I did that…

I did that before! I planted a whole lot of ladies’ fingers, 10 plants altogether in 2016 and yes, when they started to bear fruit, we had a tough time trying to eat them all. Eventually, we grew so sick of the vegetable that I did not care if I would never ever see it again. As a matter of fact, I refused to buy it whenever I went marketing.

Well, the other day, I did blog about how my girl and the mum have taken to planting vegetables, brinjal AND ladies’ fingers!!! So far, we have yet to see any brinjal but, yes, the ladies’ fingers have started to flower…

…and bear fruit…

The first two they harvested were way over a foot long – they did not know what variety it was that they planted and they thought it was the currently very popular extra-long ones. Unfortunately, they were not and the two were way too old, so old that they were very hard and totally not edible.

Having learnt their lesson, the second time around, they harvested around five when they were less than 6 inches long…

…and those were perfect! We certainly enjoyed eating them very much.

I sure am glad that they are bearing fruit…

…around this point in time when we are not all that keen on going out. With these growing in my backyard, we can pluck them to cook for our vegetable dish time and time again while happily staying home.

There aren’t many ways to eat them though. Most of the time, we will slice them and fry with sambal hay bee/udang kering (dried prawns)…

…or we will steam or lightly boil them and ulam with sambal belacan (dried prawn paste)…

…and yes, we’ve thrown them, along with some brinjal and pineapple slices into our fish (head) curry…


So far, we’ve never tried stuffing them with fish paste to cook yong tofu style…

Perhaps we can try doing that when the brinjal plants start to bear fruit as well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “I did that…”

  1. I like ladies’ fingers fry with hay bee sambal or steamed and eat with cincaluk. So far, I have never tired stuffing them too. Guess this are the only few ways we can do with ladies’fingers. The only vegetable that cannot add water in the cooking.

    1. …otherwise, it will turn sticky, all gooey? My missus says add a few drops of soy sauce, it will not be sticky. Always with sambal belacan, never tried with cincaluk – will try it one day.

  2. I like lady’s finger in curry fish and assam fish head. I would pick the smaller, younger green lady’s fingers when I buy them.

    1. Yes, I like those small ones but it seems that they have a giant variety these days, so big and long, looking like they are too old. My neighbour plants those, she said two or three enough for one plate already, better than the small ones.

  3. I have learned from experience not to plant too many ladies finger plants. We ended up sharing the ladies fingers with friends. I like to grow ladies finger plants because they are easy to take care and they are not easily infested with pests. These are the ways I cook the ladies fingers too. At present I am growing red ladies fingers and am waiting for them to bear fruit.

    1. Exactly!!! So many that we got so sick of eating it! Not that many this time around, should be all right. Red ones? I think I may have seen those somewhere. You have green fingers, everything you grow turns out so well. Not me, all depending on luck. Sobssss!!!

    1. Seems so easy to plant, bountiful harvest. No sign of the brinjal…and they are planting tomatoes too now. We’ll see if anything comes out of those.

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