Wherever you are…

For one thing, this place is out of my way – I would not venture to that part of the woods unless somebody has to go to the Sibu General Hospital, 5 miles from town, for a routine appointment or to collect some medication. Due to the parking problem there, I would drive over to the shops here to wait and once I get a missed call, I would drive back to the hospital to get them and head on home.

Well, it so happened that I had to go through that same routine the other day and I took the chance to drop by here…

Permai Food Court

…because I saw on Facebook that my favourite nasi kerabu place had moved here…

Nasi kerabu Warong

I sure did not mince my words about how the shop used to open and close according to their whims and fancies and I would get so pissed off going all the way only to find that they had conveniently taken the day off. However, a girl replied and assured me that unlike before, they would not do that anymore.

In the meantime, we had gone here for that Kelantanese delight even though comparatively, it was not as good. However, the last time we went there for that, I was shocked by the colour – it was so horrifyingly blue…and the Saturday earlier, when we got there, we were told that it was not available. I really cannot understand how they can do business like that and because of this, I would not want to go back there ever again…if I can help it!

I got there at 1 something and yes, the stall…

Permai Food Court, nasi kerabu stall

…was open. The girl said that they would open around 7.30 a.m. every morning (except Sundays) and close when everything is sold out, at around 4.00 p.m. but on Saturdays, they may run out earlier, before 1.

Business sure seemed very good and the orders were being served fast and furious. Somebody was having this, probably their nasi ayam berempah

Permai Food Court from the nasi kerabu stall

…and I managed to snap a photograph of it before it was whisked away to the customer waiting at his table.

I did get to talk to the girl – it seemed that the shop was closed owing to some family matters and now she had ventured out on her own here. She asked me if I was THE blogger and I said yes.

I ordered three packs of our favourite, her nasi kerabu ayam percik (RM6.50 each)…

Nasi kerabu ayam percik
*Archive photo*

…to take home for our dinner and yes, it was so very good, as good as it ever was, second to none and rest assured that wherever she is, I certainly would want to go back again and again for more!

PERMAI FOOD COURT (2.297141, 111.896163) is located among the newer shops to the section on the right of Jalan Permai, off Lorong Ulu Oya 11, off Jalan Ulu Oya, to the right of the Permai Hotel there.