Never been…

My girl said that she had never been here before so that was why the other day, I took her there for lunch.

She had the signature roasted chicken rice (RM12.80)…

Nam Heong signature roasted chicken rice

…and no, she was not impressed.

Neither was I merely from the look of it. Ipoh is so famous for its chicken rice, people come from far and near to the city to eat it so I am very sure this is not what it is like there. Why, I can name a few right here in Sibu that are a whole lot nicer. At best, it was edible but it made me think of those forlorn chicken rice stalls at some God-forsaken coffee shops in some obscure part of town where some may go to eat just for the sake of having something to fill their tummies.

The keropok (prawn crackers) was not our celebrated Mukah ones and the fact that my girl tried a bit and left the rest untouched spoke volumes. The only good thing she had to say about it was how she would probably like the chicken hor fun here if served in that complimentary soup that came with the set. Well, I had that the last time I was here and yes, I did like it!

This time around, I tried the supreme prawn noodles (RM13.80)…

Nam Heong supreme prawn noodles

…and I had that with hor fun

Nam Heong supreme prawn noodles, hor fun

It certainly looked a whole lot nicer in their promotional photograph and at best, I thought it was all right – I just did not like the sambal. It reminded me of those canned ones that I simply do not enjoy.

The Ipoh chee cheong fun (RM8.90)…

Nam Heong Ipoh chee cheong fun

…was a disappointment as well. For one thing, there was that sambal again and for another, the rice noodle rolls were thick and rubbery/chewy, something like our local kway teow, maybe worse and nothing like the very nice ones that I had here not too long ago.

We loved the yam puffs (RM2.50 each)…

My Bistro yam puffs

here a long time ago but for reasons unknown, the stall went missing in action and lately, I noticed that even the bistro had called it a day. I cannot find any nice ones anywhere in town so of course, when I saw the crispy taro puffs (RM9.90 for two)…

Nam Heong crispy taro puffs

…on the menu, I quickly ordered those to try.

The outer crispy layer…

Nam Heong crispy taro puffs, inside

…was absolutely perfect, very nicely done but the yam paste inside was way too mushy for my liking. As for the filling, my girl felt that they might have forgotten the seasoning as it was bland, quite tasteless. Perhaps they should use the filling for their steamed char siew pao or their sio pao (baked buns) – we had those before and we thought they were good.

The total, inclusive of 5% SST, came up to RM56.80, inclusive of drinks. Well, the food wasn’t all that great, to put in gently, but I liked how the place was not crowded. We were the only table in that front section and I think there were a few tables inside, 3 or 4 plus I did see people dropping by to collect their takeaway orders. Service was prompt and the food was served soon enough and I loved the songs that they played – my favourite Malay oldies including this one, this one and this one. I sure enjoyed listening to them.

NAM HEONG IPOH, Sibu outlet (2.301121, 111.843386) is located along Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, formerly Jalan Pedada, facing the left side of Gafu Supermarket, round the corner from Kim Hock Premier Food Court.

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7 thoughts on “Never been…”

  1. The Ipoh chee cheong fun doesn’t look like one. First time seeing chee cheong fun dump in lump sum like in the pix. The cripsy taro puffs looks good though.

    Yes, too bad it looked good only. Give me the Kai Joo Lane ones anytime! A thousand times nicer!!!

  2. I thought the Supreme prawn noodles and Ipoh chee cheong fun are a bit expensive, no?

    Yeah the chicken rice didn’t look visually impressive at all.

    VERY!!! That is why I am not into these franchise places. Char kway teow at Pappa Rich is RM16.90 a plate, absolutely ridiculous. It ain’t so bad if the things are really nice – I must say what they serve here is an insult to Ipoh people, give them a bad name, really. Surely the food there can’t possibly be THIS bad!!! Ya, the chicken rice looked so pathetic, not much better when it came down to the taste either!!!

  3. The prawn noodles gravy looks thick and nice but then you should know better cos you were the taster… LOL… the yam puffs looks good too, more yam and less meat…

    The test of the pudding is in the eating. Looks even nicer in the photos, so sad that most everything was so disappointing. I am quite sure what you have in Ipoh is a whole lot nicer, not like what they have here.

  4. The Ipoh CCF looks disappointing.

    Nothing was to our liking. It’s a wonder the franchise can last this long – I hear the outlets elsewhere aren’t great either – gives Ipoh a bad name.

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