Three at a time…

Now, doesn’t this…

…look absolutely gorgeous?

Well, if you remember, my missus baked the ikan sultan with the ingredients for otak-otak, wrapped in kunyit (turmeric) leaves and she also did the same with the or chio/ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) and both tasted really great though I had a preference for the ikan sultan despite the bones while my girl liked the pomfret more…and yes, we all loved the prawns that she cooked using those same ingredients.

Thus inspired, she decided to venture into something else and she stumbled upon a chicken dish, cooked otak-otak-style using those same ingredients so she wanted to give that a try. She did not use chicken though – probably the idea of having to debone the slabs we have in the freezer did not seem so appealing so she used minced pork…


We do not have any banana trees in my garden so for the wrapping, she used my turmeric (kunyit) leaves…

She could have used the oven but she chose to use the air fryer instead. My niece, the one working in Singapore, gave us a small one so my missus could only cook three at a time…

…but it was perfectly all right. After all, we’re #stayingsafe #stayingwell #stayinghome so we have all the time in the world and most importantly, they turned out really good – so so so nice!

This is a recipe to keep, that’s for sure!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Three at a time…”

  1. Your missus is very adventurous and good in both cooking and baking. I think Melissa is following her footsteps. You have indeed married the right woman… 😊😊. The minced pork cooked in otak otak style looks so good.

  2. That sure looks very good! Minced pork cooked otak-otak style would taste nice what with all the fragrance of the herbs and spices and turmeric leaves.

    1. My missus was just experimenting and everybody loved it! Gave some to my sis and to my in-laws and all said it was very nice. It is otak-otak but with pork instead of fish. My missus said she saw the recipe online but they used chicken.

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