Not the right day…

I love the nasi kerabu here but they only have it on Saturdays so I usually would make it a point to go on Saturday only and not on any other day.

However, my missus and I dropped by one morning last week – not on the right day but we decided to go ahead anyway and give whatever they might have a try and see if there would be anything good that we could go for sometimes for a change.

My missus had their nasi lemak (RM5.00)…

NL 1

…with a piece of fried chicken. She liked it very much and said that the sambal was very good but I tried a bit of the rice and no, I did not think it was lemak or fragrant enough and I would say that the egg was miserably overcooked…

NL 2

…don’t you think so? And is that all the oil that they used in the frying that I can see on it in the photograph? No, thank you…I certainly would give this one a miss without a second thought.

They told me they had chicken rice that morning – it wasn’t on their regular menu and I decided to try that (RM7.00)…

CR 1

The rice was so-so, not too bad – I’ve tasted worse…but they were certainly very generous with the chicken – one whole drumstick, thigh and all, and I loved the pickle very much. It certainly looked kind of kasar (coarse), whoever sliced all the things for that could have done a better job of it but it did not matter – the test of the pudding is in the eating and I would give it a double thumbs up…

CR 2

…The chili dip was so very good too but it was a pity that it was not really spicy hot – perhaps they could have thrown in a cili padi or two to give it that much needed kick…and the complimentary sup tulang (bone soup) was quite nice as well. Most of the time elsewhere, it would taste like plain water with salt and msg added and very strong on the smell of the spices…but this one was definitely not like that…thankfully.

I would think, however, that RM7.00 was a bit too steep for a plate of chicken rice even though it came with all the extras by the side and that chunk of meat was pretty big, I must say. Perhaps, if they could improve on the rice and come out with something nicer than that, I would not mind going for it again…even at that present price. After all, what my missus had here was already RM6.00 and the not-so-attractive piece of chicken was served with nothing much else other than the sliced cabbage and a few slices of cucumber, raw…and plain rice! Between the two, I would say this one would be a much better deal…anytime!

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16 thoughts on “Not the right day…”

  1. I love the complimentary sup tulang that normally comes with most Malay chicken rice.

    This one was good, usually too diluted. They sell the soup too at a Malay roadside food stall here. Very cheap…and nice, at times, no quality control. 😦

  2. I like hard-boiled egg with my nasi lemak.

    Now i feel like having Malay food. Maybe ask my hubby for a Malay dinner tonight in Jalan Dato. πŸ˜‰

    Yes, the hard-boiled egg is in fact one of the basic standard condiments in nasi lemak, not fried like this. Try Sri Pelita (right of Paramount), they open nights – some nice stuff there.

  3. Long time I didnt take nasi lemak… I like lots of ikan bilis so I always ask for extra and pay a bit more for them.

    Oh dear! Mustn’t go overboard with anything – ikan bilis is very salty and has high uric acid content, can trigger a gout attack.

  4. yeah i find the price a bit on the steep side but then seeing they gave you one whole chicken leg, i think it’s not that bad.. as for the pickles, i find them alright, i prefer it kasar because i think the veggie more crunchy when they are chunky, hehe!! :p

    I guess I’m more delicate…and would prefer things more finely sliced or chopped. πŸ˜‰ Ya, not too bad for one whole chicken leg…and it tasted good too, that’s the most important thing.

  5. But i thought nasi lemak used boiled egg? that egg looked wrinkled to death. :p

    Yes, real miserable looking. You know how those people work – lenggang-lenggang, slow and easy…and by the time they put in the egg, the wok would be too hot…and they’re so slow they would not be able to get it out quickly. Not surprised that it turned out like that. 😦

  6. Both looks equally good. That drumsticks looks tempting. For the nasi lemak, I love the sambal & peanuts with ikan bilis.

    Yes, the drumstick was good, just the rice could be a bit better. I don’t think I would enjoy the nasi lemak very much though… 😦

  7. That egg looks unappetizing… the chicken looks dry and shriveled

    The nasi lemak one? I think it was coated in some batter and deep fried. The one I had was very well done, very nice.

  8. The chicken rice looks better than the nasi lemak. By the way, this morning I read in The Star about the “Flying Kampua” in Sibu where the kampua noodles are tossed high in the air. Immediately thought of you πŸ™‚

    Never tried that one so I dunno if it is any good or not. Actually, there was another one – awarded by the Malaysia Guiness Book of Records for being a best man for the most number of times. He was the one who was doing it long ago – they have it on youtube as well…but his kampua is no good, not something that I would go for or recommend to people. This one is 10 sen more than most places – maybe that 10 sen is for the show…no, thank you. 😦

  9. OMG that Nasi Lemak. My Malaysian friends here have been ranting about the Nasi Lemak which makes me more curious about it. It looks damn good and delicious.
    I have a new blogpost. It’s called #BIRTHDAY2013. You might want to check it out? And leave a mark, maybe. πŸ˜‰

    It is, the good ones, that is. Not all can get it right though so there are good ones and there are the not very good ones…like this one, for instance – the rice is not lemak (rich) and fragrant enough…and there should be half a hard-boiled egg, not fried.

    I think I’ve commented on your birthday post. Never mind, will hop over again to have a look.

  10. Don’t like the oil-soaked looking fried egg in the nasi lemak. Prefer hard boil egg. But they are quite generous with the kacang..
    Rm7 for the nasi ayam ok lah, considering it was quite a huge leg and came with the side dishes instead of the usual plain cucumber only.

    I don’t mind fried egg, just that it was not well done. Really, in the food business and they can’t even fry an egg nicely. Tsk! Tsk! Ya, I thought the chicken rice was pricey but quite worth it considering the size of that piece of chicken and all the extras that came with it.

  11. Your chicken rice’s chicken looks very good, like you said rice look so so and a bit too dry to my liking. I just had nasi lemak for breakfast this morning. πŸ™‚

    Yup, if they can improve on the rice, it would be just right. No complaints about everything else.

  12. you do have very critical taste buds. hehe :), for me anything goes, semua masuk my perut the “tong”.

    Want to do food review, must pay attention to all details mah…

  13. I went to this shop “Tanjong Seri” for the nasi ayam for lunch today and I asked for my usual kicap sambal, sambal nasi lemak and extra chilli sauce with no extra charge…They have Western food at night, too.

    They do? Any good? I know those stalls at Taman Harmoni sell grilled lamb chops and other western dishes but they’re not really worth going there for.

    I was ok with everything in my order except that the rice could be improved a bit. My missus loved the sambal and everything, just that I was put off by the sight of the over-fried egg and I did not think the nasi lemak rice was any good – nowhere near the stall in the morning at Bandong – that one, the rice is the best I’ve had anywhere.

  14. Wow, they were generous with their chicken, that’s a good thing. Perhaps they read your blog and will take notes to improve? I’m very critical about food, sewing and knitting. Perhaps because I do them all regularly I know how something should be and will note the mistakes. I will also take notes when I see something done very well. πŸ™‚

    Hopefully. The rice could be a bit more oily for that chicken rice fragrance and taste and maybe, it would be good if it had been just a teeny weeny bit softer. Anyway, it was definitely better than many other places, the ones not much better than plain white rice and I sure would not bother going back again. Ya, it is good to be receptive to comments and criticisms – only way one can improve. If you’re really good, there would not be cause for people to complain.

    1. I have not try yet. I heard that the towkay of Sri Tanjung worked as a cook in an international liner.

      No idea. Talked to him once, from Penang – dunno if it’s still the same one…but those cooking at the back, ladies. Did not see him cooking himself. Have you tried Sunny, two doors away – love the specials…you get five prawn fritters for RM1 extra, so cheap and so very nice.

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