My good friend/ex-classmate, Robert, kept telling me to drop by this coffee shop…

Tai Shan Lai Cafe

…near Longbridge Road, directly opposite Catholic High School, for the special own-made bread there but I never did. If I remember correctly, that was sometime last year, long before the COVID-19 outbreak. For one thing, that area is terribly congested and looking for a place to park the car is quite impossible plus I am not really into bread.

However, the other morning, I was manoeuvring through the back lanes and alleyways in that area as many were jammed and the cars were brought to a standstill and I happened to drive past that coffee shop. I caught a glimpse of the buns in the display cabinet…

Buns in the display cabinet

…and that reminded me of what Robert had told me. I went one whole round and came back again but via another lane and managed to park my car at the back of the row of shops on the right of Longbridge – the coffee shop is right across that lane to the left.

I spoke to a nice young girl at the shop and she told me that they use special ingredients to make those buns – I did not quite catch all that she said but I remember that as she went on and on, she did mention “expensive butter”…

Golden Churn tin
*water for their cats in the “expensive butter” tins, placed around the coffee shop*

I asked her how the buns would be served if one were to eat them there and she said that there was a guy who was not there at the time and he would use the buns to make burgers from RM12.00 up, depending on the ingredients added. In the end, I just bought two (RM5.00 each)…

Tai Shan Lai Cafe special buns

…home to try.

The next morning, I cut the bun and toasted the halves till nice and crusty on the outside and then I buttered both halves on the inside and added a slice of mozzarella cheese each and placed them back into the oven to toast till the cheese had melted.

I fried an egg (perfectly done, of course, with the yolk still runny) and grilled some slices of smoked bacon and placed them on a bed of lettuce on the bottom half, sandwiching everything inside with the top half…

Bun sandwich with smoked bacon, egg and cheese

…and ate.

Yes, it was very nice but owing to its size, it was quite a struggle to finish all of it on my own. I made an identical one for my girl for her breakfast and she could only manage to finish half of it.

I would love to drop by again when the guy is around and try one of his burgers using these lovely buns.

TAI SHAN LAI CAFE (2.285856, 111.832134) is located to the left of Lanang Road (heading towards town), right past its junction with Longbridge Road, across the road from the main entrance of Catholic High School.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Buns…”

  1. Wow, the burger you make looks great. Wow, the kosong bun itself cost RM5 each. So with all your ingredients added, roughly how much is your burger cost?

    That should come up to RM10, at least…but wait a minute! How much is a burger at McD (and they’re not even nice these days – the patty so dry, so shrunken)…or worse, Burger King? This was BIG, can cut into two, actually, enough for two persons and most importantly, I enjoyed it.

  2. The bread sure was expensive. But then again like you have said, it must have tasted really well.

    By the way, you could open your own burger stall akeady. 🙂

    It could have been made smaller, two smaller ones, only RM2.50…or four dinner rolls, just nice for making sliders. How much is one croissant over at your side? Here, RM3.00-4.00…for just one.

  3. Looks good for Ramly burgers!

    Can easily make my own burger patties – best to stay away from those frozen ones – lots here in the frozen section, every supermarket, all the preservatives.

  4. The burger you made out of the bun was good. Yummy looking.

    As yummy as it looks!!! Sure would want to do it this way again.

  5. Golden Churn is expensive butter… so it is justified with RM5… as long as it is good.. the bun looks huge too!

    It is VERY big, probably four dinner rolls…or two/three regular burger buns. Of course at that price, you would not see me going for it all that often, once in a while is ok…just like the very nice croissants I had that day.

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