One time…

I was here…

Sing Hin Corner

…just one time, many many years ago. I am quite sure that I did blog about it but I can’t, for the dear life of me, locate that post now. I had not gone back since and I don’t quite remember being overwhelmed by it.

In the meantime, I had been seeing people coming back to Sibu from here, there and everywhere and sharing photographs of the kampua mee there on Facebook and openly declaring it as the best in town…so much so that I started feeling like going back there to give it a second chance.

However, I never did because it would not open early in the morning – everytime I drove past at 6 something after dropping my girl off at school, it would still be closed. Later in the morning, parking in that area would be virtually impossible and the road might be rather jammed, best avoided.

The chance came that day when my girl had a meeting at school and it was not that early, almost 8, so it was already open and maybe because it was raining or maybe some people had just left, there were a few parking spaces available right in front of the shop.

I ordered the kampua mee (RM3.30)…

Sing Hin Corner kampua mee

…at the stall there…

Sing Hin Corner kampua stall

…and yes, it was indeed very good! I would say that it was as original and authentic as it could get, just like what we enjoyed all throughout our growing up years.

I also ordered a bowl of their liver soup…

Sing Hin Corner liver soup
*sorry for the blurry pic*

…and the moment it was served, I quickly fished all the vegetables out for the simple reason that it would affect the taste of the soup and render it different from what liver soup should taste like. I can’t remember how much that was now, RM3.00, I think and yes, it was good.

In the meantime, I also went to this shop with no name here for their kampua mee (RM3.20)…

Shop with no mae kampua mee

I loved their Foochow fried noodles that day but while the taste of their kampua mee was pretty good, I felt the noodles were a bit too firm for my liking. I guess I shall not be rushing back there for more anytime soon and besides, seeing the rampant use of plastic everything there, I will  have second thoughts should the idea ever cross my mind.

Well, on their first morning in Sibu, I took my West Malaysian friends to the former simply because it was round the corner and very convenient for us to just walk there.

We had the kampua mee, white and black (with dark soy sauce) and yes, they agreed with me that the white was nicer – the subtle tastes were not drowned out by the strong soy sauce. We also ordered the beef tripe kampua and the pian sip, dry…

Sing Hin Corner pian sip, dry & kampua, black

…and wet (soup)…

Sing Hin Corner pian sip, soup

…and I asked for the mee sua in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup…

Sing Hin Corner mee sua

…which they also tried.

They did enjoy what we had – I did read their comments on their Facebook posts and one asked which they thought was better, Sitiawan or Sibu…and they answered Sibu!

Nonetheless, they did not seem all that overwhelmed by it and of course, I was not in the least surprised as even though many would declare this place to be the best in town, personally, I can’t say I am all that impressed by it either – there are other places in town that I like a whole lot more…just that there were 7 of them, 8 including me and they couldn’t all fit into my old jalopy so this would have to do.

Sing Hin Corner 新兴阁 (2.284607, 111.832116) is located to the right of Li Hua Hotel along Lorong Lanang 2 and the coffee shop with no name (2.288662, 111.831366) is located in the block of shops at the junction of Huo Ping Road and Jalan Kpg Nyabor, to the right of Garden Hotel, right next to Ocean Car Accessories, facing Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “One time…”

  1. I am not into kampua mee with dark soy sauce, only original white kampua mee for me. The pian sip both dry and soup looks pretty good and so is the mee sua too.

    All were all right, nice but I do know of much nicer ones elsewhere, not here.

  2. I have tried kampua mee at the now closed SRK Noodle house at Damansara Uptown. Somehow I liked the black one.

    I know they have an outlet at Paradigm Mall. My friend, Annie Kiu, in KL, originally from Sibu, will swear by the black ones. To each his own, I guess. Black ones, I can cook my own at home, add a bit of Bovril some more. Yumsss!!!

  3. I am not crazy about kampua but I don’t mind the red chicken mee suah.

    Your Foochow hubby would disagree, I’m sure…about the kampua. LOL!!!

  4. Sorry I am in Hong Kong. I was thinking of flying to Sibu to eat kampua noodles and payung cafe but I have to fly to KL first so it’s a long flight for me

    Oh, I see!!! No direct flights to Sibu.

  5. Maybe not the best. But i guess i know why. The owner is really smiling and that already makes customers happy.

    Yes, the couple are very friendly…and you can ask for anything, they will willingly oblige. Many at the popular stalls are rather grumpy and they do not like you asking for on thing too many.

    You’re new here, it seems? Welcome, thanks for dropping by and commenting – do come again!

  6. still love reading your posts, glad to see you’re still keeping the blog very much active! 🙂

    Thank you. It’s a diary of sorts, a record of all the mischief that I’ve been up to.

  7. Good that you had a chance to try the former’s kampua mee and find that it was very good. I would prefer the white one, more original and more tasty i feel.

    Otherwise, I would not have brought them here – can’t take the chance when they only have a few days here – Too much to eat, too little time!

  8. I sometimes have trouble finding my older posts. There are just so many of them now.

    That is the problem…and sometimes, they pop up when you’re looking for something else and you no longer need it.

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