Can’t have your cake…

There is an English expression that goes, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!” You can click this link if you do not know what that means and would like to find out.

Well, ever since my girl realises that she is gluten-intolerant, she cannot enjoy all the very nice cakes that we have here like the made-upon-special-order ones from Marcus, for instance…

Cake from Marcus
*Archive photo*

She did try to make her own (and bread too) following some gluten-free recipes but so far, most of the time, she had been unsuccessful except for that one time when she made something like the Japanese baked cheese cake…

Gluten-free Japanese baked cheese cake
*Archive photo*

It was very nice but somehow or other, she never made it again – perhaps, she would like to try something else to see how they would turn out.

On another occasion, she also made a cheese cake similar to this one that my blogger friend, Phong Hong made that day, using those gluten-free digestive biscuits to make the base and yes, it did turn out well.

Other than those, she did bring back some boxes of gluten-free stuff that she bought on a recent trip to KL but I don’t remember her being all that successful using the gluten-free all purpose flour. Having said that, the cake mix that she bought turned out really well and she made these delightful red velvet cupcakes – the cream cheese frosting came together in the box…

Gluten-free red velvet cupcakes

…and yes, we sure liked them a lot.

Quite recently, I got this gluten free chocolate cake mix from my godson/ex-student, Andrew, in Christchurch, New Zealand…

From New Zealand

…and for Father’s Day last Sunday, my girl took it and made these lovely cupcakes…

Gluten-free chocolate cupcakes

…for me. Yes, the chocolate icing came with it in the box…and we sure enjoyed eating them – its texture was soft and moist…

Gluten-free chocolate cupcake, inside

…and it was a whole lot nicer than some chocolate cakes that we can buy at our local bakeries here.

We sure are indeed very glad that there are these alternatives available, though they do not come cheap, so even though she can’t have the regular cakes, there are some nice gluten-free ones that she can eat and enjoy.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Can’t have your cake…”

  1. The texture of the gluten free chocolate looks as good as the normal cake. At least Melissa can still enjoy it.

    Indeed. The only thing is we can’t buy those cake mixes here. I saw in a friend’s blog – they even have gluten-free bread at a bakery in KL. So far, she has not been very successful making bread.

  2. My apologies, have not wished you Happy Father’s Day….

    Good to hear that there are some nice gluten-free cake that Melissa can eat and enjoy…

    Yes, but the cake mixes are not available here – just a sprinkling of gluten-free products and they are very very expensive.

  3. Nice Father’s day cupcakes. I like the look of moist texture.

    Yes, very soft and moist, very nice.

  4. Try eat it with some peanut butter

    The chocolate cupcake? That may be a good idea, the saltiness of the peanut butter may help balance the sweetness of the cake. Will give that a try, still a couple left.

  5. Some of the best cakes are gluten-free

    Are they? Wish we could get those here but my girl is more into bread than cakes – yet to be able to make one that is like the real thing.

  6. It’w wonderful that there are gluten-free alternatives for baking. I am quite curious how they taste. Perhaps I should buy a box to try.

    The cakes are fine – they’re like cakes, very nice cakes. My girl tried making bread – there were some that were not too bad but the texture was not anything like real bread. Many attempts had to be thrown away, all disastrous.

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