Long, long, long…

My girl wanted chicken rice for lunch that day so we stopped by here…

Sing Long Cafe

Gee! It was only 11 something, not noon yet and they…

Sing Long roast meat stall

…were running out of most of what they had. There wasn’t any char siew left, none of the regular roast chicken either.

I just asked for whatever they had in a mixed platter for three…

Sing Long meat platter

…and this was what we got.

The steamed chicken…

Steamed chicken

…was great and the orange-coloured one was very good too. I liked how the guy would debone the chicken drumstick and slice the meat into bite-sizes and serve it on top of the bone.

The siew yoke

Siew yoke

…was different from the usual and at best, I would say it was all right – I’ve had nicer ones elsewhere. I remember it wasn’t quite like this when I had it once and I rather enjoyed it then.

Of course, I simply HAD to order the stewed eggs…

Stewed eggs

…as well. All those plus three plates of fairly nice chicken rice and three bowls of complimentary soup came up to only RM25.00. I thought that was pretty reasonable.

I also ordered the yong tofu from the stall further inside, the RM9.50 set…

Yong tofu

…for the soup to share but I shouldn’t have bothered. The complimentary soup from the chicken rice stall was very nice, maybe even nicer than the yong tofu one. Usually, at such chicken rice places, the soup they will give you would be a somewhat watered-down salted vegetable one, more often than not, with a chicken claw in it. This one was seaweed and the broth was thick and we all loved it a lot.

I was delighted that there were not many people around that day. My girl and I did drive past once but it was so crowded so we went elsewhere (and had something a lot more expensive and not even half as nice). We certainly would want to come back here again.

I WANT BBQ CHICKEN RICE & the yong tofu stalls are located at SING LONG CAFE (2.292595, 111.835979) located in the Fortune Commercial area (behind Rejang Medical Centre), Lorong Chew Siik Hiong, directly opposite the nursing college (KOLEJ ITA).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Long, long, long…”

  1. I like how the chicken seller took the trouble to debone the chicken drumstick for easy eating. Mostly just chop chop and served. Stewed eggs is also my favourite. As for the price I think it is quite reasonable too.

    I thought so too, around RM7-8 per person with all that meat, not counting the eggs! Nice too, value for money!

  2. Rarely take yong to fu. It could be so expensive.

    Stewed eggs, yummy. I just had braised meat rice yesterday, hubby bought from one of the shops in Carpenter Street.

    Yes, especially when you can pick and choose – you take the ones you want, the total can easily go over RM10.00. I love it though! I love anything in clear soup.

  3. Business must be really for the man. 🙂

    It is really courteous of him to debone the chicken right? Wish that more could be like this man.

    I dunno of any other place doing that here – they would just chop up the meat and serve.

  4. Nowadays people buy back food… so they come out earlier to buy… I am one of them too.. buy earlier to avoid crowds.. haha…

    Everyone go earlier so if you go earlier, you will be caught in the crowd! LOL!!! Cannot fix the time, will have to see!

  5. What a nice lunch. I am happy with chicken rice anytime!

    Yes, but I would prefer a vegetable side dish like in Ipon…they have those fat taugeh. I do not feel those miserably few thin slices of cucumber of enough for a balanced meal.

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