Empty inside…

We call this mantao

…though actually, it is technically just the the skin of the steamed pao (bun) minus the filling – in other words, it is empty inside.

These came from the bakery directly opposite the school where I was teaching before I retired…

…and yes, I do recall walking across the road to buy the lovely cupcakes that I did enjoy a lot. I think I did buy their steamed paos too but I can’t really put my finger on it. I don’t think my missus got these from there though – she probably got them from one of the shops in the next lane from my house. A lot of bakeries and small home-based businesses would leave their products there for sale so it is very convenient for us to just hop over and grab whatever we want.

I do enjoy eating them with just butter, Golden Churn no less, steaming hot. The butter would melt in the heat and trickle down your fingers as you enjoy each bite. Of course, you can add peanut butter or kaya (coconut jam) or fruit jam, if you so desire or you may choose to fill it with whatever your heart desires, the same way as you would make a sandwich with sliced bread or a burger with a bun.

Well, that day, I took one and added two lettuce leaves…

Oopsss!!! I forgot to butter it first – that would be nice, I think. I bet that would bring the taste to a whole new level.

We did not have any stewed pork in the house but we did have some left over sliced pork belly cooked with salted fish and dried chili so I took a few pieces and placed them in the bun…

…and lastly, I added a slice of tomato…

Yes, it…

…was very nice and I enjoyed it very much.

I don’t know of places selling these mantao stuffed with stewed pork except this one here and I’ve seen alluring photographs of the ones here on Facebook. The latter sure look good but I’ve not gone to try – at this point in time, even though we have gone into Phase 3, I am in no hurry to go out at all. Best to just #staysafe #staywell #stayhome! That, I’m afraid will just have to wait. There was another one but it did not last very long and has since called it a day.

Other than those aforementioned places, you may be able to eat this at some restaurant where they will serve you these buns with a plate of stewed pork or dong po rou (东坡肉) like the lovely one here but unfortunately, both of these places have since closed down as well so if anyone is looking for this, he or she will have to look elsewhere.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Empty inside…”

  1. Looks pretty good the way you have it with pork belly or pork patties but most of the time, I prefer to have it spread with butter, peanut butter or kaya.

    1. Here, if you eat this outside, it is always with stewed pork belly. Very nice but not many places selling. I’ve yet to go and try one here, looks nice but 3 for RM10.00, over RM3.30 each. I guess most people would rather go for a plate of kampua mee, more filling.

  2. We used to enjoy mantao with sliced roast duck or goose in the restaurants. I like the way you add the pork belly and lettuce to the steamed bun. Looks good.

    1. Ahhhh!!! I remember that now. I sure enjoyed it that way as well. Perhaps I can go and buy some roast duck to enjoy with mantao that way. The way I had it that day was good too.

  3. I dont think we could find it here, unless in Chinese restaurant. Of course we can buy the frozen mantau and make ourselves at home. I dont mind eating plain mantau like that. It has that slight sweetness in it. The only place I could think of selling mantau in Kuching is Kenyalang hawker centre.

    1. Irene shared some photos at my link on Facebook, some mantao and stewed pork in Kuching but they were served at some restaurant, dunno where. Have not heard of any place selling this in Kuching. Kenyalang has very nice paos, going all the way back to the 70’s. I hear that shop is still there, still doing well.

      1. Yes. Still strong, that old coffee shop. Haha. If we are talking about the same shop at the back side of Kenyalang, it is called ‘Jun Kwong’ in Hakka.

      2. Dunno the name even though I used to go and buy all the time, those days in Kuching in the 70’s. Coffee shop among the shops to the right of the cinema complex. All this time, everytime I went to Kuching, I wanted to go back there to check it out but I never did. I guess looking at the current situation, I don’t think I shall ever get to do that. Sad.

  4. Oh we actually call this “guabao” in Johore.
    “Mantou” is like a smaller roll.
    In fact, our “guabao” is also smaller.
    Can only fit one or two pieces of fatty pork.

    I’m half Hakka half Teochew, so I know this dish pretty well.
    How I miss my family’s braised pork trotters!

    1. Guabao? Never heard that before. We call all of them mantao, never mind what shape or size. I bought some more the other day, different source, homemade, smaller and triangular shaped…and I’ve seen some shaped like hot dog buns, just that they are all white. The ones in the restaurants are at times more fanciful, like shells. Basically, they’re all the same- steamed pao skin.

      I miss braised/stewed pork trotters too. Long time my missus has not cooked that! The ones outside are not that great. Been thinking of going out to buy the black vinegar ones but I’m staying home, staying safe!

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