Christmas don’t be late…

Well, there’s still a month to go till Christmas but look at what the postman delivered to me last Tuesday…


…from the Kucings! They sure do believe in the early bird catching the worm, I guess? Hehehehehe!!!!

I would say that it is quite obvious that our poslaju services here are a lot more reliable and efficient than in the peninsula. Papakucing said that he sent the consignment around 4 something the previous day and in under 24 hours, at around 3 something, it was already safely in my hands…unlike the time when I sent something to Seremban and it took FOUR days! Tsk! Tsk! I sent something else to smallkucing after that and no, it did not sampai hari esok (arrive the next day) but after I had gone to their Facebook page and sent them emails as well to kick up a fuss, it arrived the day after that. Gee!!! I really must stop sending things to people using our national courier service – all that anger and frustration would shorten my life, I’m sure!!!

Anyway, back to what they sent me, these are bottles of homemade butterscotch caramel


…produced by somebody in Trengganu…


So, was it any good? I tried that with some butter raisin toast that I had in the house…


…and ooooo… was so nice! Truly heavenly indeed!

The taste reminded me of those yummy Quality Street toffees that I used to enjoy so very much when I was growing up. Of course, the occasions when we could indulge in them were few and far between – children in those days did not have it so good as the ones today. I remember they came in their very nice tins with pictures of some English gentlemen and ladies in Victorian or Elizabethan costumes and my mum would keep those beauties to keep stuff such as the things for her sewing – the needles, reels of thread, buttons and all.

They’re still available these days, I know. I’ve seen them at those chocolate shops at KLIA but one glimpse at the prices made me decide instantly that I could jolly well live without them. The tins don’t look as nice anymore and I’m sure the toffee does not taste as great, I’m sure…*sour grapes mode*

Then, I got word that my ex-student, Andrew, in New Zealand would be coming home for a few days and since I’m so free these days, with nothing else better to do, I offered to pick him up at the airport and look at what he brought me…


…Christmas pudding and tarts…


…and this calendar with pictures of the gorgeously breathtaking NZ scenery…


It’s been almost a year since we were there and I must say that I do miss everything – the places, the food, the people and most of all, my dear friends there…and one thing that I know, it’s the same with Melissa too. Unfortunately, we do not plan on going back again this time around but hopefully, we can make another trip there next year.

So, what about you? Bought everything already, all prepared for Christmas? Hurry! Hurry now! Don’t be Β late!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Christmas don’t be late…”

  1. Oh you had me at caramel… my one sweet weakness. I’m not a big sweet eater, but oh I do love the taste of homemade caramel! I occasionally indulge and make some.

    Tarts are great too, I have fond memories of preparing them with my mother. Saturday was always baking day in our house.

    Now we have the desserts for Christmas, haven’t of what to have for dinner yet. Gee! Time flies!

  2. Mr. Santa is busy preparing gifts. hehe.
    I agree with you. Our Poslaju service here is much more better that than the Peninsular’s.

    It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Problem arises in the delivery stage – so one can easily tell that there is something wrong with their postmen. Lazy! Ular besar, all of them!

  3. Oh yes, I notice each year Christmas comes early to you. Love the Christmas pudding & tarts.Such a nice & convenient gifts for Christmas.

    Yup!!! And I have one fruit cake and one fruit pudding in the freezer as well…. No need to make our own now. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  4. Dont really celebrate Xmas other than going to church.

    Nice or not the puddings and tarts. Pretty calendar.

    Same here, go to church and maybe we’ll cook something nice…or go some place to eat, just the three of us.

  5. Wah! Christmas came early for you! I wonder if your Chinese New Year gifts are already being packed and arriving in December πŸ™‚

    None so far! You’re sending one? Hehehehehehe!!!!!!

  6. oh, it’s the festive season and everyone is sending good stuffs to Sibu to feed the Food Mayor!! how nice, hahaha.. ooopss!! i didn’t do that, so i am a bad guy?? hehe.. i love the butterscotch caramel from the Kucings~~ nice!! πŸ™‚

    It’s not too late, Christmas is still about a month and I’ve been good all year! πŸ˜‰ Ahhhhh!!!! You got the caramel too, eh? Nice!

  7. We don’t quite celebrate Christmas for our family nor we eat out, tend to be very jam in Penang…. but i do like the promotions during the season πŸ˜€

    Nope, I would avoid those Christmas dinner promotions. Daylight robbery!!! They’re so very over-priced and for old people like me (or people on diet like you) who do not eat so much, it is really not worth it, not at all.

  8. Christmas always comes earlier to Sibu. Hopefully I’m at M’sia this christmas. I just received a notification that I will be flying off in the next few weeks. 😦

    Christmas in the Philippines is real happening but of course, Christmas away from home can be rather lonely and sad. Poor you!

  9. 🎡This the season to be jolly 🎢…
    And for suituapui, Christmas certainly comes early! This blessed man will start receiving lots of goodies from his friends! Enjoy πŸ˜„

    Truly blessed! Ho ho ho ho ho!!!!

  10. Inconsistent services from poslaju. .lol. my kids very efficient , already pestered me to buy them Xmas present over the weekend and open already. Sigh…..

    No problem for you, so kaya raya…earn SIN dollars, live & spend in Johore. Clever lah you!!!

  11. yay, christmas, my favorite time of the year. and jars of butterscotch caramel, christmas puddings and tarts are the perfect food to put us in an end-of-the-year festive mood, ya πŸ˜€

    Yes, they sure help lift the spirit of the season, nice gifts!

  12. Christmas shopping started and almost completed:D But not sure if we are going to put the tree up this year because of our new kitten Shiloh.

    Wow!!! We haven’t had a tree for a long time, somehow Melissa does not want it – I dunno why. So we just concentrate on the dinner…and going to church.

  13. LOVE the jars and ribbon on the first couple of pics! Very festive! Very nice! I haven’t even start my Christmas Shopping yet…eeeeek

    Hah!!! Less than a month to go… Hurry! πŸ˜€

  14. Wow…all the sweet treats here are just on time for the festive season.
    Butterscotch Caramel sounds very nice. Perfect to spread on toasted bread hor…

    Yes, and these homemade ones are really good. Can get them from people in KL, I think…

  15. Oohh…Christmas pressie came in so much early to avoid ‘tak sampai esok’..
    Now, I can’t wait to see the Xmas tree up soon.

    No lah, I think they sent before they left for their extended holiday in Indonesia – so nice, some people…going to enjoy full swing!

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