Whatcha say…

I blogged about these made-in-Thailand instant noodles once and yes, they were good.

Well, not too long ago, my girl and the mum picked up a whole lot of packets from the supermarket round the corner but this time around, everything was in Thai…

…so we would not know what on earth they were saying.

Thankfully, there was an indication in English at the back of every packet…

…so one would not need to make a wild guess by looking at the illustration in front.

I took this pa-lo duck flavour to try as I wanted it to go with the smoked duck breast that I blogged about yesterday. Pa-lo or to be exact, phak lor in Hokkien is stewed or braised in soy sauce and five-spice powder (ngo hiang hoon). I love phak lor ark (duck) or too kha (pork leg/trotter) so I was hoping that this would be to my liking.

There were three sachets inside…

…together with the noodles – the seasoning and the chili powder plus the oil.

I cooked the noodles as usual but knowing how these instant ones are always very salty, I only used half the seasoning and once it was done, I added a few thin slices of the aforementioned smoked duck breast and served, garnished with a sprinkling of chopped daun sup (Chinese celery)…

Yes, it was very nice – I was right about the seasoning. It was just right, not salty and another good thing was it was not strong on the msg so there was no lingering taste of the stuff after I had finished eating.

I enjoyed the smoked duck breast very much too – it did not taste like duck, not a hint of that duck smell/taste that many do not like, more like a cross between ham and bacon, both of which I love a lot so of course, I liked this too. However, I could not get the skin to be crispy like in the Cantonese roast duck – it was tough and rubbery, quite impossible to chew, so I cut it all off and threw it away.

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Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Whatcha say…”

  1. I love phak lor ark too but not so into too kha and smoked duck is definitely out. Having said that, I would say your noodles with the smoked duck looks good and it looks even better with some garnishing of chopped sup daun or spring onions. Now I know why your smoked duck is skinless… 😄😄

    1. Dunno why it did not turn crispy in the oven – maybe I did not know how to do it. What a waste! I love the skin…crispy!

      I love phak lor too kha, eat with sambal belacan…even nicer. Have not had that for a long time now. Nowhere in town can I get any that is really good.

  2. I heat up in oven, then pan fried for a while. Then skin will be crispy. You can try that.

    Doesnt taste like duck?? Hmm. I remember the one I tasted was salty, the duck taste was not overly strong. Maybe because it was salty, so it covered the duck strong smell. Haha.

    1. Ok, thanks for the tip. I still have another packet in the freezer, not opened. Will do it your way.

      It was not really salty but more like the taste of processed meat – ham and bacon, so no duck smell. I do not mind that duck smell but my missus would never touch the meat because of it.

  3. I had tried duck flavour instant noodles before and I like it. The brand is Zow Zow, also a product of Thailand. I had eaten smoked duck in salads and with Jelly fish at Souper Tang (JB) before and I like it. The skin was slightly chewy but nice. The smoked duck with jelly fish had a tinge of herbal taste, nice (of course, I did not eat the Jelly Fish, not into Jelly Fish).

    1. I quite enjoy the pickled jelly fish that they serve at Chinese or Thai restaurants but it is actually tasteless and depends on the sauce they use to toss it in. All water – you fry it, it will all disappear.

      So far, we only have this Mama brand from Thailand here and this is one of the very few duck flavour ones around. I may have tried one or two others before but this one is very nice. No lasting impression as far as the rest are concerned.

    1. I’m fine with msg…unless they add a whole lot of it like at most Chinese restaurants – you will feel thirsty, numb at the lips for a long while after that. I’ve experienced feeling a little unwell after a plate of fried noodles at a coffee shop here once – I never went back! They say there are cheap imitations and those are the harmful ones.

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