This was the first Malaysian-made brand of instant noodles and it was so immensely popular that today, if somebody said that he had maggi, it could be some instant noodles and not necessarily that particular brand.

I would say that I grew out of it and would prefer some of the other brands and their flavours. I did not like the texture and taste of their noodles and the flavours they had were nothing to shout about. However, when I went over to New Zealand, I saw a wider variety there, made in their factory there, and tried a few. They were so much nicer – even the noodles were nicer…or maybe, somehow, things taste a lot better in the cooler temperate climate, I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, sometime ago, I received this email out of the blue from somebody named Rebecca:
Hello Suituapui!

Congratulations! You’ve been picked as one of the winners of the Maggi Royale giveaway from KYspeaksIn order to have your prize posted to you, kindly fill in the information below:
1) Full name
2) Postage Address
3) Contact Number
Kindly reply to us as soon as possible by 19th January 2015 in order to prevent any delays in delivery ya.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Yes, I did comment on the said post but no, I did not know there was a competition – maybe it was mentioned but I did not read it carefully…and I said exactly what I had said in the previous paragraph, that I did not like their noodles but I had very nice ones in New Zealand and I wondered why.

Anyway, I replied promptly and to date, I have yet to receive anything from them…and I wonder why!

In the meantime, my girl and the mum who are so into anything Korean these days, the consequence of watching too many of the shows on the Korean channel on satellite tv, have been making kim chi, jars and jars of it…

Ownmade kim chi

…and cooking all kinds of dishes that they’ve seen…and they even went and bought this…

Maggi Royale

Well, since I had it in the house, I thought I might as well cook a packet and give it a try. As always, I cooked the noodles first and yes, it was nothing like what they have in their regular line.  It was thicker, something like yellow noodles, and very firm. I had to boil it for quite a bit before it became soft enough and I could drain it well and place it in a bowl.

Then I went on to cook the soup. There were two sachets inside the packet…


– one with the seasoning and the other one with the vegetables. I emptied them into the boiling water and broke an egg into it as well. Then, I poured everything over the noodles in the bowl…

Spicy beef

Now, the moment of truth! It was spicy, very spicy but I did not have a problem with that. In fact, I quite liked it that way. I liked the noodles and as for the soup, I thought it was nice but no, it did not taste anything like any beef noodles I have had anywhere.

I did not add any extra ingredients other than the egg…


…as I wanted to retain its original taste.

On the whole, I would not say it was anything that would get me running back to the store to grab more…and at RM7.80 for a pack of 4 packets (almost RM2.00 each), I certainly would think twice about doing that.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Royal…”

  1. I like Maggi Royale. My fav is the Penang Seafood. Sedap 😀

    Too bad my girl did not buy that. The noodles are nice – like fresh yellow noodles but at RM2.50 a kg, no prize for guessing which I would rather buy…

  2. I thought I was the only one feeling strange eating Maggi in the UK, because the noodles there felt better. I believe it is the same case as Proton, they have local range and export range, the ones for export are made better to compete with the high quality stuff they have overseas.

    Just like the menglembu peanuts – the one with the thumb. Once, I saw that the ones we bought here had the “For sale in Sabah & Sarawak only” on the packet. Tasted ok, the same…but when we compared both side by side, the ones here were very small. Also at Secret Recipe here, I noticed that the drinks were RM1 more than what I had in Penang, making them more expensive than the cakes even. I don’t know why there is/was this discrimination between regions.

  3. Ahhh Korean.. Yesterday I watched this ‘Cooking with Chef Myeong’ in Food Network, interesting yummy cute food she makes.. Nowadays I just stick with Cintan mushroom chicken..

    Eating the same over and over again, it gets boring. I would look for new or different flavours, see if there is anything nicer.

  4. wahhh that’s kinda expensive at almost RM2 per packet just to eat something unhealthy! haha

    Exactly! Throw in all the added ingredients, it can actually cost quite a lot.

  5. These noodles are popular in Australia too. Have you ever heard us pronounce the name though? We say it a little differently. 😉

    Like magic without the c, I hear. Not bad – I expected something quite different like maig as the a is ai…and jai as in (the gift of the) magi – maigjai.

  6. I don’t eat noodles like this…but I know people who do. 🙂 Happy Easter to you.

    Oh? I wonder how you eat noodles. Usually tossed with some sauce like pasta?

  7. My son also bought those recently… he likes tomyum paste… I have yet to taste them though..

    Oh? So tom yam is good, Penang seafood is good… Noted, not that I would buy though – a bit expensive. 😦

  8. Not adventurous into instant noodles, only buy mee daddy which is my favourite. If too spicy, not for me then.

    Yup, nice…and Mee Daddy is a whole lot cheaper too. Made in Sibu. I bought a packet for my Singapore friend to try, so far no feedback – has not cooked yet, I guess.

  9. hahahaha!! Sorry, I had to laugh when I saw the two jars of kimchi because I know you do not like them at all. I’m not a fan either although I do eat kimchi. I saw the Maggi Royale Korean Spicy advertisement on TV and it looked so good. Perhaps if we added some beef it might taste better?

    I’m sure it will make up for the much-lacking beef taste that I did not detect in the soup.

  10. No thank you, my dad would love to try that though. He likes his maggi simple too, with an egg topped.

    I’m not always like this. I would add whatever I would be able to find in the fridge or freezer…but in that case, the taste would be enhanced – sure would be nice one, especially if I had some prawns at hand. Not a fair review of the real thing, no longer its original taste.

  11. You did not add anything so the chillis & bits of vege came with the flavouring?
    I’ve sworn off having instant noodles but I had one for lunch today. lol… Penang Curry Mee from an uncle I know who is distributing this new product.
    Want a pack to try?

    Yup, and I think the bits of chili is cili padi, and that was why it was so so hot! Not the Penang white curry, I hope – not a fan of those.

  12. I guess the almost RM 2 price is more “acceptable” in KL since comparatively it will still be quite a bit cheaper than eating out, maybe not so in other parts of Malaysia.

    I guess so plus there are others that do not come cheap either but they still sell! The Korean noodles I bought once, RM2 a packet, dunno now…and the ones from Singapore, around RM6-7 a packet! I still see them on the shelves so there must be people buying or they would not bother to stock up on those.

  13. Interesting, Ive been living for quite sometime now here in NZ and never saw that noodle. We do have different variants of maggi though but never a fan of any, the noodles are not as par as the good quality Asian ones like the Korean and Japanese versions.

    We have the Korean and Japanese ones here too – many people love those, I know, but I’ve tried and I thought they were just so-so, not so nice as to merit that kind of prices. They’re cheaper than the outrageously-priced ones from Singapore though…and perhaps, nicer too!

    I did not buy Maggi when in NZ – when I was in transit in Auckland, my good friend there shoved packs and packs of them from her pantry…for us to take to Wellington. Good too, cos things are so so so expensive there and I could cook them to eat…and I loved them – the ones there, not the ones here.

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