Be not always…

We were here last month

Noodle House, Sibu

…but that was three weeks ago when we dropped by for lunch and we did not have any dessert then. The very next day, they shared on their Facebook page the new flavours that they had come out with for their lava cakes and Melissa’s friends wanted to go and try the previous weekend but she could not come home then as there were some activities going on in the school. That was why we decided to drop by last Saturday for lunch…and besides, it was past 1.00 p.m. already and I do know that many stalls at the coffee shops and some cafes and restaurants in town close at 2.00 p.m. and will reopen in the evening.

I wanted their very nice kway chapΒ special (RM7.90)…

Noodle House kway chap special 1

…but the mum said she would like to have that so I decided that I would order something else instead. However, two bowls were served instead of one. It seemed that my girl had written two instead of one in the order form so I decided I would just go ahead and eat it…

Noodle House kway chap special 2

I noticed that here, they no longer repeat the orders to confirm anymore – they used to do that in the past, not that we really paid much attention. Hehehehehe!!!!

Melissa wanted the nasi lemak with spiced chicken and beefΒ rendang (RM16.90) but she saw that they did not have the ikan bilis sambal in the photograph of that on the table and she would want that with the rice so she asked for the nasi lemak biasa (RM7.50) that I had on our previous visit instead. In the end, I decided to have that for myself and asked her not to delete it on the order form as I thought we could share the rendang and the chicken.

This was served very promptly…

Noodle House nasi lemak with spiced chicken & rendang

…and wait a minute! There was sambal and quite a lot if it too!!! So I gave that to my girl to eat since I was having the kway chap…and yes, it was very pretty good. She thought the chicken was very nice, nicer than the peri peri one that the mum had the last time we were here, but she felt the beef was a bit tough. I tried a piece and thought it was all right – not really tender but it was fine by me, quite toothless though I may be. The other plate of nasi lemak was a long time coming and I had finished my kway chap and was feeling quite full already plus I was getting impatient and would like the dessert to be served…so I just asked them to tapao it for me to take home and have that for dinner later in the day or I could heat it up for breakfast the next morning.

They have four new flavours – the matcha, cookies and cream and the mocha lava cake (RM9.50)…

Noodle House mocha lava cake 1

…and the chocolate banana lava cake (RM9.50)…

Noodle House choco banana lava cake 1

I quite liked the mocha…

Noodle House mocha lava cake 2

…but my girl, being not a real fan of coffee, did not really fancy it. I thought it tasted something like those Kopiko sweets, if you know what they taste like.

We were not too thrilled by the banana one…

Noodle House choco banana lave cake 2

…as the banana essence was very strong and the chocolate with the bits of bananas inside was overly sweet for our liking.

Yes, yes, I know! That was way too much sweet stuff for one sitting. Normally, we would just order one and share between three or more people so it would not be so bad. This time around, I thought I would like to try since these were new…and anyway, for RM9.50 each, I certainly would not be going back for more for a long long time unless I have a perfectly valid reason to do so – like when there are friends coming to town and I would take them for the nice deep-fried pork belly kompia here and they may want to enjoy that special sweet indulgence as well but personally, I would suggest sticking to the original chocolate lava – we all felt that one was much nicer than these two new ones that we tried. Besides, my girl said that though she had enjoyed what she had in these last two visits, she thought she had had enough of this place for a while…and would rather go some place else for a change. We’ll be back, of course…but not so soon.

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34 thoughts on “Be not always…”

  1. Gotta LOVE desserts with Matcha in them! Or ANYTHING with Matcha in there, really! I need to make more Matcha foods!!! Thanks for the reminder!

    They have the matcha mille crepe too. Tried but can’t say I’m a fan. Not all that fond of the green taste in it.

  2. ooo, cookies n cream is one of my favourite flavours, so i’d probably have chosen that … but i like how you mentioned kopiko in this post … i used to enjoy kopiko sweets, but it’s been years since i had them! now feeling nostalgic πŸ™‚

    Not too sure but in the photo, it looked like ice cream with an Oreo on top and the lava cake by the side, that was all. In the end, we decided we did not want to order that. I’ve never been into sweets buy Kopiko – some people used to bring along during meetings, seminars…to keep awake so I had my share of those. πŸ˜€

  3. Means you guys had two kuey chap, one nasi lemak biasa and nasi lemak with rendang.. Lots of food, can finish ahh? Actually I think Mel could order her nasi lemak rendang, and then ask for the extra sambal ikan bilis.. I love that chocolate lava cake the must, yummzz, can lick the plate clean πŸ™‚

    Ask for extra? Dream on! Not here, that’s for sure. Once I asked for extra red wine for my mee sua…and they gave a spoonful in one of those little saucers. Even in the coffee shops, they’d give you a small bottle of it – one of those pepper-shaker sized ones, at least. Here, even 10 sen on your bill, they’d wait for to dig it out…but that day, my bill was something and 10 sen, and I grumbled grumbled so the guy said ok, he’d just round it up. A little improvement, not bad. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    We tapaoed the nasi lemak biasa in the end, did not eat that there – too full. Any place with lovely lava cakes like these there?

    1. No special place here for lava cakes.. I only know places like Chilis or Tony Roma’s – lava chocolate brownies, something like that..

      Not too sure, probably the same…more or less.

  4. I have been there few times and I never try its lava cake. I think the mille crepe is too good to try other cakes. Lol. I am not really into cakes although I love chocolates. If with my 2 kids, worry we would not be able to finish it.

    But I will definitely order its lava cake, chocolate flavour the next round we drop by since you have been praising it so much.

    I know how kopiko sweet tasted like. I never fond of coffee.

    Ya, I’ve grown tired of their mille crepes already – had those once too often. I just wanted to try these lava cakes cos they’re new – would not go for them for no reason (like ordering for friends coming to town to enjoy), otherwise. Any new flavours for mille crepes, I would also try…but the last one they had was also just so so.

    Give it a try – there is just a thin layer of cake. If you love the double chocolate mille crepe (that’s very sweet), you’ll love this. Go for the original chocolate lava cake. I do think it’s still the best…but I’ve not tried the cookies & cream.

  5. Definitely know what kopiko taste like! OMG I miss that sweet!
    But… it is weird for mocha flavored cake to taste like kopiko, they are nothing alike..

    Isn’t mocha coffee or a variation of it? Not sure if they did not really get it to taste the same or what…and ended up more like Kopiko. Not into mocha or all those, personally, anyway – milk makes me sleepy.

    1. In my experience, mocha is coffee mixed with chocolate and milk. The taste should be closer to Milo LOL!

      I’ve had that before – not exactly like Milo. More a chocolatey coffee kind of taste, lighter than cappuccino but both would have the same effect – I’d start yawning.

  6. Those oozy desserts grab me every time!

    Just trying. Gotta control my intake of such overly-sweet stuff. In fact, when I shared the photos on Facebook, somebody commented to express her shock! Hmmmm….not that I go for these all the time. I wouldn’t be able to afford it even if I wanted to. Tsk! Tsk!

  7. I really miss koay chap, not a dish I can find in KL yet.

    Not in KL, ya? That’s why I thought I had never seen it around there. We only have a few places here but they’re pretty good, some if not most of them. More commonly found in Kuching.

  8. That’s a lot for only 3 people. This time I prefer nasi lemak to kway chap special, anything special hmmm? Looks normal. Sweet desserts, can give it a pass.

    Yup, for old people…can skip the sweet stuff and for RM9.50, can have something really nice instead of that. We tapaoed the nasi lemak biasa, only RM7.50 – relatively cheaper and a lot more satisfying, in the end…and were too full to have it for dinner even!

  9. Wow! They have kueh chap now!

    Noodle House is doing very well it seems…and their desserts look very nice too. I do rather like their kampua myself (with the seafood, beef and chicken options) and even though it’s not traditional, it’s a very nice place to eat!

    Yes, doing too well. Go lunchtime, it will be packed and my head with start spinning from all that loud talking – ladies’ voices do seem to carry really far, loud, high-pitched and all. 😦

  10. taste of kopiko sweets…hmmm…i dont think i will like that too

    Skip the banana one too, so very sweet and the strong smell of the essence. Not that great. 😦

  11. I want that mocha lava cake …. look at the chocolate syrup flowing out ….It looks so good ! Btw , also fatty too. The nasi lemak with the fried chicken looks decent.

    A bit too pricey, if you asked me. I think there are nicer options elsewhere for a lot less.

  12. The lava cake, if don’t convert, almost same price over here…

    Good grief!!! SIN$9.50???? That’s almost RM30.00. Oh me oh my!!!! And at RM9.50, I’m already feeling the pinch. 😦

  13. No kway chap over here…or maybe I don’t know where :(. Look like something I would like.

    Wow, that’s quite a lot of sweet stuff in one sitting πŸ˜‰.

    Don’t mention it, I know. Abstaining from anything sweet since that overdose. Gotta do penance for one’s sins. Hehehehehehe!!!! I wonder why there’s no kway chap there. Used to be something we would get in Kuching only – like Kuching/Sarawak laksa.

  14. Seems like going to Sibu is a must to get a quick fix at Noodle House. I always see they have great desserts coming up.

    When are you coming again? Let me know, we can drop by here and all the other places worth going to in town. Quick, make a list!

  15. I love lots of sambal with my nasi lemak. Too bad the new lava cake flavours were not that good. Original is still the best πŸ™‚ And I never like cakes or desserts with green tea flavour 😦

    Same here. Somehow the green tea taste comes across rather unnatural, like artificial – so green, not nice at all. I don’t mind drinking green tea…but not anything green tea-flavoured.

  16. You are so nice….after the long wait for the nasi lemak, you told them to tapao. I think I would ask to cancel it if they’ve not prepared.
    Wow…they got so many types of lava cake now!

    Not their fault, so it’s ok lah. Next time, have to be more careful, that’s all. Yup, but original is still the best.

  17. Been here once only. Going to try their Choco lava cake next time.

    When? When? School holidays coming soon. Booked your tickets already or not? πŸ˜‰

  18. Banana lava cake sounds new to me, would not mind to try that out πŸ˜€

    I would not recommend that – too sweet and too strong on the banana essence.

  19. I had no internet access yesterday, so it is nice to be back…and to see your posts. That chicken leg looks so good! πŸ™‚

    My girl liked it. I thought it was all right, not bad.

  20. Stares at the banana chocolate lava cake… Looks yummeh to me!!!
    Dont mind if it is sweet. I have cravings for sweets every month ….;P

    Come on over! You can have that and more. Lots of sweet things here…and sweet people too! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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