Second opinion…

For a while now, I have been buying and enjoying the steamed bak pao from the shop near my house. As a matter of fact, I think so highly of it that I would even buy some to give to family and friends.

However, one morning, I dropped by the Sibu Central Market to buy the ones from the old lady there. I don’t recall ever buying the big ones – all the time, in the past, I would just ask for the small ones (RM1.50) and I did enjoy them to some extent.

That morning, I asked for the big ones (RM2.20)…

Sibu Central Market old lady's steamed bak pao

…and took them home to eat.

I was delighted to find that they were really very nice! The filling is different from the aforementioned ones that I like a lot and that is also very nice and there is a lot more of it…

Sibu Central Market old lady's steamed bak pao, filling

…in this one, so much more for an extra 20 sen whereas you will get a lot more skin in the other one.

There is egg in both though I wish they can be a bit more generous with it and give a much bigger wedge – I so love egg in paos.

In the meantime, I went to the stall where I bought the giant bak chang that turned out quite disappointing and there, I saw these chai kueh (vegetable cake)…

Chai kueh

…or what my friend called lizard’s belly because the skin of the good ones would be so translucent that one would be able to see the filling inside and it looks like the underside of a lizard.

These were RM1.00 each and I liked how they were so well-rounded, well-filled with the very nice filling…

Chai kueh, filling

…unlike most that we have around town that look so miserably deflated, lots of empty spaces inside. The skin was perfect and the filling was very tasty with a hint of hay bee (dried prawns), not overly strong, just right.

Well, I guess if I happen to drop by the market again, I may want to buy these or perhaps, I would like to try some other things instead – there are so many things for one to pick and choose but of course, whether they are good or not, that’s another story altogether.