Stay at home…

I had to go out the 17th instant, the day before the Movement Control Order/Restricted Movement Order was to commence, to settle some urgent matters after which I would go back to the house to stay indoors for the two-week duration.

On my way home, I stopped by my regular grocery store as there was something I wanted to buy but the shop was not open…at 8.30 a.m.! My guess was that it would open late so I went to the coffee shop next door for a plate of kampua mee

Tung Ming kampua mee 1

…which obviously would be the last one for quite a while.

They had a new menu…

Tung Mee new menu

…now and looking at the old one, it looked like they had increased the prices so they were more or less the same as most places around town. I would have expected things to be a little cheaper here being in the outskirts, not in the town centre, and they probably owned the shop as well so there would not be any need for them to pay rent.

The coffee…

Tung Ming coffee

…was great and so was the mee

Tung Ming kampua mee 2

I noticed the lady taking the complimentary soup from a big pot on the gas stove at the back, not from the cauldron like what they do at most places and yes, it was heaps nicer than the plain water with light soy sauce and msg and a sprinkling of chopped spring onions elsewhere.

While I was enjoying my order, I heard the people next door moving the stuff out onto the pavement, opening for the day. Yes, the shop was open so once I was done, I went over, grabbed what I wanted and headed straight home.

TUNG MING CAFE (2.307601, 111.824983) is located along Lorong Delta 10, the second shop in the first block of shops on your right, after the first one – a grocery store, as you turn into the lane from Jalan Delta in the vicinity of the houses behind the Delta Public Swimming Pool.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Stay at home…”

  1. 10 pieces of meat, normally only 5 or 6.

    Oh? I didn’t notice that, only how very red it was that day. Sure justifies the price increase then. This one’s good – you can stop by the next time you come home.

  2. Craving for it now. Char siu so red and sliced too thick for my liking. Anyway, beggars can’t be choosers.

  3. I heard that stalls are allowed to be open but for pick-up only. Is it the same over there?

    Yes, and supermarkets and grocery stores and even the wet market are all open so there is really no need for panic buying. Can go out and buy when things run out – just keep one’s distance at all times.

  4. Oh, our stalls are all closed in my area… no more selling food today. So from now on, I have to cook or call foodpanda.. these two days, simple cooking at home and sharing dishes with my neighbour… 🙂

    Oh? Good neighbour you have there. Your kids not home, I guess? Eat alone. No problem here, stalls open but have to tapao, cannot eat there and anyway, can have food delivered. A lot of places advertising on Facebook, home delivery.

  5. The coffee shops and most restaurants at my office area are closed. I will be cooking every day until end of this month. LOL! I try not to order via Grabfood as I am sure they are overwhelmed with more orders than usual.

    Best to cook one’s own – we are not sure of the people at the sources, how safe is it? Even the delivery guy, is he a carrier? At a time like this, it pays to be very very careful.

    The shops here can open, can tapao, cannot eat there but give them a few days – if business is not great, I am sure they will close eventually.

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