Not enough…

While I was in the area that day, I dropped by the supermarket there and I spotted these two new flavours of that celebrated Malaysian instant noodles (RM5.85 for a pack of 5)…

Maggi new flavours

I saw somebody featuring it somewhere not too long ago, probably on Facebook. I don’t think I saw it in a friend’s blog.

I was paying for my purchases when the chatty and very friendly cashier started sharing his own experiences with the noodles. He said the sambal tumis bilis was too salty so he advised me to use just half of the sachet of seasoning (Well, that’s something I always do when eating instant noodles!). On the other hand, the other flavour – cili ala kampung, according to the guy, was so good that he would need at least two packets in one sitting. One was not enough.

After hearing that, of course I could not wait to try. I took a packet of the latter and inside…

Inside, noodles & sachets

…there were the noodles, a sachet of the seasoning (red in colour, probably with all that chili) and another one with the fried shallots plus a transparent plastic pack with the seasoning oil and the sweet soy sauce.

I boiled the noodles till soft and in the meantime, I emptied all the contents of the sachets (except the fried shallots) onto a plate and mixed them together thoroughly. Once the noodles were ready, I drained it well before mixing it with everything in the plate. I added a few slices of char siew, emptied the sachet of fried shallots over everything and added a sprinkling of chopped spring onion from my garden and served…

MAGGI mi goreng cili ala kampung 1

All three of us in the house sampled a bit…

MAGGI mi goreng cili ala kampung 2

…and yes, it sure got all our nods of approval. It was spicy but only up to the right level, not over-spicy like some of those Korean ones and it tasted great too. For one thing, we never liked this brand because we were not fond of the texture (and smell) of the noodles but this was different – very nice, indeed! However, maybe it was just me since we do not use much salt and msg in our own cooking at home so I felt it was a bit salty. I would use half  of the seasoning next time.

The thing about this brand since time immemorial is it is more expensive than many of the rest. The Indonesian mi goreng brands are currently selling at a promotional price of RM2.99 for a pack of 5, less than 60 sen a packet which is almost half of one of these. I guess many would opt for what is cheaper – after all, they are actually not too bad as well.

Watch out for my post when I try the other flavour – the sambal tumis bilis. Who knows it may be nicer and worth the extra you will need to fork out to buy it.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “Not enough…”

  1. Like you say, it was spicy but up to the right level. Should I buy and try???..on a 2nd thought, better not cos even curry flavour I find it quite hot already. The chilli padi on the packaging makes me shiver.

    Oh dear!!! You will never survive those Korean brands then. So silly, so spicy, not tasty – dunno why people would go and buy!

  2. These 2 variants are probably the best instant noodles from the company. Ha 😀 I love enjoying these two as well especially the sambal one.

    They are? I never tried all the rest ever since I swore off Maggi a long long time ago, did not like it much.

  3. Seldom eat maggi mee cos of the soft texture… and I haven’t tried this flavour before… Now that I have eaten Jin Korean, I will stick to that…. anyway, I only eat this type of noodles once a blue moon.

    They have improved on the noodles. Yes, I hated it before MAINLY because of the texture of the noodles and even the smell and the taste were not quite there…PLUS the taste of the flavours then were not great either. I rather like this new one, takes longer to cook – like those Korean and Singapore noodles…but at that price, I’d go for the cheaper options – at the end of the day, they are what they are…INSTANT NOODLES!

  4. I have not try this. Did not notice on it in supermarket either. Or maybe I wasn’t looking. Hehe.

    I’ve been looking for it since I saw it in somebody’s blog or on Facebook.

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