That’s not it…

I can positively remember a variation of the ang sio hu, what they call the sui tee hu or sweet and sour fish at times, if I am not wrong, that does not have any tomato sauce in it and is thus, not red in colour. I do recall having that at our 10 or 12-course banquets at our local restaurants in my younger days and there would be some know-it-all at the time who would snootily scoff at the fish, saying that it was not fresh and that was why they deep-fried it and served it that way instead of steaming it.

Sometimes, on days when my mum was caught up with something, my dad would bring along the tiffin carrier and buy a few dishes home for our meals and yes, he did buy deep-fried fish, or chio/ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret), cooked this way too. Once, those days when my mum was bed-ridden and I was there every morning to keep her company, he bought it from here and yes, it was very very nice. However, he never did buy it again and I never did ask him why.

Well, I did ask them before when I finally got round to dropping by myself for a meal but they said they only had the one with tomato sauce, either that or deep-fried and served plain garnished with lots of fried garlic and whatever on top. Of course, I was baffled as I was positive that my dad bought it from there then until sometime ago, I heard from one of my cousins that the people who were originally there had moved here…

Hai Jing Cafe

…in the area of shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre, right round the corner from this bak kut teh place…

Klang Claypot bak kut teh

They have this zhi-char (煮炒, literally translated as cook & fry) section at the back…

Hai Jing Cafe zhi char

…and I spotted this phak lor ark (stewed five-spice duck)…

Stewed five-spice duck

…in the cabinet. I would have loved to order that and my girl would have loved it too but these days, she is off soy sauce, not gluten-free, so we had to give it a miss.

I asked the guy who came to take our orders and he said yes, he could cook it without adding any tomato sauce but my hopes were dashed when it was served…

Tomato sauce-free sweet & sour fish

No, that was not it! It certainly did not look like that at all – the Bombay onions, tomato and chili, and there was garlic too, were all chopped into tiny bits and the sauce was a little thicker – probably more cornflour had been added to it. Thankfully, it tasted great and we really enjoyed it. For one thing, he was very young so probably it was his dad or someone else who used to cook the way I wanted, not him.

We also had the midin, ching chao (wild jungle fern, cooked plain)

Midin ching chao

…and also the pork trotter and Szechuan vegetable soup…

Too kha luak chai soup

Both were good too but my girl said that she liked the soup at the other place a lot more. This one had too many wolfberries and the taste drowned out that of the Szechuan vegetables…but I could detect that in the meat, not so much the soup.

Maybe it was the size of the fish and there was quite a lot of meat in the soup and that explained why the total for the food alone came up to RM46.00 which would be more or less what I would usually fork out at that other place but that would be for more than just three dishes. Nonetheless, since we did enjoy the food as a whole, we sure would not mind coming back here again  when we feel like it.

HAI JING CAFE (2.293430, 111.835477) is located at the end of Lorong Chew Siik Hong 5 in the Fortune Commercial Centre – the area of shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “That’s not it…”

  1. The fish looks good though it is not up to your expectation. My guess is they used calamansi juice and sugar to make it taste sweet and sour. Love the midin whereas the pork trotter and szechuan vegetable soup is a new dish to me.

    I think so too – came across to me like the sauce in lemon chicken. Looks like this steamed pork leg and Szechuan vegetable is catching on here – two places now where they have it. Never had it outside before – if we wanted to eat, we would have to cook our own.

  2. Well though ur daughter is on gluten free diet, u can still order a small portion of the duck and eat it urself?

    No lah! I can always go for it when she has gone back to her jungle school after the current extended mid-year school break.

  3. That’s what I was thinking also like what Ken mention, order 1 person portion, and eat it yourself…

    Not nice lah if someone cannot eat something that he or she likes a lot and you go and eat right in front of them. I did order stewed pork leg once to eat but that was ok – she is not crazy about pork leg.

  4. RM46 for that is still pretty okay.. i find it hard pressed to find a Chinese restaurant here who doesn’t charge more then RM75 for 3-4 simple dishes (no fish, seafood).

    Here, if we did not have fish, it definitely would be much cheaper. Not cheap here too, fish and prawns…and don’t talk to me about crabs.

  5. Long time did not taste sweet fish. Definitely yours didn’t turn out good.

    It was good, very good – just that it was not done the way I had wanted. Maybe I can buy my own fish and try to cook it that way, anytime as nice as the tomato sauce version, maybe even nicer.

  6. I’m guessing the sweet and sour fish without tomato sauce is cooked with vinegar and perhaps some sugar. I may have eaten something like that when I was a child.

    Yes, I think so too. Adding calamansi lime or one of those citrus would make it become something like lemon chicken and it is not quite like that.

  7. I wont mind having lots of wolfberries in my soup. It’s supposedly healthy, good for the eyes and not at all cheap too. Yums!

    It did not use to be this expensive. These days, one packet is way over RM10. Maybe word went round and more people heard of its health benefits.

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