Father and son…

This is Udin Rojak, son of Kassim Rojak

Hussein Rojak, Sibu

LOL!!! Actually, this is what we call “kay-leng-nga rojak” or Indian rojak in Sibu, which seems to me like gado-gado…but I’ve tasted something similar at the Indian shops along Penang Road in Penang. Indian rojak in Kuching seems somewhat different with its thick, sweet and reddish gravy. This one has the cucur (vegetable fritters), cucumber, bean sprouts…and there used to be boiled potatoes and hardboiled egg too.

This rojak in Sibu was initiated by a man named Kassim, father of REM (once a singer in the Malay music scene)…and it became so very popular that once I even saw a stall in Sarikei selling “Kassim Rojak“…but needless to say, it paled in comparison. Over the years, he had opened branches here, there and everywhere in Sibu and finally, I heard he opened one in Kuching at City Cafe (below City Hotel) along Abell Road…but I heard that he has moved, so maybe gundot or somebody knows the present location of his stall now???

I will not dwell upon the stories surrounding the relationship between the father and son but what I know is that the rift between the two has resulted in the son renaming his as Udin Rojak. The stall is at Kok Cheng coffee shop (Dunno what’s the name now!), opposite Star Cineplex here in Sibu. Now that little bit in the photograph cost RM4.00, believe it or not and there weren’t any potatoes nor eggs. Of course, the blame is on the rising prices of things but for that amount of money, I would sooner go to 3Q Fastfood Takeaway and have the Thai-style Mihun Special with sambal petai for only RM3.00.

Today, they had the same dish but with a choice between mihun and tung hoon

3Q's Thai-style tung hoon special

Nice and far more satisfying, unless of course, if you belong to the elite group of a privileged few, you can indulge in sinfully-rich stuff like this…

gerrie's scones

Ooo…!!! Gerrie mentioned these in her comments in the previous post, and I think she said that it cost RM1.80 each and it certainly appears bigger in the photograph than what it actually is, so don’t believe everything you see!!! LOL!!! Home-made, not available in Sibu and RM1.80!!!…..I guess the rest of you can join me in singing this song. I’m sure you all know the tune to the Everly Brothers’ “All I have to do is dream” (Stella’s idol, Andy Gibb sang it with Victoria Principal, I think!!!) Okay, everybody ready, sing! “Drool! Drool! Drool!…All I have to do is droo…oo…oo…ool!!!” ROTFLMAO!!!