Other ways…

I got some yee mee from Annie when she was home a few weeks ago during the school holidays and as far as I know, they usually serve it in claypots or hot sizzling plates. I do not have any of those plates and a couple of claypots but they are big ones, not individual sizes. That was why I decided to cook the noodles in some other ways.

I tried cooking it the something-like –mee mamak style, the way I cooked some yellow noodles that I had not too long ago and these were the ingredients that I used…


– the usual peeled and sliced shallots and garlic, some Thai basil leaves, spring onions, one chili – all thinly sliced, some green vegetables (sawi manis) and two eggs.

I also had some prawns…


…so I deveined them…and boil the heads and shell in a bit of water and kept the stock.

I boiled the noodles and drained well before adding some soy sauce, Thai chili sauce and sugar…


…and I was ready to roll!

I fried the shallots and garlic in a bit of oil till golden brown, added the prawns, chili, Thai basil leaves and spring onions and the stems of the vegetables. Once cooked, I added the noodles and mixed everything together well, adding a bit of the prawn stock a little at a time to sizzle in the wok and the rest of the vegetables and lastly, I added the eggs. Once it was done, I dished it out and served…

Yee mee mamak

Well, I would say it wasn’t too bad, nice with the fragrance and taste of the yee mee, but I do think it is nicer with yellow noodles…or let’s say that, between the two, that would be my preferred choice.

I had some of the yee mee left…and the prawn stock as well so one morning, I took the stock, added a bit of water and two cloves of garlic plus some fish balls and brought it to boil, adding a little bit of fish sauce so it would be salty and nice. In the meantime, I boiled an egg…and cooked the noodles. Placing the noodles in a bowl, I added the soup and the fish balls plus the egg. I had some leftover pan-grilled salmon, left over from the slab that I bought for my girl to enjoy so I took that, cut into slices, heated them up and added them to my bowl of noodles…


…and served with a sprinkling of chopped cilantro and fried shallots on top…

Yee mee soup

I always love noodles in clear soup so of course, I enjoyed that…especially with my own pounded chili and garlic plus lime dip.

Ok, all the noodles are gone now. Oopsss!!! I’ve forgotten all about the sausages from Australia that I still have left in the freezer…and it’s already past the end of the month. No prize for guessing what’s for breakfast tomorrow, folks! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Other ways…”

  1. I enjoy noodle in clear soup too. Both are splendid! Nicely cooked.

    Both ok, that much I would say. This was VERY nice – mee sua tossed in fried shallots & garlic oil, soy sauce, pounded chili, chopped spring onions and pepper plus the last few of the sausages from Australia and a fried egg…
    mee sua sausages and egg

  2. I prefer yee mee to the yellow noodles. Actually I have never preferred those yellow noodles whichever way they are cooked, unless it is KL style Hokkien Mee where they are drenched in dark sauce. Don’t like that alkaline taste to it.

    Try ours, no alkaline taste. that is why it is not so yellow…and must not be overcooked or if in soup, gotta eat fast. May turn too soft and soggy.

  3. I always loves yee mee…

    You do? Not very common here, not even sure where I can eat it…if you ask me.

  4. Am a noodles lover, any way of cooking I love it. That plate of prawns & extra added ingredients are more than good enough for a nice bowl of noodles. Yumzzzz!!!

    It was good. Can’t go wrong with prawns, always nice.

  5. wow, what a nice meals…
    but you should reduced the fat and the carbs content a lil bit my friend…

    No worries! Moderation, that’s what I practise. May indulge a bit when there are guests around or on some special occasions, then I go cold turkey for a while to make up for it. I jolly well can’t afford to be feasting all the time, poor old pensioner me on my miserable measly pension!

    You too!!! Young people also gotta watch out – so many that I know – stroke, diabetes, everything and they are so so so young, so much of their lives ahead of them. I’m already more than halfway there…if I live to be 100, that is!

  6. Your yee meen looks so so good, so much liew. I can have two plates of yee meen mamak please.. I cook very simple yee meen only – soup, fish balls, crack an egg, that’s all..Your soupy yee meen got so much liew, salmon, fish balls, egg, oooooo now I feel like having a bowl of yee meen soup 😛

    Go ahead! Can get it very easily where you are. Not sure if I can find any here… Have not had it for a log long time.

  7. I love your fried noodles! Hmmm…I would also think that yellow noodles would be more suited for this style. I think yee mee is best cooked in the gravy style.

    Yes, I agree with you on this 100%.

  8. Very nice homecooked noodles there, Arthur! I like yee mee with soup too..hot claypot with a raw egg on top…

    Had it once here, dunno still got or not. Not as popular, I guess. Don’t see it much here.

  9. Wow that salmon looks good on that noodles

    Some leftover from the slab I bought for my girl to enjoy – a bit more and I used that for fried rice.

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