Too blue…

On Sunday morning at around 7.30 a.m., I drove to the lovely rainbow stalls at Kampung Nangka…

Rainbow stalls, Kpg Nangka

…because I saw on Facebook a whole lot of promotion going on showcasing the nasi kerabu here…

Nasi kerabu stall

I wish they had not put up those ghastly-looking canopy and banners as they kind of spoiled the pleasant appearance and the uniformity of the place as a whole. I can imagine everyone eventually putting up everything of their own and in the end, the whole place would become one terrible mess, overshadowing all the beautiful stalls and their vibrant colours. What a waste!

From what I saw on Facebook, they would open at 7.00 a.m. but when I got there, it looked like they had just arrived and were very busy unloading everything from the car.

I saw these tofu sumbat (stuffed tofu)…

Tofu sumbat

…and these green sandwiches, egg and sardine…

Egg & sardine sandwiches

I wonder where they got the pandan bread or at least that was what I thought it was, judging from the green colour. I don’t think I’ve seen any around or maybe I wasn’t looking.

I spotted the laksam (RM5.00 a pack)…

Laksam packs

…and wasted no time in grabbing three to take home.

I waited for them to unload everything and it was already around 8.00 a.m. when they were ready to roll. There were two or three others who were there before me so they started doing their orders first…

Packing nasi kerabu

I wouldn’t say they were all that fast so I had to carry on waiting for quite a while.

In the meantime, I went snooping around and I was aghast when I saw the rice…

Bluer than blue nasi kerabu

It was way too blue, clearly not the nice and pleasant hue of blue when one uses the butterfly pea flower (bunga telang), horror of horrors! The artificial colouring even stained the side of the plastic container! I will never forget that one time when I ate something like that and for three days, what came out was that same colour. Tsk! Tsk! I never went back to that shop ever again!

Of course, I quickly cancelled my order for 3 packs – don’t expect to go home with that horrendously blue thing but yes, I did buy the laksam that I had requested for earlier. Thankfully, it was really very very nice, definitely the best that I have ever tasted…


…not that I have had many.

The chee cheong fun-like white rice rolls were simply perfect, not hard, not chewy, very nice and though the gravy was a bit diluted, it had enough mashed fish in it to give the desired taste. In my opinion, too much fish may put off some people who are not so into the fishy taste and smell, this one was just right! I could also detect the fragrance of the torch ginger added and all in all, I would give it a 5 out of 5.

When my girl got up, she had a pack for brunch and she loved it so so much that she said she would reserve the remaining pack for dinner. In the end, the mum only got to try a bit of what she had and yes, she too said it was good! I certainly would want to go back and buy some more and it sure looks like I shall have to buy extra next time.

NASI KERABU ASLI KELATE (2.311303, 111.820699) is located to the extreme left of the stalls at Pelangi Food Kiosks in front of Wisma Azra, Jalan Kampung Nangka.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Too blue…”

  1. Yes, I have seen pandan bread on the shelves at H&L Supermarket and some grocery shop. From the colour of the bread, it looks light green but I am not 100% sure it is natural or artificial. Never bought though. At the look of the horrible blue one knows that it is not natural but artificial colour. Like those kek lapis, all sorts of horrible bright colouring really puts me off too. Wonder how is the taste of laksam, never had it. Remember I am not an adventurous person to try everything.

    It’s like Penang laksa, just lighter and a lot more pleasant…and I love those very smooth rice rolls, nicer than the rice noodles you get in Penang laksa.

    I’ve sworn off kek lapis since that time when I ate their Evergreen…and what came out of me for three days was evergreen. Can’t understand their attraction to those horrendous colours especially when the natural ones are so easily available!

  2. Good that the laksam was good. I am not a big fan of laksam. The blue was certainly not of natural source. I would not want to digest that too.

    You probably have not come across a really good one – like nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, nasi ayam penyet…so many around here, not all that nice most of them. You may like this one, a lot nicer than those that I had before. Usually, it was like ok, it’s nice, don’t mind eating again…but this one was like woooowww!!! Gotta go back for more.

    I did not like Kuching’s belacan bihun either – the one time I tried. I could not even finish! But my last trip, I tried again at another place and I loved it. One swallow does not make a summer, my friend.

  3. guess nowadays, with the growing popularity of nasi kerabu and all things butterfly pea-dyed, the colouring is in huge demand and has been commercialised for mass production. i guess we still like things as natural as possible tho! 🙂

    These flowers grow rampantly everywhere – all along the fence of my house compound and you see it everywhere. Can easily tell the difference. This blue is so ghastly! The natural hue is light, pleasant to the eye – one would have to be blind not to see it. Obviously it is more convenient to use what comes out of a bottle, never mind what and I guess many people just do not care, eat now, pay later!

  4. hahaha.. luckily you saw the blue container before you took home your 3 packets.. he must be feeling surprised why you cancelled the order… I also would feel very uneasy eating that…

    Once bitten, twice shy!!! After that one time at another place, a Malay makan shop, I will never eat nasi kerabu with the colour like that ever again. You will see a lot at the Ramadan stalls…except that this year, no Ramadan Bazaar. Maybe next time I shall tell them off, get them to stop using artificial colouring!

  5. Laksam, laksa, not the same right?

    You can see from the photo – they’re miles different. Laksam is a Kelantanese delight, laksa…there are so many different versions here, there, everywhere.

  6. The rice looks so blue that i won’t dare to try them. Lucky that you managed to cancel your orders in time.

    Yes, if they had been fast at what they were doing, I would not have the chance to go snooping around and I would not have seen the rice!

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