Take your time…

The ladies’ fingers…

…are getting on pretty well, steadily bearing enough fruit for us to pluck and cook and enjoy time and time again.

It was the brinjal that I was worried about the other day as nothing seemed to come out of the plants even though they were growing very well. I sought the advice of my blogger-friend, Nancy and she said that it should be bearing fruit soon…

…since it had started flowering…

…and true enough, it obviously was taking its sweet time.

Since then, it has been flowering and bearing more fruits…

…but at this point in time, they are not big enough to be harvested just yet. We will have to be a bit more patient before we can get to do that. Actually, Nancy did say that it was good that our brinjal plants had started flowering and bearing fruits already even though they were still so small so I guess we should count our blessings.

Incidentally, I have heard people calling brinjals eggplants, something I had never heard before in my growing up years during the colonial days so I went and googled to find out. Well, this website says that they are one and the same thing and brinjal is a less common term heard in countries such as India, and eggplant is used in the US and is a more common term. No wonder! We were taught British English in school, not American.

Well, the tomatoes are flowering…

…so hopefully, they too can yield a harvest soon and in the meantime, the kangkong (water spinach/water morning glory)…

…is growing well but it does not look like quite a lot. Perhaps that will be enough for a plate only but never mind! Something is better than nothing.

It definitely is a lot easier to just go and buy these vegetables and they’re inexpensive but planting our own helps keep us active and occupied during these #staysafe #staywell #stayhome times plus our own-grown vegetables are pesticide-free and we do not use any chemical fertilisers, definitely a lot safer and healthier.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Take your time…”

  1. Your plants looks so healthy. Green fingers you have. Ladies’ fingers and brinjal are the 2 types of vegetables I used to buy. Ladies’ fingers steamed and eat with cincaluk, simply out of this world.

    1. The ladies are the ones planting. I do not do much gardening these days, mostly watering and weeding only. We had the kangkong yesterday, enough for one dish – two meals. Very nice, soft and tender, even the stems unlike the ones we buy outside.

  2. Look like you are starting to see some harvest soon, my friend. Nice. I guess patience and caring are the virtue when it comes to growing vegetables and fruits.

    1. We have been eating the ladies’ fingers, growing well…and we had the kangkong yesterday and yes, we replanted the cuttings/stems. Hopefully, we will have some more to enjoy soon. Still waiting for the brinjals…

  3. My Pink Okra was eaten by pests. Too bad. Looks like you’ll have eggplant harvests soon.

    I wanted to plant kangkong this year too but my seeds came in the mail late. I might do it next year. We’ll see!

    1. We just stuck the stalks/cuttings from the kangkong my missus bought from the shop. We’ve harvested it already and now we have replanted the stalks/cuttings. Hopefully, they will grow just as well and we can have another harvest soon.

      Yes, looking forward to enjoying the eggplants. We only have green ladies’ fingers here. They grow very well and yield quite a lot non-stop.

  4. Your plants are doing well and the brinjals are looking good. I planted kangkong once but left them till they started to grow like vines, flowered and produced seeds. With the seeds, you can grow kangkong!

    1. I dunno why my missus did not grow the kangkong on the ground to let it crawl. They would spread fast like my sweet potato leaves last time, I’m sure.

    1. Yes, I thought eggplants would be the short round ones but it seems that those are just a different variety. My friend plants green ones even – never seen those here.

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