Best buy…

I used to go to this supermarket quite frequently when my parents were still around as it is located around 100 metres from their house. I hardly ever go there now but I did drop by once not too long ago just to browse around.

I bought a pack of a particular brand of instant noodles, made in Indonesia, that I did blog about sometime ago last year – I was attracted by the Filipino/Tagalog  name on the pack, pancit canton and it turned out that my girl likes it a lot. We are down to the last packet now and I decided I would go there again to grab a  pack or two…

ABC instant mee goreng

I guess this may be considered as a best buy with its promotional price of only RM2.99 for 5 packets (less than 60 sen each) at this point in time.

My girl enjoyed the instant pasta produced by a West Malaysian company that I bought for her once when she was still in the school in the jungle. For one thing, it was so convenient – just heat it up and eat and for another, she loves this kind of things.

On my previous visit, I looked around in vain for them so I did not get to buy any. Well, luck was on my side this time and I managed to grab their spaghetti chicken sauce (RM5.10)…

Spaghetti chicken sauce

…and their spaghetti carbonara (RM7.75)…

Spaghetti carbonara

My girl liked their aglio olio but unfortunately, they did not seem to have that.

I would not consider the following as best buys where the price is concerned but maybe, it may  be categorised as such as far as the taste goes. I bought two before, one in tom yam soup, the other in clear soup – those were smaller, packed in bowl-shaped containers and I remember I had the shock of my life when the cashier keyed in the prices. I did not look at the prices on the tags stuck to the back of the freezer and actually, they were over RM10.00 each and the bowls were rather small. I did mention it to the girl and she was kind enough to ask if I would like to cancel the purchases. In the end, I went ahead and bought them to try and boy, they were really very very good!!!

I did see those again this time around but I also spotted this…

Shrimp wanton

Being older and wiser now, I checked the price and I THOUGHT I saw something around RM10.90 so I took two. It turned out to be RM15.50 per box, 12 wantons inside so that works out to around RM1.30 each. Well, they have whole shrimps/prawns inside and make such delightful wanton soup and no, I did not change my mind about buying – after all, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the MCO partial lockdown, we hardly go out anymore these days, no going to those classier cafés and restaurants where things sure do not come cheap so I reckon this is something all of us will enjoy and we do deserve that little bit of pampering sometimes.

Having said all that, frankly, I was rather disappointed to discover that they used farmed shrimps – yes, they state it very clearly at the back of the box so they do deserve credit for being very honest about it. We’ve tried one already – the soup was really very nice and I liked it a lot. The texture of the farmed shrimps, I would call them prawns as they were quite big – was not the same as the natural ones, not nice and firm and succulent. They were QQ, kind of rubbery – one bite and one would be able to tell the difference already. The ladies in the house did not want to eat it…and at that price, I don’t think I shall be buying it anymore.

The MDS MART is located at Simpang Tiga at the end of Jalan Kampung Hilir/Jalan Awang Ramli Amit (formerly Race Course Road),  facing the food stalls at the SEDC HAWKER CENTRE (2.306488, 111.818695)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Best buy…”

  1. Have your eyes check if you are using glasses or is it “lau hua” playing the trick that makes you see the prices wrongly. The shrimp wanton looks good and very convenient. Good to keep a pack or two emergency use.

    No, my eyes 20/20 perfect vision. They stick the price tags – the ones you see on the things people sell…at the back of the freezer! I have to lean forward to have a closer look and of course, that is not easy when the watermelon keeps getting in the way. LOL!!! They should make bigger price tags…or tag the products individually!

    Those shrimp wantons tasted great, the soup, the skin was good…so if you’re ok with the texture of farmed prawns, you will love it!

  2. I seldom buy frozen goods, but lately I bought two packets of pratha to keep in the fridge… just in case… 🙂 Like to pan fry them and eat with chicken curry…

    My girl enjoys them, just fry and eat just like that. Very convenient if you are too lazy to go out and buy…or they tell you to stay home!

    There’s one with onion that my girl likes a lot – dunno what brand now. Will look out for it and blog about it when I get hold of a pack.

  3. i like instant noodles (they sustained me thru high school and college), but i’d probably skip instant pasta since most cafes and basic eateries serve decent-enough pastas these days! 🙂

    Not difficult to cook from scratch either, the aglio olio especially…but very handy to have these instant packs, nicer than the San Remo ones, if you’re stuck at home in the event of an emergency…or you are in a school in the middle of nowhere in the jungle.

  4. I think whole shrimp inside those wantan for that price would be pretty ok, mix it in with those mi segera! 😀

    Not crazy about FARMED prawns, thank you very much! Period!!!

  5. We have that CP brand shrimp wantons in our supermarket and i had tried it before. Nothing to shout about it.

    Oh? They export to Singapore too? I like the soup and the skin…not the shrimp. I’m sure you can get really good fresh ones in Singapore.

  6. Gosh, you’d be lucky to buy a single pack for that price in Australia let alone five!

    There’s a promo going on right now. I saw Indomie, the original Indonesian mi goreng, selling at that same price.

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