I want to know…

I did mention in my previous blogposts that I have not been all that active in my gardening these days. I just do a bit of trimming and weeding and I get somebody to come around once a month to cut the grass. I also mentioned before that the ladies, on the other hand, have started to spend some time in the garden planting vegetables. So far, I could see some ladies’ fingers, brinjal, tomato and kangkong.

The two brinjal plants seem to be thriving pretty well…

…but it has been some two to three months now and we have yet to see anything coming out of them. That was why when I saw Nancy’s beautiful eggplant and green brinjals, I was so envious – some people are so blessed with green fingers!

That prompted me to comment, “My daughter’s brinjal is growing very well, plants look good but they do not bear any fruit, dunno why. So sad to see!!!

She was kind enough to give me a prompt reply, “Brinjal takes a longer time to fruit. Just need to be patient. The flowers come and go before they finally turn into brinjals,” to which she added, “Fertilizing the plants will help too.” I guess we do not have a choice but to be patient and wait, hoping and praying for the best.

Needless to say, I was delighted the other day when I saw this…

…and what I want to know is whether that is a flower or a fruit and is that an indication that we shall have something to harvest soon?

We do not have any problem with the ladies’ fingers. The plants have grown so very tall now and they are flowering and bearing fruit…

…regularly but the ladies did not plant that many so each harvest…

…we probably have enough for one plate for a meal only.

Talking about fertilizing, my rambutan tree sure is in need of some tender loving care. It has been doing very well

…since I got the guys to come and they sure did a great job with it…

Unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting it for a long time now and it does not seem to be flourishing anymore. The leaves look kind of sparse and there are some withered branches here and there. It certainly is a pathetic sight and I wasn’t expecting anything from it this year.

Much to my surprise, it has started flowering!…

A bit slow considering that they are selling mountains of the fruit everywhere all over the town right now even though it is somewhat out of season – we usually have rambutans and all kinds of fruits including durians and dabai at the end of the year.

I do not expect a lot of fruits and I won’t be surprised if they are small and not all that juicy…but I promise to fertilize it and give it some new organic soil and water it regularly once the fruit season is over (they say I can’t do that when the tree is flowering and bearing fruits).

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15 thoughts on “I want to know…”

  1. My hubby has green fingers in planting but not me. Everything I plant will surely die in my hands. ..😊😊. Having said about green fingers, there is one plant my hubby is never successful in planting it, i.e daun sup (king chai). So hard to plant. Don’t know why.

    1. I’m just like you but I have had a few successes with daun sup. Just lucky, I guess. That’s what I do when I plant anything, just plant and hope for the best.

  2. It is a good feeling to see your plants bear fruits and crops. So far the only successful plants I planted that bear fruits is lime. Now it is bearing fruits, should be able to pluck them soon. My lemon tree is surviving but so far only bear fruits once. Maybe I should concentrate on plainting some vegetables. I also lazy in gardening lately. Hot in morning.

    1. The weather is fine here but it is raining this morning, no gardening for the day.

      There was a dead calamansi lime tree in the garden when we moved in to our present house, We did not bother to plant another one even though we do use it very often and will have to buy from the shop in the next lane. My neighbour at the back has a tree, packed with fruits…so so so many but they never asked whether we wanted any.

      1. Here raining too. Since last night. Crazy thundestorm, tripped my electricity twice while I was sleeping last night. Rain continued till today and now it has finally stop. Phew. Cold day.

        I rarely use lime but hubby likes it, make juice, or used in sambal dipping.

      2. Rained the whole morning, started around 5 or 6, I think, not very heavy till around noon. Yes, nice and cool here too, no need to switch on the air conditioner. We only use lime in our cooking – that is why it is such a waste sometimes. We buy a bag and use only a few – the rest will not keep very long and we have to throw it away. Would be nice to have our own tree, just go and pluck.

  3. I can congratulate you now since the brinjal plants are flowering already. It looks like you will be getting a brinjal once the purple flower falls off. In fact your brinjal plants are doing very well since it is still short and healthy. Mine grown so much taller before it started to flower. You have a big garden and so nice to have a rambutan tree in your garden. Very soon you can pluck and enjoy your home grown rambutans.

  4. How nice that you will be harvesting brinjals soon! I have not gone on to plant veggies as yet and my cjili plant is doing very poorly. No more chilies!

  5. My grandma used to have two giant rambutan trees in our kebun.
    But it was too difficult to reach the top, so most of the time, we just let fruit on top rot or eaten by birds.
    Our neighbour had a dwarf rambutan tree, picking was so much easy.

    You can grow a strafruit tree. They fruit regularly, no season.

    1. That was exactly what happened with mine. I had to saw away the tall branches to get the fruits and the last season, I just let them wither and turn black and drop off.

      I’m not into starfruit but if I could, I wouldn’t mind the small, oval variety of belimbing that they use for cooking, sour and nice.

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