There was a terrible storm that evening when Melissa was coming back from her holiday duty at her school and visibility was almost zero…so I had to drive very very slowly all the way to her colleague’s house to get her and her mum. On the way home, we stopped by here for dinner…


I’ve been here a number of times like here and here, for instance but I have been avoiding it lately as it had always been so very crowded and people would have to stand around and wait for a table and the worst thing was that there was no proper queuing system – the survival of the fittest or at least, none that I knew about.

Well, that was when it was very small, just this section…


…but now, it has grown bigger and includes the other end of the next block of shops…


…and they’ve erected a roof over the pathway in between and laid out tables there as well…


…so now it is pretty big, a whole lot bigger than at its humble beginning just a couple of years back.

I thought that evening would be a good time to drop by thinking that there would not be many people owing to the heavy downpour but I was so so so wrong! The rain had stopped when we arrived at around 6 something and indeed, there were a few tables vacant, probably because it was still early as well, but those soon got filled up too.

I ordered the chicken parmigiana (RM8.80)…


…as Melissa wanted the chicken mushroom penne (RM7.90)…


…that initially, I thought I wanted to try. Well, one look at the pasta and one would be able to tell that it wasn’t all that great – the sauce was kind of watery, not rich and creamy enough…but ah well! What can one expect for that price, eh? My chicken was very good though and seeing that Melissa wasn’t really enjoying what she was having, the two of us swopped our orders and I ended having the penne in the end…and it wasn’t even penne! That was fusilli, right?

I also ordered the mushroom soup (RM2.90)…


…for her but she did not like the strong shitake taste so guess who had all of that eventually. Well, what to do? Papa sayang mah…and all a father wants would be the best for his little girl, don’t you all think so?

The mum had the teriyaki chicken (RM7.90)…


…that she had on one of our previous visits and liked and like the last time around, she asked for rice instead of fries.

They’ve a lot more things on their menu now and there are pizzas as well. We wanted the smoked salmon one but that was not available so we just settled for the Hawaiian (RM15.90)…


…and one look at this…


…will tell you whether it was any good or not! It tasted great and the bread crust is a lot thinner than at that franchise place so you would not feel like you’re eating bread instead of pizza plus it is a lot cheaper, I think.

All in all, it was a delightful dinner, the service was excellent – very fast and very efficient and the food came very promptly but they did mention when we were ordering that one would have to wait for half an hour for the pizza, so  it took a while, not very long, before it was served…so if you are looking for that kind of western cuisine served at those upscale cafés and restaurants, minus the not-very-affordable exorbitant prices, THIS is the place to go!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Bigger…”

  1. Yes the mushroom penne does look a bit watery, I would not have been thrilled with that either.

    Well, what to do? Papa sayang mah…and all a father wants would be the best for his little girl, don’t you all think so?

    Oh I can relate to this, I’m the same way with my daughter. Sometimes I tell her she’s very fortunate to have such a doting mom. But, I learned from my parents since they did the same for my brother and me. 🙂 I’ve seen some parents that seem quite selfish and think of themselves first and their children last. Tsk Tsk.

    The pizza does look nice, My daughter loves pizza. We make it perhaps once every other month at home.

    It’s a circle game. When I was growing up, my mum would have to slaughter the chicken herself, chop it up and cook. My brother and I would get the drumsticks, my father the wings and she would eat the not-so-desirable parts like the butt or the neck…and thus, it goes round and round.

    Probably it’s the upbringing or the conditions under which they grew up – I know some deprived ones who would worry they would not get their share and would eat as much as they could as fast as possible, not bothered about the kids at all – they would have to take care of themselves. So sad.

  2. Raining mah..most people run into restaurant and makan first lor while waiting for the rain to stop :p

    Half an hour okay la. Can chit chat a bit.

    Not here, raining = stay at home so the eateries outside will not have so many people. Ya, we did not feel we had to wait at all. We were still eating our individual orders when the pizza came – fast also, not a problem.

  3. Rain or shine as long the food is good, price is alright and service is great, people will go no matter what.

    As usual, you make me hungry with all those pictures. Time for breakfast! Hahaha.

    LOL!!! Go, give it a try! Nice place, nice food…and cheap!

  4. U making me craving for the foods as from the pictures, the foods really looks good…

    BTW, is the boss called Anson? hehe…

    I haven’t the slightest idea. There is Teluk Anson in Perak and I think there is a road by that same name in Singapore, right? Somebody named Anson lived there before?

  5. Teriyaki chicken looks nice. Owh, the pizza, very chesssy, 1 piece for me enough.

    We could not finish, so full…had to tapao two slices home.

  6. wow, the restaurant is indeed a lot bigger, triple in size now?? hehehehehe, and i am sure you also left the place with a BIGGER tummy?? muahahaha 😀

    Yes, happy and satisfied…and feeling good that it was sooooo cheap! 😉

  7. The teriyaki chicken look nicer.
    Oh wow…the pizza look great! Like the pulling cheese!
    I hate thick crust pizza…. more like we are eating the crust rather than d toppings.

    Yup, like at the franchise place – end up like eating bread. 😦 All was good except the pasta – would not order that next time.

  8. Nothing looks great to me except… pizza! The only thing that possesses the “standard look” lol

    At those unbelievable prices, nothing to complain about especially when they tasted real good. Some of those cafes – you pay so much and yet, the food sucks big time. What’s this I saw on Facebook about flies eggs at a burger place in Penang? Bet they do not come cheap, the burgers, I mean.

  9. They are so generous with the cheese on the pizza. The price is very affordable. No wonder the place is always crowded.

    Yes, the prices are really great and the food is very good too – that is why the people keep coming, I guess.

  10. The pizza and teriyaki chicken looks good! Too bad they did not do the pasta too well. Besides, your chicken parmigiana looks like a small helping.

    It was huge! Must be the angle taken, not so big in the photo.

  11. Wah pizza looks good, you guys can really eat huh?! 😉

    See my shape and size! 😀 Thankfully, my girl has got very good metabolism, not like me. 😉

  12. hopefully that storm was just an aberration … it’s been very stormy and rainy here in KL too!!!

    We’ve been having that quite a bit here, maybe not quite every day but it has been rather wet but this is quite typical of the end-of-year weather around here. As long as it does not flood, it’s fine.

  13. Food much cheaper at this place. The chicken dishes and penne all under rm10 !

    Very cheap! I get that explains the crowd there every night plus the food is pretty good too.

  14. Good to see places expand and still maintain the service level and food quality.

    Pizzas…I like it much thinner…

    We prefer the crusty thin crust – this one’s bread…but thankfully, not as thick as that franchise place!

  15. That Pizza looks intense! Neat!

    We are currently facing winter storms where I live. I hope we don’t get hit as hard as they are predicting.

    Oh dear!!! We get a lot of rain here, very heavy thunderstorms – quite a nuisance if we have to go out and go somewhere. Hope thing swill get better…

  16. For tonight they are saying at least 8 inches of snow for sure up to 20 inches are possible and that’s just overnight we had some last night and throughout the day today too

    Oh dear! Stay warm, keep safe…take care there!

  17. We passed by there last time, saw it is quite crowded.
    You’re having mushroom penne and mushroom soup? Wow..must be super full, all so creamy.
    Pizza and terriyaki chicken looks very good.

    Sayang mah, it’s a sin to waste. Had to finish it all up. 😉 Hehehehehehe!!!!

  18. it is already mass produced. when i first encountered this place, it was rather empty, he took time to prepare the dishes and most important of all, the food was piping hot. now i heard, food was on the lukewarm side.

    No leh? When we went, everything was piping hot…especially the pizza as we did not get fresh clean plates and cutlery to use and we just used our hands. 😦

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