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My blogger-friend from Seremban was on her way to her hubby’s hometown in Sarikei and she said she would stop by in Sibu for a while on the way. She did not want any kampua noodles though – I guess she would be getting a lot of that in Sarikei and probably every day too. Instead, she would want to stop by here for the deep-fried kompia with pork belly…


…and the ones with minced meat…


Her hubby and his friend also ordered this sizzling black pepper beef kampua dish…


…while she had the stewed pork belly rice…


For dessert, we had the rum and raisin mille crepe…


…and the crème brûlée…


…that I love a lot as it is not too sweet and I have a soft spot for nicely-made egg custard.

I did not order anything for myself as I had kampua noodles elsewhere earlier that morning and I was rather full so I just nibbled a bit here and a bit there of the kompia and the desserts but obviously, they were not very big eaters and after they had finished their own personal orders, they said they were already so very full and could hardly eat anymore. Well, no prize for guessing who had to clear up everything! Ah well! After all, it has been said that it’s a sin to waste, right or not? LOL!!!

Ooooo…and look at what she brought me…


Hmmmm!!! I needn’t have worried that I would not have any mooncakes to eat this year, it seems. I particularly love the tin – it comes in layers, one for each mooncake – and you can place one on top of the other like a tiffin carrier. Very nice indeed!

Thank you so very much, Melissa, and it certainly was a pleasure meeting you and Alex and thanks also for the brunch treat. I  do hope you all liked what I suggested…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Stop by…”

  1. Oh my goodness. What a great post. I love your food.

    Come, come for a visit. Authentic, unspoilt, un-touristy…the beauty of it all…which I would not say about Penang these days.

  2. oh, i love that rum and raisins mille crepes and also the creme brulee.. and how nice, you have got people to feed you with boxes of mooncakes again.. you are right, no need to buy mooncake yourself, you sure will have a lot of supplies automatically~~ 😀

    Yes, so blessed – no need to buy…and believe me, they keep coming! More…and more!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  3. Oh! I think i did see this before on FB… too porky for me LOL!

    You can just have the kompia and pass me all the yummy filling. Wait a minute! You can’t! It’s deep-fried, oil…and it’s unleavened bread – carbo, hidden sugar! Never mind, you just sit there and watch me eat…like a good little boy. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. Hi Arthur! I love the Kompia – Asian Hamburger?! 😀

    The black pepper beef kampua looks good too! How did it taste like?

    It’s very nice black pepper beef…with the kampua, original taste, side by side. I find that they do go very well together. Yup, Sibu hamburger, to be more precise.

  5. Yummy and tasty! Thought I was in a food coma but the fried kompia and pork belly has me salivating.

    Come, come! Come on over! Ask anyone who has been here, with me as their guide. They can’t wait to come again! 😉

  6. Suituapui, ever consider coming up with a book recommending yummy yummy foods in Sibu, hehe…

    With the sprinkling of tourists coming to our tiny small little town, I can imagine the sales… 😦 Anyone coming can just let me know – I’ll be a bitter tour guide than any book, I’m sure…

  7. Great food goes with good company. Would love the kompia with minced meat.Oh, that beef looks like masak hitam.

    Black pepper…Sarawak’s own masak hitam beef coming up soon! I would say that’s a whole lot nicer, even though this is nice too! 😉

  8. Sizzling beef with Kampua…. That’s new! Haha!!!

    They’ve with sambal calamari & prawns too. I would draw a line there – not to my liking.
    I like this particular combination though – in my opinion, very compatible and all that I took to eat, they liked it too.

    Actually, it’s been around for a few years now – just that you have not heard or read about it in my blog or others. First had it some three years ago, and it’s a place not to be missed when in Sibu, I would say but you need to know what’s good on the menu – not everything is nice. Ask Melissa – she looked so amused when I went, “This no good, that no good,” as we flipped through the pages of the menu.

  9. Totally in love with the desserts esp the rum & raisin mille crepe!

    Cheap…and bigger slices too if compared to those in KL and elsewhere…and NICE!!! Can’t say the same about the few I’ve tried over there.

  10. Why there is a post about ‘united we stand’ but nothing came out?

    I accidentally clicked and published the title – had not started on the post yet even. So I trashed that but unfortunately, it got all those with links in their blogs confused. Post concerned will appear in a couple of days – wonder what that will do to the links then.

    1. I think it goes back to the days I sold candles we had a Creme brûlée scented one and it was yummy smelling

      They have that? Hmmm…maybe it’s good that we do not have that here – I put on weight from the mere smell of food. Sobssss!!!! 😦

  11. I managed to drop by here too. Just to bring my in-laws to try the kompia here. Sitiawan’s kompia is totally different from Sibu’s kompia. Ordered all the varieties of kompia.

    Personally, I think the chicken cheese one is pretty good. Maybe, because I’m used to minced meat or pork belly slices, chicken cheese is a totally new combination .. 😀

    Not too keen on that one as it’s more expensive and I can easily make that at home. I’d go for the deep fried ones as they seem to be able to do that so well – the kompia is still very nice, crusty and yet not oily.

  12. LOL….this year sure a lot of mooncakes for you. Hey the container really nice. Can reused put tealeaves

    Yalor…some more coming, I tell you – don’t play-play! LOL!!! 😀

  13. Hey STP….it was really nice meeting you. The above food we had was good!

    Nice meeting you too! Too bad we did not have much time – could have gone to eat a lot more nice stuff here…

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