If only for one night…

I was so happy to receive news that my very very good friend, Mandy, would be coming to town. I have not seen her since we went over for my girl’s convocation in 2013 and it did not matter that she would be arriving late at night, I just had to go and see her to say hello!

She was on a working trip and she told me that the company would arrange a rented car for her and her colleague so I would not need to go to the airport to meet them upon arrival. That was why I waited at the hotel instead. They finally got there at around 9.30 p.m. and after checking in and after dropping off their stuff in their rooms, we went to this place which was right behind the hotel, not because of the convenience but Mandy had been here before in 2012 with Yee Ling and her girls and she would want to go back there again for this…

Payung rojak

…that she remembered only too well and also this…

Payung mushroom roll

I also asked her to try the green curry…

Payung green curry

…that my family and I had before and loved a lot. Being relatively new on the menu, they did not have it that time when she came and yes, she liked it very much. Not really a fan of the ones with the thick and rich gravy she had had at some Thai restaurants, she thought this one was quite different and tasted really great.

They also had this…

Payung otak otak

…and her colleague loved it, saying that it was very different from the Muar ones and he was not a fan of the Penang version of the same.

We were already very full after all these (and I had dinner…and supper before this) so we just shared one durian ice cream between the three of us for dessert. The place closes at 11 usually but it was way past the time already when we called it a day…


…and they did not mind it one bit. Mandy picked up the tab…like what she would insist upon everytime – there’s no arguing with that lady, I tell you…so I did not even bother to try. LOL!!!

It certainly was nice to see her again after all this time. Too bad my girl was at her school in Selangau so she could not get to meet her dear Kak Mandy – she would have loved that so much. I was not able to see her again myself as the next day, she and her colleague were tied up with their work at some job site and did not get back to town till late and they left on the very early flight the next morning to go back to KL. I must say that I sure was glad I made an effort to go and see her that night even though it was way past my bedtime – like they say, old people go to bed early and wake very very early before the break of dawn. That’s me all right!

Thanks for dinner, Mandy. We’ll meet again soon, I hope…if not here in Sibu,  then there in KL.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “If only for one night…”

  1. the first dish looks very tasty. what’s that?

    That’s Payung rojak, no fruits – just leaves, vegetable, petals…and tauhu pok with their own original rojak sauce, different from the usual. The favourite of many!

  2. Always good to meet up with old friends. I’m looking forward to Payung again, just realized I haven’t tried their durian ice cream. Will have to try it next time, after the jelly pisang of course.

    It’s April. You’ll be here soon and I’m looking forward to it! No worries if flight is after 9, I’ll be at the airport to get you! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Arthur. Looking forward to it too. Will try to get an early flight, haven’t booked kul-sbw yet but already bought the long flight.

      No worries. Any time is fine by me, just let me know flight number and ETA, and I’ll be right there waiting! 😉

  3. So so nice of you to meet up with Mandy and colleague so late at night.. And you’ve already had dinner too..Me? By 9.30pm go to bed already coz need to settle the boys to zzz..

    Mandy hardly comes by so I was only too happy to stay out late so we could spend some time together. She’s a gem, a really good friend.

    Me, when my girl was a baby, she went to sleep at 7, I would also go to sleep…so no problem waking up in the middle of the night for feeding or whatever…and I would get enough sleep to go to work the next day.

  4. Great to catch up with a good friend. Happy Easter Monday!

    Yes, been quite a while since we last met/we went to KL. Sure was good to see her again.

    Driving to Selangau later – girl’s school off today…so did not need to go yesterday, Sunday. Happy Easter to you too!

  5. Come… make a trip to KL and then Penang 😀

    Thinking of JB…and can go Singapore to visit my friends – they’ve been here twice already. Penang? I don’t think so. Hehehehehe!

  6. Make a trip to KL, can meet Mandy, and also the Kucing family, am sure they will be more than happy that you hop over and bring you around…

    KL, no problem…lots of friends there – have to take a number one. Muahahahahaha!!!! (must show off sikit)

  7. It’s better if you hop over to KL, then you can meet so many people at once 😉

    See my reply to Ken & Somewhere in Singapore. I have yet to visit my Trengganu friends too, promised them I would go…

  8. I watch 8:30pm show on tv and fall asleep before the end! Cannot stay up late.

    I don’t bother watching TV anymore, would probably doze off like you. 😉

  9. Oh boy, I go to bed before 10pm and get up at 5am – that must mean I’m getting old!

    Not bad. One more hour and I’ll say welcome to the club! 😀 😀 😀

  10. Once bought green curry paste from Cosway and cook but still find the normal curry is better. From the look of the rojak, I know where it comes from….”ho suar”…though a short trip, still manage to have a good catch up. Happy Easter Monday. God Bless.

    I’ve tried the packet ones too, cannot remember the brand – not bad, like kurma. Yes, it was the umbrella place all right. Happy Easter to you too and all in the family as well.

  11. A fan of green curry too… altho i havent tried cooking one. Happy Easter!

    I did use something that came in a packet before and it turned out quite good. Can’t remember the brand now. 😦

  12. Mandy, oh Mandy.. I also never see her for a long long time already! Yes, she is a cool one… I like her too… and we have something in common… ie. I wouldnt mind coming by this place again and again if I fly there one day on business like Mandy…hahahaha… ok, mine will be working pleasure not pressure…

    Fly over for pleasure, no need to work… Some very very cheap promos available!

  13. Happy Easter!!! Been a while since I had green curry!
    Those are otak-otak right ? yeah….very different. Muar’s idone big chunk of fish meat.

    Fish cake, not real fish chunks like this one here. I had a few times at Muar Restaurant in KL, very nice – I liked it…but this is nicer.

  14. I remember bump into Mandy once …a very long time ago in a hypermarket. Miss her dearly.
    I also had dinner at Payung last Sunday with HB and his dad. I wanted to have the durian ice cream la.

    Oh? KL isn’t all that big, after all, eh? 😀 Yes, I saw that in his blog.

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