I’ll try anything once…

My girl came home as usual last Friday. It has been two years since she passed her driving test so as soon as she got back into town that afternoon, she had to go to the Land Transport Department office and get her probationary license changed. That did not take too long and having done that, she is now a full-fledged driver. Now I am hoping she’ll get her transfer back to town and then, I can look forward to the days when I will be chauffeured around. Hehehehehe!!!!

After settling the license business, she went to town to settle some matters and she stopped by the supermarket in town, the one with all the imported stuff, and she said they currently have a lot of goodies from New Zealand like theΒ Griffin’s cookies and crackers, for instance. She did not buy any of those though and instead, she got me these…

Scotch fingers

…thank you so much, darling! These are made in Fiji…

Scotch fingers 2

…for some Australian company.

I’ve tried the scotch fingers from Arnott’s – they’re nice though I can’t say I’m crazy over them. Well, I’ll try anything once, at least, so I had a go with these…

Scotch fingers 3

Yes, they were very nice – light, with a hint of the fragrance of butter and the richness of milk, and not very sweet and if my memory serves me right (I haven’t had them for a long time now), they’re as nice as Arnott’s, more or less…but all things considered, especially the prices, I would much sooner settle for our own Made-in-Malaysia, Tiger Brand’s.

In the meantime, I also tried the Adriano Zumbo’s limited edition Tim Tam, the salted caramel

Tim Tam salted caramel

…that I got from my cousin from Brisbane, Australia. It turned out to be like the classic with the bit of caramel in the middle – something like the Quality Street toffees that I used to love so much in my growing up years except that it was salty! I would say it was all right though for some, it may need a little bit of getting used to, that sweet and the salty combination in it. This salted caramel thing, however, seems to be a trend that is catching on or perhaps, that is the case Down Under as I saw a friend there sharing a photo on Facebook the other day of a new flavour of Magnum ice cream – yes, you guessed it right! Salted caramel!

Last but not least, I tried their new flavour – the peanut butter…

Tim Tam - peanut butter

Hmmmm…it was o.k. Imagine the usual Tim Tam with a slight hint of the peanut butter cream that you can find in those Julie’s cheese crackers…and if you asked me to choose, I would go for the latter…especially when those would be very much cheaper and I think the peanut butter cream is more compatible with the cheese crackers while the taste here is almost drowned out by the chocolate.

All in all, my favourites would be the red velvet and the raspberry white chocolate, the red velvet especially! That was so so so good!

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17 thoughts on “I’ll try anything once…”

  1. wah … so fast want to ‘retire’ from the chauffeur work! hahaha… You still gotta wait for her to ‘pass’ the actual driving experience on the roads! The Butter scotch looks good, I don’t mind having some.
    Aiyo…tim tam again …. faint!!

    Muahahahahahaha!!!!! No more for a long long time, I’m sure…or at least, till some kind and generous friend/family member comes back from Australia. They’re RM8.90 a pack here – cheaper than in KL, it seems (How much in Singapore, the big packs?) and maybe, more or less the same as in Australia (normal price, not sale price – they’re very cheap there on sale days) but even so, I would not go out and buy. Can use the money for other stuff a whole lot nicer.

    Ah well! I can be the backseat driver. Yak…yak..yak!!! Scold and scold! πŸ˜›

  2. Not sure if you know about them or not, but Cadbury finger biscuits are sold in the U.K. and here in Canada as well, and they are very good. I have never tried (or seen) these Scotch fingers, but they look good. I have tried Scottish shortbread and it is delicious…rich, but very good! πŸ™‚

    Scottish shortbread is my No. 1 favourite but at at least 4 times the price of our local-made biscuits for a small pack/box…or a plate of our local noodles, I would rather go for the latter. We have our local-made Cadbury finger biscuits, I think, chocolate coated but I’ve never tried them. I know people use them to make Tiramisu cakes and mille crepes.

  3. Yay! Melissa can drive you around soon. First thing first, she must get transfer back here.

    Salted caramel ice cream? Er, I give it a pass. I still like the original flavour. I just finished my Magnum mini yesterday. Original one. Got to get one pack soon. ^^

    Yup! Hoping and praying.

    Magnum, I like the chocolate & strawberry very much but they do not have minis. 3 big ones in a box. I prefer the minis – will not be eating so much in one sitting.

  4. She gets a boyfriend/hubby, then you can kiss being chauffeured around goodbye πŸ˜€

    Waiting for the day. I wouldn’t mind staying at home all day, no need for anyone to drive me around. So reserved, quiet…not much hope. 😦

  5. So nice of Mel to buy you something each time she goes shopping for food (or groceries).. Can she write-in to transfer or something? How long is the contract for her to stay in the “jungle school” that you always mention? Ahh, when I see Scotch fingers, I think of our Cadbury fingers, which is easily available in the supermarket, petrol kiosk, mini mart, 7-11, everywhere.. Love them, I can finish the whole packet of Cadbury fingers at one go.. Eh, I’m also having Tiger biscuits with a cup of Milo, right here, right now, for breakfast !! πŸ˜€

    She’s applying every time it’s open for applications, twice a year, but been there less than two years. Chances very slim but no harm trying. At least 4 or 5 years, they say. Ya, she’s very sweet and thoughtful, very caring. Never tried Cadbury’s but I would pick up a pack or two of Tiger’s regularly and have them for afternoon tea.

  6. Magnum mini chocolate flavour is my favourite and the size is just nice for one sitting. For biscuits, am not into those with cream or whatever in between, just plain, like our very own Malaysian made Tiger brand, Julie’s cheese crackers and even Osbrone biscuits.

    Same here, prefer the minis but unfortunately, my favorite choc and strawberry – only big ones. 😦 Same here, not into biscuits with cream…except the peanut butter in Julie’s cheese crackers. For one thing, it’s not sweet.

  7. Now, during the weekend she drive?

    Once in a while, but not when we all go out together – old driver will be the chauffeur – she and the towkay neo will sit and relax.

  8. congratulations to your girl! πŸ™‚ no more P

    tim tam! now why does that name sound so familiar. Hmm

    Thanks. Ummmm…what? Tim Tams? You have them over there – no promo event with free sampling so you don’t know lah. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. Now have F1 licence and zoom zoom to school la. no need for you to drive hehehe…

    ahem ahem…original wor…not made in CXXXX

    She does not have enough experience to tackle the dangerous drives – all the overloaded timber lorries and oil palm trucks, the petrol tankers, the containers, the inter-town buses…all going at neck-breaking speed and not keeping to the limit…and our road here is narrow, single lane…not like the highways you have over there. Ask my missus to drive also she doesn’t dare – backseat driver can lah, that one very pandai.

    What’s made in China? Tim Tams? Got kah? You buy for me lah. Indon ones got lah, lots over at your side, I hear…cheap some more.

  10. OOh finally a post I can relate too! πŸ™‚ I’ve tried all those Tim Tam flavours that you mentioned.. and I loved the salted caramel one. I liked the Peanut butter one at first but somehow grew out of it, not sure why. My all time favourite flavour is still the Dark chocolate! Try that next time πŸ™‚

    Wahhhh!!! You like all of them, it seems. Ok there – dirt cheap at weekend sales. Not here – between RM7-8 a pack…and they always sell out very fast so no chance for them to be on sale as the expiry dates draw near. Others maybe, not Tim Tams. My girl likes the dark choc, not me – my faves would be the red velvet and white choc raspberry. Guess I’m not really into chocolate all that much.

  11. Yeap, tiger brand’s decent, especially for that price, couldn’t complain much

    Yup. I like. The white packet, milk ones are nice…and also those with chocolate flavour. Very affordable, can be better than some imported ones even actually. Not all those from abroad are all that good. More the snob appeal than anything else.

  12. My girl also got “promoted” … from P to no P… hahahaa… but each time she drives, I prefer to sit behind than in front.. hahahaa…
    By the way, from now on, I can only comment in blogs during the evening… Facebook and blog hopping are banned in the office already… sigh.. thank goodness I am retiring soon! πŸ™‚

    Oh? So strict kah? But that should be the case – working time means working…but lunch and tea breaks should be ok. I guess not everyone is very obedient – you give an inch, they’ll take a yard, so best to disallow completely. Ahhhh!!! Your girl’s good enough for you to sit inside? You sit at the back on your accord or she insists that you do not sit in front. Later she will panic! LOL!!!

  13. Congratz Melissa! Need more practise on the road, especially in Sibu town. Haha. Even I still don’t have gut to drive in Sibu. πŸ˜…

    That’s what everybody says. But it’s ok…a bump or two…not a problem. I had my share of those. πŸ˜‰ One learns through experience.

  14. Black & Gold! I thought these biscuits are extinct!

    Very nice of Melissa to get you some.

    I’ve never seen them here myself, will be sure to check out Ta Kiong when I come home when my dad is back from Singapore. I’ve had these before in Australia (usually stocked by BI LO, the sister company of Coles which is now defunct) and I thought it was rather nice too, and priced more competitively.

    I hear they’re very very cheap there, sold at some warehouse kind of places. I checked online – they’re only AUD$0.89. So cheap…around RM3 and they’re selling for some RM7 something here, I think. I wouldn’t buy them myself – just that Melissa got a pack for me. I wouldn’t buy the Arnott’s ones either. They don’t come cheap as well.

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