Too many choices…

There are more than 10 kampua noodle stalls among the shops in the vicinity of the Civic Centre or Dewan Suarah in Sibu, not including the one(s) above the market there and needless to say, I have only tried a few of them

So far, my favourite is this one here

E Da's kampua
*Archive photo*

…which used to cost only RM2.30 a bowl but I have not been there since so I would not know if they have jacked up the price.

I know some prefer the one here

Eesen's kampua
*Archive photo*

…which used to be even cheaper than the aforementioned but I did not think it was better. I’ve also tried the ones here and here (though I think the people then have since moved away some place else and somebody else is doing it here now) and one other place right next to the SESCO payment collection centre and my missus had the one here and generally, they were all all right but everytime, I stopped by this coffee shop…


…right across the lane from the bakery where I would get those awesome chicken pies, I would go for the fried stuff from the people at the back. I particularly like their fried kway teow, be it wet (with gravy) or dry.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever tried the kampua noodles from this stall in front…

APC kampua stall

…so one morning, we stopped by the place to see if it was any good.

Business was certainly very good – there were quite a lot of people, some ordering from this stall and others eating the fried stuff from the people at the back. I had their kampua noodles (RM2.80)…

APC kampua

…which I thought was all right, not the best in the area and definitely not the best in town and at that price, I guess it would make more sense to go for the cheaper ones a stone’s throw away.

Melissa had the pian sip, dry…

APC pian sip, dry

…while my missus had the soup version…

APC pian sip, soup

…and both of them said that their orders were all right, nothing to shout about and definitely not anything to get them running back for more.

Well, there are a few others here that I have yet to try so I would probably go for those instead if I happen to be around that part of town again…or I would just stick to the fried stuff from the stall at the back.