One day…

I abstain from meat for just one day every week, Friday and I must say that it is quite problematic looking for things to eat outside especially at 6.00 a.m. in the morning when most of the shops would be closed. Kampua mee without meat would be all carbs and may be somewhat plain and not that appealing.

Much to my delight, my regular Malay kueh stall at Bandong opens real early every morning for the benefit of those stopping by after their morning prayers at the surau nearby to buy something home for breakfast.  They have their very nice nasi lemak, of course and I can just avoid the add-ons like their chicken curry or beef rendang or I can go for their fried kway teow (RM2.50)…

Bandong fried kway teow

…or mee goreng (RM2.50)…

Bandong mee goreng

…instead. These used to be RM2.00 only though during those days before COVID-19. They would wrap them up using a plastic sheet into a bungkus but I guess you get less when they do it that way. I noticed that morning that they had fried bihun and even halal kampua mee too!

If you are not into rice and noodles, you may pick something from the array of kuehs. They have so many things for you to choose and that morning, I decided I would try their bread pudding…

Bread pudding

I bought this before and I did like it very much but this time around, it looked kind of different. I thought it was all right – I prefer the regular ones that they used to sell before.

I was about to grab a pack of their pulut panggang that morning when I spotted the ketupat lemak

Ketupat lemak

…beside it, so so so good with kaya (c0c0nut jam) or condensed milk so I bought those…

Ketupat lemak

…instead and yes, they were very good – I do not have to go all the way to the tamu in Permai where the Chipsmore old lady (now you see her, now you don’t) said she would sell hers twice a week…depending on your luck.

I sure am glad that I can always drop by here on Friday every week, otherwise I would have to cook myself a bowl of instant noodles at home…or buy a loaf of bread ahead of time to make an egg or tuna sandwich in the morning, sorry, no ham, no bacon, no sausages! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “One day…”

  1. Luckily you remember the stall in Bandong else you would have to eat kampua mee kosong every Friday morning. Those lemak lemak pulut sure sounds tasty! 😋😋😋

    Yes, or on any other day of the week – it’s so convenient! You must have seen the ketupat in plastic packs sold at the supermarkets – I saw the ketupat lemak ones too but I did not buy. Not too comfortable with them being wrapped in plastic and boiling them like that.

  2. I would love the ketupat lemak to go with kaya, condensed milk or even with sugar. The ketupat lemak I buy from the Chinese kuih stall over here does have a very mild salty taste. What about yours?

    Yes, a hint of it but not over salty and not sweet, just lemak – like pulut panggang, good to eat on its own as well…but I would prefer something to go with it.

  3. Never have I had ketupat lemak in my life. Gosh..I guess…there are still so many types of food I have yet to sample.

    NEVER? Gee! This is a Malay delight – I am pretty sure they are easily available there, all over the place. Lots more Malays there than here.

  4. Is that condensed milk on bread pudding?

    I’ve no idea, something with a hint of vanilla essence. Not nice – I prefer their regular one before, nicer – none of these multitude of sins!

  5. I am surprised there are not more veggie places. Malaysia has such wonderful plant biodiversity.

    I watched the youtube videos – a couple stranded in KL, Veggies-on-tour. They did seem to have some problem finding things vegetarian…or maybe they did not really know what to eat, where to go. Nice couple.

  6. Good that your regular bandong malay kueh stall opens real early so that you can go eat there every friday morning.

    Yes, and every day, for that matter!

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