You’re always good…

I received word from my godson/ex-student, Andrew, in Christchurch, New Zealand that he had sent me this made-in-New Zealand peanut butter and gluten-free flour for chocolate cake…

From Andrew in New Zealand

…and asked me to go to his house to get them from his mum – his parents probably just came back to Sibu from there. As far as I know, his wife, Michelle, is a regular reader of my blog so she must have read my post on peanut butter that day and also about how my girl is gluten-intolerant. That was so very thoughtful and nice of them, thank you so very very much – I only hope it wasn’t too much trouble for the parents to cart the things back all the way with them.

After getting the things, we headed to town for lunch and I asked my girl if she was keen on going back to the coffee shop we had been to a couple of times again and she was fine by it so there we were – I think this was our third time there with her and my fourth only. We had lunch here, my missus and I and then we brought our girl here once and she liked what we had so we went a second time with her and this time was no exception – the food here was, as always, very good.

No, the boss was not sitting by the side busy with his smartphone this time around – he was busy cooking, assisted by the young boys…


…at his stall and when he saw me, he smiled at me. That took me by surprise as it was not like I was such a regular customer. I guess he could recognise me from my previous visits – after all, there are not so many people this big. LOL!!!

We had the chicken roll again…


…and my girl wanted the ribs that we had on our previous visit but the boy said that there was wheat flour in it – the last time around, he said it was all right so perhaps, they had a different recipe this time, I wouldn’t know.

My girl did not want the fish again so we had siew yoke (roast pork)…


…and we had the bitter gourd omelette…

SYARIKAT KIONG CHUONG CAFE bitter gourd omelette

For our soup dish, I ordered what we called luak chai (Szechuan preserved vegetable/榨菜) and pork leg soup…

SYARIKAT KIONG CHUONG CAFE luak chai too kha soup

…and much to my surprise, my girl said she had never had that before and yes, she loved it! I guess we can always cook our own at home for her to enjoy – somehow, for reasons unknown, the mum never did.

The total for all the dishes and three plates of rice came up to only RM46.00. Not too long ago, we went to another place and had a plate of lemon chicken, not a very big serving, two plates of vegetables – sweet potato leaves and cangkok manis and the Foochow-style tofu soup with canned oysters and the total came up to over RM60.00 (inclusive of rice). No price for guessing which place we will definitely be dropping by again and which place is no longer on our list.

SYARIKAT KIONG CHUONG CAFE (2.291062, 111.827381) is located along Jalan Kampung Nyabor at the bend where one turns into Jalan Kpg Nyabor from Brooke Drive, a stone’s throw from Malaysia Hotel in the next block.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “You’re always good…”

  1. Actually my first time seeing luak chai boil with pork leg for soup. Normally, it is done with pork ribs which I usually did. One of my favourite soup too.

    We cook it with pork bones, absolutely love the soup!

  2. I just came from Phong Hong blog, she also blog about chicken, now I am craving for it, hehe…

    Lots in Singapore, anywhere and everywhere!

  3. pics peanut butter, I’ve always liked how it tastes! premium stuff though

    You have it over there? Not here! I love the strong fragrance of the roasted peanuts.

  4. I noticed from the label the peanut butter is made in NZ, with peanuts from Kingaroy, which is in Queensland. That area is famous for peanuts.

    Yes, that’s what it says on the label. There is also an invitation on the label to visit the factory at Nelson – make your own peanut butter and take your jar home, absolutely free!

  5. I see this brand Pic’s at the supermarket and it is quite pricey. Have you tried it yet and is it good?

    It’s very fragrant, not salty, a little watery – personally, I think I prefer Bestyet, the US one that I blogged about the other day.

  6. Very thoughtful of your godson… oh, before I go on, sorry for not coming by the last couple of weeks, now my laptop is back to normal and I can go blog hopping again… second reason is due to the busyness, most days, I am out for long hours.. you know ladies, they can shop and shop even though they don’t really have to buy! LOL… So if you don’t hear from me, you know why… LOL…
    Saw all the yummy food above… the chicken roll is making me drool… very nicely done…. and the soup, that is my son’s favourite vegetable… we call it Char Choy… can go with porridge too! Yummmmsss!!

    Yes, so nice of him to remember me and to send me something through his parents.
    I guess you do not have much time to do your own cooking there, can have Asian/Chinese food anytime – a whole lot cheaper to cook one’s own. Too busy having fun!

  7. I cooked Sichuan vegetable pork rib soup last night. Super good.

    Yummy meal. The chicken roll, omelette, roast. I would like them

    Very nice food here and very reasonably-priced. Would love to come more often but parking is always a problem in this part of town. Yet to cook our own luak chai soup – will do that one of these days since my girl loves it.

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