What you wish for…

This was the Saturday before Hari Raya, the start of the long weekend and the one-week break for Melissa and she was home for the extended school holiday.

We went out for lunch and it was her wish to go for some Indian food and of course, we ended up where else but here

Cafe Ind, Laichee Lane, Sibu

…again – the only place in town where we can get authentic Indian food, North Indian to be exact.

She did not have any second thoughts about ordering their mutton bryani (RM17.50)…

Cafe Ind, mutton bryani

…something that she would order again and again each time we drop by this cafe – yes, it is that nice and in fact, we all thought that it is getting even better as time goes by.

My missus did not fancy anything Indian and went for their Indonesian menu. They have both Indian and Indonesian cuisines here, different kitchens as the Indian chef would not want to share with the Indonesian one who would have beef in some of the dishes. This time around, my missus wanted to try their mee nyemek goreng (RM12.50)…

Cafe Ind, mee nyemek goreng

…with a special request for it to be extra spicy. I tried a bit and it was so nice with the flavours of all the prawns used in the cooking of the dish and ooooo….it was so so so hot! Needless to say, my missus enjoyed it to the max.

I ordered the roti tandoori (RM4.50)…

Cafe Ind, roti tandoori

…and the mutton masala (RM14.50)…

Mutton masala

…to go with it. The roti was great and the masala was nice too but compared to the curry that came with Melissa’s bryani, I think this is milder, not as strong in the flavours and taste and I would prefer the latter.

Yes, the things here don’t come cheap – after all, it’s a classier, more upscale cafe  but at least, the food is really good and value for money…plus if it is something that my girl wishes for, you can be sure that I will try my utmost best to see that she gets it…plus she sure deserves some kind of pampering after sweating it out in the jungle throughout the week, the poor thing, and should we feel like anything Indian or Indonesian again, most likely, this would be where we would be heading to…again.