, you can hop over here to Sibu on your off days…and I can treat you to all you can eat! Hahahahahaha!!!

  18. This time die lo..see kiaw kiaw. I think that’s the 4th nei… ah nei… ah reply to my comments

    Count your blessings! At least the 2nd syllable is “ah” and not “yu”! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  19. Yes, the fish burger at Sugar Bun is still the best! Did you know Sugar Bun first started as Captain Morgan at Hopoh Complex?
    And when you order one fish burger, the one taking your order would shout out to the kitchen ” 1 fortune please!”
    And guess what, the lady who took my fish burger order at Chicago 7 cafe recently(located at the entrance of Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho) shouted the same line! ” 1 fortune please!”
    I wonder whether that’s another franchise.

    No idea whether there’s any connection. I thought Sugar Bun started from some ice cream palour in Kenyalang?

  20. …but then again I can be the Irish Godfather who always make an offer he cannot remember. hahahahaha

    Ooi! Don’t insult Ah Bai!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Isn’t it St Pat’s Day today…or was it yesterday?

  21. eee.. tak adil. u must’ve sms eugene and say : come quick quick komen on my new post before cibol does!!

    by the way, KFC used to have this little burger name deli burger which you can buy at rm2 last time. It’s tasty. now no more. they changed it with colonel burger ..

    Wah! Sore loser! Don’t really like colonel burger! Would rather have the chicken – hot and spicy…and then I would cut the bun and put in the chicken, the mashed potatoes, the coleslaw, the chilli sauce… Yum! Yum!

  22. WTF??? where got the cheese burger can fight against Mac D’s double cheese burger… but the fish burger there is the best so far….

    Here’s one Americanised kiddo! Hahahahahaha!!!! At least, you agree with me about the fish burger! LOL!!!

  23. I think stp is right. Sugar bun started out at Kenyalang Ice Cream parlour. I was one of the regulars together with my sister. Imagine our surprise when the fella started sugar bun. Like rags to riches story.

    The icecream was very popular, something like Sunny Hill’s, if I remember correctly…

  24. I agree with whatthefiq – McD’s double cheese burger is still da bomb. As for humonguous burgers, Carl’s Junior is the place to go. Remember Wendy’s? Had the most amazingly thick chocolate milkshake, creamy and delicious. They’ve reopened and we went to try and we were disappointed coz the standard has dropped tremendously. THe burgers have shrunk, they’re dry and tasteless. The milkshake was a huge, huge disappointment as well. Used to be a fan of Burger King’s too but standard has dropped too. Sad….

    Not really into these modern-day fast foods…but I saw Wendy’s advertisement on tv and it really can make a person drool and wanna go there! Can never trust adverts, I guess!

  25. i patronized da outlet in miri before…
    so muchy better than da one in bint-ulu…
    bint-ulu’s so run down that u don’t feel like going in 😦

    You should see the one in Kapit but it seemed to enjoy very good business though. Well, when I went to Pizza Hut in SP, the mushroom soup was horrible and the bread stix had neither the taste nor the look…the pizza was ok. That’s an international franchise; I would think they’d have better quality control.

  26. Re. your reply to the above. Pizza Hut in Jitra also like that. Soup so diluted, no taste. Bread stix limp limp and didn’t look like what it’s supposed to be. The pizza shape also distorted (but only for that one time I went). But their business was really good, I was wondering why.

    The one at SP too! So crowded. Guess they’ve never tasted better…so no complaints!!!

  27. Yeah, I think he started with ice cream. (Can’t remember as I never went to Kenyalang when younger. No reason mah.) And yes, a real rags to riches story. 😉 He sold the business a long time ago. I’ll tell you more the next time we meet. He was my neighbour. Ha ha.

    Yes, it seems that he discontinued the franchise – I’ve a cousin working for him, so whoever had the franchise was asked to continue on their own or close shop. The ones in Sibu carried on. But I heard he’s coming back…training people at the moment. My cousin’s roped in to do the training.

  28. Are you purposely forcing the number of comments to increase?????


    please please please…no need result by sms ok.Thanks but no thanks.I won’t read read your sms after noon today…and knowing you I will not visit here after noon too.hahahahaha

    I can’t seem to publish my new post…but since I can reply to comments, I can put a footnote somewhere to tell people the latest American Idol results! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  29. kpenyu: This one is a comment whore. He spammed me with number of comments result through SMS also. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!

    So late liao no update, purposely one kah?

    Can’t publish new post lah! Yesterday, not until 4 p.m. In the meantime, I used my time fruitfully – making sambal hay bee for my daughter to take back to SP! Drool!!! LOL!!!

  30. Stp, high 5 i love mcd double cheese burger too! Well sugarbun is an old brand, grow up together with me. they have actually added some special menu such as the claypot set meals. Which is simply different from other fast food retails. Once a while, i will miss sugarbun…

    Yes…they’ve a wide variety of things now – some are quite nice e.g. the nasi lemak, the savoury rice with fish…but the prices may be a bit high plus 5% tax! Grrrr…!!!

  31. Huh!What Sungei Antu?!Never went there for sword fighting!Maybe u did lah! We went to Island club n old airport!Hahahaha!!!

    LOL!!! I thought once you mentioned Sg Antu so I just jumped to the conclusion u went there dating mah! Nobody would go there…except maybe for car servicing and repairs! LOL!!!

    If you’re interested, the name of the one leaving American Idol this week…….starts with A! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  32. $%#@!%^&*(!!!)How did u get the results so early! It is only 2.17pm here n I thot I checked yr blog now n won’t touch it again, for I know u r going to announce the results again! I don’t even dare to read news on internet,to get the suspense! A.Idol only starts 7.30pm here,but once again i got ‘pooped’ by STP!@#$%^&*() 😦

    It’s a small world… Hahahahaha!!! I didn’t say exactly who mah! Sporting sikit! LOL!!!

  33. not sure abt the sugarbun in sibu…but the fish burger here used to be that good! and now its mediocre only lah…

    so give me mcD fillet o fish anytime! =)

    Maybe the person who took over the franchise not so concerned about quality control. Also depends on those people employed to prepare the food…if you get what I mean!

  34. Sugar Bun Fish Burger… my Rainforest World Music Festival meal.. hahahaha.. ask Liz about it.. that’s what I have for my lunch and dinner during last years festival as its the easiest and yummiest to eat on the run….

    But for other types of burger.. BK still comes up tops.. especially the Double Swiss Mushroom….however.. for it to open in Kuching….. a bit susah.. as Sophia mentioned.. people here very the kiamsiap… and also.. Quality Control Mesti ada..

    So who’s kiamsiap now…??? Hahahahaha!!! They had Sugar Bun at RWMF? Promote Sarawak! LOL!!!

  35. Hey!Only get ‘half pooped’! There is 2 idols with A names, so I still do not really know the results,so hope it is not one of my favourite A! Hahahaha! BUT m not clicking in again till after the show tonite so BYE!!!!LOL!

    4 of them, two guys and two girls! I did not like that Adam’s gothic version of Ring of Fire! Like satanic!

  36. Psst.. put up a song on my FB wall…. hope you still remembered.. when you played it in class.. HAHAHAHAHA

    FB also problematic today! Can’t wait for next week…when everybody goes back to school! Hiaz!!!

  37. i love SB fish burger! and the beef burger 2. i belanja u there…tell me when u r free..we go there 4 d burgers. I like d Double-Double at McD. MerryBrown has an outlet in Bintulu but the burgers not nice. BK burgers…not bad..KNB must belanja when it opens in Kch.

    You want to belanja me kah? No wonder heavy rain now!!! And so pandai ask people belanja in the same comment! Chesh!!!

  38. Alexis Grace? La la la…

    There’s also the 16-year old girl – Alicia, I think…and of course, the Indian guy – Anoop Desai! And that rocker – Adam! Not telling which one exactly! Hahahahaha!!!

  39. sugar bun outlet here locked up their two toilets..hv boycott the place… we had lunch -my friend 6yr old son want to go toilet-by the time the staff confirmed we are their customers n unlocked the door – it was too late..he pee on the floor..haha extra job for the staff

    Aiyor! No wonder people complain about the place! Toilets also have to lock!

  40. STP busy wash bedsheets ready for kpenyu! Our bus trip back was very comfortable (under the blanket)
    Sg. Antu is where Stella went for a swim somewhere!
    Sugarbun sauce kano is nice. My big girl loves the chicken. Its on the “must have” list when she comes back.

    Now, now…who said anything about washing bedsheets? Hahahahaha!!!

  41. I love Sugarbun, love the nuggets, the rice, the chicken burger. Should be doing well, range of menus available, especially the local dishes. I can’t understand why it cannot penetrate West Malaysia market??

    Beef burger, definitely McD. And, of course, there’s one burger stall in Sarikei near the old library, behind JPJ and in front Tabung Haji, that stall serves kick ass burgers!!

    Haiz! Not going to Sarikei, how to try the burger? Especially not at night! I wonder where the good ones in Sibu are…

  42. I hate pickled slice too haha! I eat my Double Cheese Burger without pickles! 😛

    I wonder why they put those then. Seems that most people don’t like!

  43. Oophs “must have”. Had ‘pai tee ‘ for lunch and so did a number of others! Takut people “punik”. Stella, you “dakik” only! I did not add long beans. I prefer with long beans. The cups were ok. Crispy but the oil taste slightly too strong for me.

    Wow! U’ve got sensitive taste! We did not taste any oil…except that they were a bit on the thick side…not wafer thin!

  44. The bottom three were Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver and Allison Iraheta. Alexis had the least number of vote among the three.

    Simon said to Alexis,”It was good, but it wasn’t good enough.” And she can balik kampung liao 😛

    I see you’ve been busy googling… Hahahahahaha!!! Ah, the 16-year-old’s name is Allison, not Alicia! Wonder which Michael this is…the really good one singing a Garth Brooks’ song? The one with the boyband-singer looks!

  45. Yeah… they had sugar bun at the RWMF since the beginning…. they seem to be a hit… hahahahaha..

    Wow.. 47 comments today.. not bad not bad

    They do not have a choice…since I still cannot publish a new post! I’m beginning to enjoy this! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  46. Burgers, same preference as c4stp. HUNGRY JACKS’s Bacon Cheese Deluxe Whopper. Had Carl’s Jr in Singapore…and it was quite good as well…prime mince, and you can taste the beef. BK should give Kuching a go…

    Good grief! LONG comment! Got problem updating e.g. Stella’s! LOL!!…Have to cut to bring down to size! I’ll stick to my kampua, kolo mee, Sarawak laksa…and Peterson’s anytime! 🙂

  47. See, there is always a silver lining in every dark clouds. Lets see how many comments you’ll get at the end of the day

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Not much choice, is there?

  48. I told u m not clicking in till idol show is over,sad Alexis out,thot they could have saved her but Adam still there,so that is ok! Wow!Kerrie & Randy’s duet real good,will lookout for their album, if u like country,check out Justin & Reba’s duet a while back! N to Gundot,nah!dakek!dakek!dakek!to what ever STP has been feeding u n Lindy! 🙂

    Now, if I can’t update this comment, I’ll have to cut it short. What they ate – you’ll have to wait till I can post again and you’ll get to see all of it!

  49. Your post has been extended to …Oh Honey Honey…and by the time it reaches..You Are My Candy Girl…Radio Gaga record follow Alexis.
    Let’s play predict the top three. I say Matt..Allison..Anoop and in that order.

    Hahahahaha!!! What about “Sweet for my sweet”? Nope…not going to predict! Not after last year’s David Archuleta…or the previous year’s Melinda Doolittle!!! Grrrrrr!!!!

  50. More than 12hrs lo and by tomorrow..all can play quiz already..How many hate gherkins?…

    Gerrie/gundot: what’s name of the burger stalls in Kuching using Buger King lookalike logo.

    Hahahaha!!! What to do? Been trying all day…still can’t post! Can’t even log in to Facebook…otherwise I can post food photos there and torture some people! LOL!!

  51. Just got sms from a friend saying that Alexis sang her way out cos doing..OOlin Oolin Oolin.( In hakka here expression for disaster..disaster..disaster. hahahaha.)

    Don’t really like her. I like Lil’ Rounds.

  52. Yeah i still prefer Sugarbun’s burger than anywhere else. last time i used to work at the one at Pedada which made me stop eating sugarbun for months. my dad told everyone that it’s a good thing can save money on fast food..hehehe… but after a few months, i still go back and eat and there is a new sugarbun in KK here..just open a few months ago..havent try it. will try it this sunday 😀

    I heard the towkay is going back into the business and they’re doing some staff training on one of the floors above Pedada Sugar Bun in Sibu. U worked there before? Ever saw me around? Hehehehehe!!!!

  53. kpenyu, Times Burger. Not bad but very very slow!

    Gosh! Got MPH or Borders Burger or not? Hahahahaha!!!

  54. wah teacher i think u should get a cbox. 56 comments ? this place has become like a chatting

    58 now! Never mind, I love comments! The more the merrier! LOL!!!

  55. hey STP, long time no post comment here. 🙂

    sugar bun sounds very very familar.. might have tried it here in kl b4, but dun see it anywhere now.

    does srk have subway? their sandwich is sooooo good

    Ya, how have u been? Hope u’re doing ok! In the 80s, I think I saw an outlet somewhere Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman area behind Globe Silk Store… No Subway here, but I do love sandwiches!!! Yum! Yum!

  56. kpenyu: The burger king look-alike logo stall is called Burger Times! LOL! Same font, same design. Only change the King to Times. Man, these people…

    PS: I don’t like Adam Lambert’s appearance. He can sing well but he’s too gothic for my liking. Next time I better close my eyes when he sings. Love Lil Rounds! 😀

    Some people not creative at all mah…like Sibu got Lot 9 and Lot 10!…..Haiyor 2day even worse, can login blog but cant post, cant reply 2 comments. Cant login facebook, cant check emails, cant comment in blogspots…wanna die liao!

  57. Poor STP- know how he feel its like half dead. haha. maybe should do some upgrading.
    Yes Clare – I go for Lil Round too-too bad we cannot vote.

    Slightly better now…can reply to comments! Keep praying! Hahahahaha!!!

  58. i love burger in sugar bun..
    really simple but yummy

    Good! Support local!…And welcome! I think I saw you somewhere – goolooloo’s blog or somebody’s. Will link you in my blogroll…if I can! LOL!!!

  59. Aiyoyoyo…. what’s wrong with the system in your area? Internet Provider or your computer…. I’m sure you’re suffering from withdrawal syndrome already……… but on the bright side.. 62 comments and counting

    Ya…maybe I should just have one post per week…and sit back and count the comments!!! Gee! This is like a windfall! Hahahahaha!!!

  60. Kesian lah!STP!Wat’s happening! Adam looks gothic,he seems quite constipated in his song,Rings of fire,but think he stands out. To K.Penyu,I thot she was singing…’juling,juling….LOL! Keep on clicking to same post,my mata really going juling now! So STP,what is going to happen to yr blog,we getting ‘dejavu’everyday from now on kah?

    Too bad u’ll have to be happy with the ’sugar sugar’ overdose…just don’t end up with diabetes! LOL!

  61. So sien. Never mind. Even though nobody asked, here’s my take on American Idol.

    Adam Lambert – too gothic and looks like a problematic teenager. Like Stella said, he seems constipated in Rings of Fire. Like the voice, don’t like the appearance. But he started off not really good for Rings of Fire. I heard he’s gay!

    Allison Iraheta – she doesn’t sound 16! She’s got good voice I must say. For the female, she’s second best after Lil.

    Anoop “Dog” Desai – so-so only, nothing to shout about. Same song but he sang it better this time ’round. He looks like a street kid.

    Lil Rounds – Love her. She’s really good! Reminds me of Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston (a combination of both).

    Scott MacIntyre (the blind guy) has no variation one. His performance was like last week’s. No improvement whatsoever but I do admire his piano skills. Other than that, nothing else.

    Megan Joy is pretty and sang nicely but I don’t like her hand-on-hip opening and the way she shakes when she sings.

    The rest are not worth mentioning because they are easily forgotten. I can’t even remember the name of the guy who dresses as if he’s on a North Pole expedition (Danny kah? Or Matt?)(like how Simon put it) 😛 Oh, and the girl who sang ‘juling, juling’ (LOL at Stella’s comment for this part) errr…it’s a good thing she’s out. LOL! And Kris is just like some guys from the boy band.

    It’s Friday!!! Yay!!!

  62. Clare,if there is no change to this blog, I think u may have to take over,as Suituapui pt II,replacement,or whatever title u thot suiting,till STP can post again!LOL!

    Ya…better look for alternative just in case gone case for good! LOL!!!

  63. Stella: LOL! How can lah. Cannot replace STP, not as good as he is. Hahahahaha!

    Oh, and since STP cannot reply comments long long, I think maybe it’s a good time to spam his comment box with long comments then. HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!

    Good thing this blog does not generate income, if not, I am sure STP will be tearing his hair out. By the way, when are you flying over to Kuching? Need to cancel date/lunch/dinner/supper if you are in town you know. Sometimes can be fully booked liao. Hehehehehehe!!!

    Oh, I’m so mean! 😛

  64. If I did not see you so stress out with my own eyes (sampai tidak mahu tidur) would have thought you are trying to push up the comments. WTF no problem to post. So not wordpress problem

    Maybe Sibu area…Celcom sharing network with handphones some more, makes it worse! Once also like this, ok after a few days… Keep fingers crossed! LOL!!

  65. I said “Let’s predict…” meaning all of us la.If not for William Hung and Sanjaya I may not be a fan of the show today.Matts’ my pick…but Megan will go a long way if the guys continue to vote with their p$%^ stella & clare your predictions please. STP idol this season was Tatiana but out alresdy

    STP: no more nei..ah nei..ah. ITS…. KENG KWANG liau.and MO NEE NGAI MO NEE NGAI..hahahahaha

    Hey…I thought u kelinga fan – Anoop?

  66. Ever cross your mind that this blog may be suffering from Food Poisoning??

    Must be the Sugar Bun burger then! I think it’s the egg! LOL!!!

  67. Bye Bye Radio Gaga..Sugar Sugar is Singh..oopps I mean King.

    This is the 72nd comment. Radio Gaga 73…

  68. Oi! This is getting boring la…same old stale post already..

    Clare – the guy who looked like he was going on North Pole expedition is Danny Gokey. Initially thought he was quite cute, but he seems to be getting chunkier and chunkier each week. The contestants must be very well fed indeed. Haha

    What to do? Can’t post anything new yet… Danny sings well but hasn’t got the looks…and yes, he looked like somebody from the Polar Express! Such bad dress sense!

  69. Did’t know there was an Adam burger…or contestant in A Idol called Fillet-O-Fish…hahahahaha..all like rojak liaw

    Haiya! While waiting for things to go back to normal, feel free to drop by and chat lah! At least I’ll end up with a record breaking number of comments!!! Tried starting a new blog on blogspot…also cannot!

  70. Later becoming American Burger and McD Idol…hahahahhahaha!!!

    And all contestants must resemble their products to qualify… LOL!!!

  71. Poor you. Having problem with the line ha? No wonder I see sugar sugar every day. It is not sweet anymore. It has turns sour la. hahaha

    That’s good…turned into vinegar! At least, nobody will end up becoming diabetic! LOL!!

  72. Are you aiming for 100 comments?
    Ok lah, I help you. Let’s see….I had Burger King whopper junior!!
    Didn’t get to watch AI this week, cos Starworld unsubscribed here liaw…recession bah. LOL!

    Aiyor…I’m not subscribing to movies or sports, but Starworld’s a must. After all, I only watch AI and nothing else… Monopolised by old lady! LOL!!!

  73. I like Megan coz she can sing and she’s so beautiful – the right package! I love the tatoos on her arms. She’s one of my favourites. Love Kris Allen too! Very good looking. Reminds me a bit of Rob Lowe.

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, he does look like Rob Lowe. He’s very good this week…but have to wait and see whether he can sustain that standard. Oooo…you love tattoos??? LOL!!!

  74. No.81! I like Adam,Lil,Megan.Mat a bit boring,like Buble. Adam is unique,hope he may do Queen’s song like Bohemian Rhapsody. Lil,strong vocal,n Megan pretty hot looking. Anoop,not a fan, his eyebrows really needs tweezing,prefer snoop-dog instead. Drop it when its hot!Drop when its hot!….

    I liked Adam until he sang Ring of Fire! Anoop’s ok lah…looks like a nice guy, not much star personality. Lil’ Rounds has class…

  75. Hi there,
    Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

    Thank you

    Normally…one post per day, but right now having problems with the connection, so I haven’t posted anything for a few days now.

  76. Still down? bdq cursing the traffic jam. Can’t wait to get her hands on the kompia in the boot. Told her to stop the car at the highway

    Bdq went for fellowship, not free till after 10, so they will have a very late dinner…Didn’t here from them, so dunno what they had.

  77. No new post yet so I ventured into aljazeera/english to watch 101east. Check out that programme folks. A MUST SEE*****stars.

    I’d rather go to sleep…

  78. I don’t like Sugar bun now. After they changed their menu/building, everything getting worse 😦 Spicy Chicken McDeluze from McD still the best for me 😛

    The fish burger at Pedada is still like the ones before. Dunno about the other outlets. Too ambitious, I should say – offering so many different items and with so few staff members, sure the quality will be affected…

  79. I don’t mind a small tatoo on my arm maybe. Nothing like Megan- must be horribly painful.Maybe you need to get an expert to check why you can’t seem to upload.

    Never mind! If things don’t get better, I’ll just stop blogging…. Getting quite fed up already.

  80. What happen 2 u STP???
    Are you working on a BIG post that takes a few days??
    You want to put a special post for my birthday ka???

    Your birthday? Today? 21st March? Here’s a BIG post then – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU… Hahahahaha!!!

  81. Wah 87 comments already! Wah I wish my blog got that many comments 😆

    Some blogs over 100 comments per post. Perhaps I should just put up a post for several days…and let the comments accumulate like this! LOL!!!

  82. if you don’t like the radish, ask them not to put it in; and they’ll have a fresh new one made for you rather than get those sitting in the bin for the last 15 minutes. that’s @ McD.

    Frankly, not really into those…but may have a go once in a while for a change. With that amount of money, I’d sooner go for some of our own local delicacies…

  83. I don’t really like Sugar Bun. There’s one outlet in SS2, PJ that closed down after a short time. I think either their food is lousy or the shop is located at the T junction, a big no no in terms of feng shui. Btw, what happened to your newest post? It’s blank?

    Never had any at the outlets over there. Before…wasn’t much to shout about but when we didn’t have McD or KFC, it was a case of beggars can’t be choosers. Now they’ve got a lot more to offer…and I like the fish burger best! My brother’s family from NZ loved it though! Dunno why… Haiz! Still can’t post…just the title!

  84. So Sophia….If u r having a tattoo,what would it be? Perhaps STP,something small but means Big,like an oxymoron effect perhaps.(not meaning u lah,u look shapey) ..good walking advert, interesting way to start a conversation n u may get a long service medal from STP,.but if his blog continues this way,he may get a long service medal from all of us….LOL!

    As Simon Cowell said, “I don’t understand a word you’re saying!” Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  85. Oh yeah, i prefer Double Cheese Burger. Always order the McValue set. Foochows always say, cheap till ‘lao sei’ ( diarrhea ). I think Sugarbun is known for its fried chicken, KFC for its cheezy wedges and fries and McD for its burger. Mix them together and you’ll have a really happy, happy meal…

    McValue isn’t that cheap lah…though cheaper than the normal prices. Sugar Bun’s fried chicken? Eyew…!!! I’d rather have KFC, McD for burgers and Sugar Bun for the fish! You’ve got peculiar taste!!! LOL!!!

  86. I think BK will do well in Kuching. Just look at KFC and McD. Its always super full… and they are even operating 24 hour outlets in the town centre. U’d be surprised to see people queuing up for KFC at midnight for supper. And McD’s queues were up till their doors last weekend. 1901 is charging like RM10 for one hotdog, without fries or drinks and still they are doing ok. So Kpenyu, please bring in BK. hehehe

    This American culture mah! For one thing, expenisve…and tastewise, nothing to shout about. Better go for kolo mee or even satay…

  87. Hello,
    Can i take a one small photo from your site?

    Thank you

    Go ahead…though I wonder why anyone would want my poor quality photo…and I will not be resposible for whatever other people use them for. You’re welcome…

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