Too rich…

I bought this…

CP spaghetti with carbonara sauce

sometime ago in October at a supermarket here for my girl to enjoy and she did get down to trying one of the packs. I noticed that she did not seem to enjoy it all that much so I asked her why – she said it was all right, just that it was too milky and she had to add more cheese and herbs to make it tastier.

I took the other pack the other morning and opened it…

CP spaghetti with carbonara sauce, inside

In one compartment were the spaghetti, cooked already and some bits of meat or whatever. The cream was in the other compartment, completely frozen and half of it was just ice. Maybe that was why my girl said it was milky, not creamy. I don’t think frozen cream would end up like that.

I boiled some water to put in the pasta and the meat to heat them up and then I put them aside. I grilled a few slices of bacon till nice and crispy to add to the dish – like I always say, one just can’t go wrong with bacon.

After that, I boiled some more water and heated up that whole chunk of the creamy sauce till all of it had melted and simmered it till it was thick and nice – that actually took quite a while! I added some mozzarella cheese and Italian herbs and put in the pasta and meat and the bacon.

I tossed it altogether thoroughly before serving it in a plate…

CP spaghetti with carbonara sauce, served

…with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top.

Well, it was nice, as nice as any of those pasta dishes served with carbonara sauce at our local wannabe Italian or western cafés, perhaps even nicer than some of those but no, it did not sweep me off my feet. I can’t say I’m so into those stuff – will eat, nice for a change sometimes but no, you wouldn’t catch me getting all excited over any of them and it’s the same with this one. Call me old school but give me my Sibu Foochow kampua mee over this one…anytime!

The MDS MART is located at Simpang Tiga at the end of Jalan Kampung Hilir/Jalan Awang Ramli Amit (formerly Race Course Road),  facing the food stalls at the SEDC HAWKER CENTRE (2.306488, 111.818695)

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “Too rich…”

  1. After what you have added and done to the pasta, it looks pretty good and tempting. Very creative person.

    Yes. as nice as the nice ones outside at half the price. Some places here especially at those fusion wannabes, the pasta tastes so Asian, not quite there.

  2. I dont know why they make those things, carbonara is quite easy to make at home, perhaps same effort as reheating that frozen packet

    Believe it or not, there are people who can’t even boil water to cook instant noodles! At least, the pasta is pre-cooked, everything’s in there, no need to look for and prepare the ingredients…but of course, I could not resist adding a little bit more!

  3. Didn’t know that it comes in such a convenient packaging. 🙂

    Love how you have “upgraded” the pasta. Looks enticing.

    West Malaysian product. Many of my blogger friends are very familiar with this brand – CP.

  4. Oh my kids like carbonara but I don’t know how to enjoy eating it yet… but I don’t mind aglio olio… that I prefer over cheesy sauce… Over here, I haven’t really look into those malls selling packages like these…

    Same here. I like aglio olio and that’s about it. Bolognese and marinara are all tomato sauce and carbonara and alfredo are too rich and creamy, so jelak after eating a bit.

  5. I’m afraid I can’t eat spaghetti carbonara because I dislike cream and cheese in my food. I find it too heavy and cloying.

    Tell that to my girl…and even though she may enjoy it, she will get jelak after a while, may not be able to finish in the end. Dunno why she wants to order these creamy sauces – aglio olio is more palatable. Not the fan of bolognese either…expect the one at Payung here – they make their own, using fresh tomatoes, so very nice!!!

  6. Oh CP got frozen pasta, i only tried their frozen shrimp wontons before. Seems like not many like the taste of caborana but i am ok with it and i like it bcos i like creamy and milky taste.

    They use farmed prawns for those frozen wantons – stated on the label! You can taste the difference in the texture – nobody wanted to eat in the end, felt geli geli…

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